Clean Parliament 2008

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The signatures collected on 8 September are lying somewhere in the Senate of the Republic. The presentation of the popular law was set for February. Then the government fell. Once both chambers have been made up and the new government has been installed I will make a request to be able to show Parliament the proposals in the name of 350,000 citizens: no convict in Parliament, a maximum of two terms of office, the restoration of direct preferences. I’m under no illusion about the response of the 70 (SEVENTY) who have previous convictions at first or second level or waiting a verdict. I’m not even holding out hope on the crowd of those who have been elected many times, the most brilliant of whom are the diamond couple Fassino-Serafini, husband and wife who have 11 terms of office between them. And to finish off, I’m not expecting that lovers, brothers, sisters, offspring, office workers of the party imposed by Veltroni, Berlusconi, Casini and Bossi want to restore the direct preferences. If the laws for a clean Parliament were to be approved, nearly all the parliamentarians would have to pack their bags and recreate themselves a life at their own expense and say “good-bye” to public contributions.

Since 8 September, anyway, something has happened. The number of 24 convicts has gone down. An improvement of 29%. A fact that is not to be ignored. But still to be worked on. The drop is just due to the disappearance of certain parties. Just think, for example, to the missing but important contribution of De Michelis’s socialist party. The record still stays with the PDL with 11 convicts an unbeatable 65%. When these caricatures of parties disappear there will no longer be convicts. They are anyway business committees by the light of day with a person to refer to (called a leader) who decides who to employee, who to protect with parliamentary immunity, who to pay and who to buy. It’s the evolution of politics subtracted form popular sovereignty and covered by the media. The politics of the fish market.

Superciuk Bondi and Veltroni declared in the election campaign that they would not have put forward convicts as candidates. The former then added that that didn’t count for political convictions. The latter then put up as a candidate Enzo Carra definitively convicted and sentenced to one year 4 months for having made false declarations to the public prosecutor. Today, I am publishing the up to date list of the convicts in the 2008 Parliament with their offences. Pass around the banner on your blogs. Every so often, read them so that you don’t forget.

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Francesco Masoni

I would be very interested in reading more about your experience living in China.

Can one get by without speaking Chinese?
Is it expensive to rent a place and live there?
Is pollution as bad as often reported?
How about healthcare--are Western medical facilities and Western-trained doctors available in major cities?

And whatever else struck you in your experience living in China.

I´d really appreciate it if you contributed something about this. Thanks.

Posted by: Ste | May 11, 2008 03:27 PM

Grillo is giving out FACTS not reciting a play!
If his complaints are not heartfelt to the fullest, that means the italian polulation really needs urgently intensive information courses to get rid of the shadowed media systems which they have been put under for a long time.

Posted by: Younes E. | May 11, 2008 08:06 AM

I have no comments to all the things I read. I'm sorry for this. I live in China at the moment and I strongly believe that in Italy we would need to change something. I don't particularly agree with many of the things said by Mr. Grillo, but I find that some points are so based on common sense that no one can disagree on them. The problem I see is that we, even if I live abroad I'm guilty as well as the others, aceepted this status quo like we can only complaint and do nothing effectively to change the actual situation.
I would like to see, if it's possible, the political cost of 2007. We are at the first quarter and so the results should be public. I don't mean only the salaries and benefits of the ministers, parliament, but the salaries and benefits of those who work in companies like TreniItalia, Alitalia, Autostrade and the others which are all but private.
I would like to put one eye on the next scandal that are the provinces, local authorities and the mountain communities and their similars.
It would take a lot of time and I don't know if this has already been published by you, but it would be a great service for the whole community in Italy. La Casta showed our need to understand more, but it's not only a problem of what we don't see. It's more a problem of what is before our eyes. Put together we could clearly and better understand who gets how much to do what.
Thanks for this service anyway

Posted by: Francesco Masoni | May 11, 2008 06:04 AM

Many Italians are now dreaming of emigrating to other places in order to leave the chaos of Italy. They dream of emigrating to civilised countries like Australia. However, Australia has made it difficult to obtain a visa. One of the pre-conditions of a visa is that you MUST NOT have had any association or affiliation with racist, paramilitary or terrorist groups. This means that the 12% of Italians who voted for the Lega Nord are ineligible for a visa to emigrate to Australia. Perhaps Italy should put the same conditions for anyone from Northern Italy wishing to travel south of the Po River?

Posted by: Robert Morrison | May 9, 2008 01:55 PM


"Many of the solution proposed look real--to those who do not know the subject". FAKE!

Grillo doesn't propose any solution. We don't expect him to to do so.

Grillo is denouncing some facts. A bit like you would go to the police to denounce something.

To expect Grillo to come out with solutions would be like denouncing a theft to the Police and then also have to tell them what to do to catch the thiefs!.

To propose solutions is the job of our politicians!... the ones that have taken Italy to the edge of an economic and social desaster and now seem to run around like headless chickens

Posted by: Fra coppola | May 8, 2008 11:22 PM

Many of the problems spotted are real.

Many of the solution proposed look real--to those who do not know the subject.

This is the problem: even if proposed in perfectly good faith, some solutions that make no sense can have great appeal.

Getting too excited about solutions that are not thoroughly evaluated is dangerous. This is what I am pointing out.

Posted by: B777 | May 8, 2008 08:33 PM

B77, Whether Grillo is in good faith or not makes no difference. You decide whether what he says and does is right or wrong. Grillo's passionate rants against the inequities of his country tests the limits of the Italian political system. That's something we should all do (within our limitations) if we care to live in a democracy. Grillo is a comic and satirist and does what comics and satirists are supposed to do: Grillo exposes the vices, follies, stupidities and, abuses of politicians and powerful people and mocks them, makes them subject to his sarcasm and irony and makes them laughble. He cuts down people of importance a notch or two. Judging from the reactions Grillo gets he does that effectively. When the Turin's bookfair invites Grillo to that event but imposes conditions on what he can say it's because his words are disturbing someone's sensibilities. When Scalfari, founder of "La Repubblica" brands Grillo as "the worse of the worse Italians" he is pitching a fit because Grillo is against the millions of tax-euros being showered on private enterprises and media in particular. Scalfari considers Grillo's politics as "piripi, piripi", but doesn't give us the definition of politics. "Piripi" or not Grillo's politics is relevant to thousands and thousands of Italians. And frankly, I don't think there is a politician or a "personality" that doesn't get a mysterious pain in the stomach whenever Grillo's name comes up, or awakes in the morning without having murder on his mind.

Posted by: LP | May 8, 2008 04:43 PM


I am saying that not all that glitters is gold.

Posted by: B777 | May 8, 2008 11:43 AM

@ B777

"Yet, someone who makes so much money thanks to Italy, should be able to find something positive about it": so the fact that Grillo earns some money would be a valid reason to stop him from criticising the corrupted political system ???

"Were it not for those few bad politicians, Italians would have a country running like clockwork, eh?": where 's your point? Are you justifying the corruption? are you saying that the collusion between Mafia and politics is something normal? Do you think that the fact that newspapers and tv are controlled by some financial-politial-freemasonery personalities is OK ???

Why are you here in this blog B777 ?

Posted by: f.c. | May 8, 2008 09:14 AM


But are you really convincted that your translation convicted those who were convinced of being convincted?

Thank you for your transnation!

Posted by: Roterb. Sorrimon. | May 7, 2008 09:12 PM

Mark, so you think that Italians are victims of a few politicians, huh?

Were it not for those few bad politicians, Italians would have a country running like clockwork, eh?

Hahaha! That´s very funny!!!

Posted by: B777 | May 7, 2008 09:01 PM

Hey B777, where were you in the past twenty years? How come we never heard a word from you pointing out that the Italian people were royally fucked by their political and managerial class? You'd better applaud Grillo who is the only force of real change and information in this comatose and corrupt Country. Now go back to your hole and fall asleep for another twenty years!

Posted by: Mark | May 7, 2008 07:53 PM

Geppe Brillo is constantly raging with fury.

There is always something setting off his disdain--every day! Have you ever read a good comment? Something he is happy and satisfied about??

No? Neither have I.

Yet, someone who makes so much money thanks to Italy, should be able to find something positive about it. Just the fact that Italy is a mess should make him jubilant: that´s his very gold mine!

This should raise the question of how much of his complaints are really heartfelt... and how much is just show?!? Which ones are those he really believes in and which ones are those he only recites, playing the actor he really is?!??

When Geppe Brillo posts a message: is it the citizens speaking--or the actor playing his part to appeal the public...?

You may be sure of the answer, but the sure answer only Geppe knows.

Posted by: B777 | May 7, 2008 05:43 PM

Dear Translator,

They are not "convicts". They are either "felons" or "convicted criminals". A convict is a felon who is in prison or under guard in a place of security from which he/she cannot escape from. (Perhaps the Italian parliament is such a place??!!!)

Posted by: Robert Morrison | May 7, 2008 04:06 PM

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