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Iíve decided to do a live streaming on the Internet and not to come to the Book Fair in person. The president Ferrero used the pages of La Stampa to tell me not to do political campaigning nor to use swear words and to explain the value of reading, to limit myself to talk only of books. I donít want to embarrass him with my presence and with some courageous expressions like Morpheus. A violent insult and censored by the media that cites it in fact as an unprecedented insult. I donít want to talk about the value of reading, but rather about the value of writing. If what you write is rubbish, what you read is rubbish. Elementary. If what you write is censored by the publisher, by the advertiser, by the telephone call from the politician then in order to continue as a journalist or a writer, the only thing to do is self-censorship.
25 April has shown that information is controlled. This has been the true result. The most important one. The reaction of the media was united. First the silence, then the personal attacks against Beppe Grillo without even talking about the three referenda and why so many people came out into the streets to give their signatures. It has never happened that 1,350,000 signatures have been collected in a day in the history of the Republic, but for Riotta, for Mieli, for Fede or for Scalfari that is a non-fact. 25 April did not exist. What exists is just a delinquent called Beppe Grillo, worse than Mussolini, than Andreotti, than Asphalt Head. A multimillionaire assassin who pays those who participate in V-day. They want to discuss the validity of the signatures and they donít even mention the content of the referenda. The requests for the referenda have been laid before the Cassation Court, published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale. My lawyers and their advisers have no doubts about their validity. Itís the old fascist method of attacking those who denounce abuse on a personal level while never talking about what is denounced.

In a few years time, 25 April will be remembered as the start of the end of information of the regime, controlled by the parties, the Confindustria, the banks. Information is moving to the Internet, we are all journalists, we are all publishers, we are all producers. Itís just a matter of time. On the Internet, those who lie are lost. The old rules of information are no longer valid.

In the next few years we will see a direct encounter, an escalation between the old media and the Internet, between politics and the Internet. But they have already been defeated. This makes me happy and it gives me a feeling of peace.

In July, I will hand over the signatures for the referenda. But before that I will launch an operative referendum. An operative referendum is different from a legislative one as it is executed immediately. The citizen does it himself. I will propose the revocation of the RAI licence fee, with the instructions, the participants, the results in real time. Let the politicians pay for the RAI. TV information is their stuff. The people like Riotta, Mazza and Saccŗ are their stuff, the Boards of Directors are their stuff, the advertising is their stuff. Petruccioli in Confalonieri is their stuff. To close down the RAI itís not necessary to change the law, itís enough to no longer pay the ďpizzoĒ. A single channel with no advertising, without political interference, at the service of information and the citizens. A public channel with a director like Marco Travaglio, to take an example. A channel of culture, of investigations. This is what I would like. Not bums, tits, football and politics in the early, peak and late evening slots.

The control of information has changed the country for the worse. Freedom of information can give us a new Renaissance. They will never give up, neither will we.

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Posted by: g. V. | May 21, 2008 05:51 PM

Dear Beppe
Take the scumbags full on. I think by now you have a sizeable backing in sheer numbers.
Perhaps you could add signitures from the Blog and present them as well.
It is time that the powers that be realised that the vast majority of Italians have had enough of their crap.

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | May 14, 2008 11:54 AM

I agree 100%. I would sign for it!!

Posted by: Daniele Cortinovis | May 13, 2008 12:23 PM

For all of us you are always the voice of freedom!
Go on Beppe!

Posted by: anna kostala | May 13, 2008 10:35 AM

i think you are fantastic...........

Posted by: fabio flamigni | May 12, 2008 10:56 PM

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