In memory of Beppe Alfano the journalist

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Italy has had its share of murdered journalists, like Beppe Alfano who was killed by three bullets, one of which was in the mouth. There are few courageous journalists left now, because they make easy targets. First they are defamed, then they are isolated, even by their own kind and often they are killed. Following their death, the regime’s media hastens to bury them. The medial may be a little ashamed of themselves, but in fact they are satisfied.
In order to write the truth or to apply the law in Italy, you must be a hero. Many become discouraged, or they learn to accept the situation, or they retire. There is no future for a Country where not even the deaths of Falcone, Borsellino and Livatino can shake public opinion. There is no future for a Country where convicted criminals hide in Parliament and mock us.
Those remaining journalists that continue to provide this Country with dignity by speaking out, must be protected from the regime’s jackals and the would-be killers of the written word. Let no one lay a finger on soldier Travaglio, who is risking his life for us and for his love of the truth.

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"Dear Beppe,
I was watching the Annozero programme on V2 day and the media and what struck me very much was what was being said about our civic lists and their presumed influence. However, what really upset me were the umpteenth references to the V2 day’s so-called “willy nilly attacks” on the journalists. In the studio, one journalist began by saying that: "journalists are not all alike, in fact we must remember that in Italy we have people like Abbate, Capacchione and Maniaci who risk their own lives for that which they write, to the extent that some journalists have even been killed by the mafia and by terrorism".
Upon hearing these words, I jumped up out of my seat because I am sick and tired of hearing it said that my father was a hero because of his courage and independence and because I am sure that if my father and his colleagues had not been the only ones to write about or tell of certain events, they would not have been killed and nor would they be seen as heroes.
In fact, what I would like to say is that, 15 years after the death of my father and 14 years of trials, always celebrated in religious silence and in the regular absence of the journalists who were approached by family members that begged them to report on the investigations and the trial, well, all I can say is that, after such a long time, I am not only angry with the mafia members that killed him, but above all with the journalist caste that have acted accomplices in that crime thanks to their isolation and silence. With their indifference and subservience to their editorial bosses, they remained silent as regards the developments that were emerging from the investigations, and the neighbourhood thugs who were involved in the crimes.
I am enraged because none of the members of that caste has ever had the guts to stand up as plaintiff during the court hearings and, above all, they never showed any sign of wanting to do so. For many years I lived in hope that they would behave in the same way towards our family as policemen and carabinieri behave when one of their own colleagues is killed, namely, they draw close to the deceased’s family, share in their time of grief and form a protecting wall around them. In all these years, we have not seen anything like this, I have never heard from the Government and now, at 36 years of age, I am in no position to explain to my children what the institutions are in our Country and, above all, on whose side they are on, perhaps because there should not be any “sides”. I try to hide from my own children my fears regarding my own admission that we are living under dictatorship. But what kind of place is this Country of ours, where not only do we not have freedom of information, but there is also no freedom for the citizens? Why should the spreading of information in Italy be left to only a few serious and independent journalists such as Travaglio? Only in this country could it occur that an art critic, and I sincerely hope that he is one, has the gall to say, in reference to De Magistris, that judges do not have the right to undertake certain investigations, and where else, in any remotely civilised country, would someone like Berlusconi enjoy any credibility whatsoever, were he to state that Mangano is a hero? It is also for these very reasons that I proudly claim to be one of those hundreds of thousands of Italians that have managed to open their eyes and that no longer feel that they are being either represented or protected, and have understood that they need to stand up and be counted and no longer delegate to others anything that we can do ourselves. And this is the real point: we have a duty to do something in order to enable us to once again live in a country that is truly free and civilised and where information can really be classified as such.
I demand that my children be given the opportunity to live in a country that is clean and free of incinerators, free and without any warmongers, where young people can be certain that they will have a job and of being able to be born and to die in their own country, without the nightmare of having to pack their bags because they are forced to emigrate. What I want for them is a country where the institutions are genuinely worthy of respect, and where the Parliament ceases to be a 5-star rehabilitation centre for convicted criminals and delinquents. I demand for them a country in which there is certainty regarding criminal sentences, because that is what democracy is all about.
We have only just begun with this major task with our "non-influential" lists." Sonia Alfano

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bisogna gridare!nel silenzio ti mangiano e e ti digeriscono come vogliono loro.
eppoi nn è solo gridare, è azione...che grazie a beppe grillo puoi fare anche seduto da casa, o scendendo in piazza a firmare.
ora che abbia i soldi avrei pagato volentieri per far salire sul palco uno come lui, fonte di vere infomazioni.
perchè nn vi lamentate dei soldi che ha berlusc?
ah no..gli ignoranti che lo ammirano e lo votano credono che lui vi fará diventare ricchi.
si si lui ci aiuterà, è ricco e potente..
tutti a pecorina..di nuovo.

first fuck off is for every person who are thinking about grillo's business or about english traslations in his web site!
think about true information! italian system wants keep you alwais ignorant!(sorry for my english..will U understand?)

Action! also if nothing will change, we have to try! dont be passive ! action is alwais the key to change your posicion . NO SILENCE!

Posted by: doubleagle | May 6, 2008 04:49 PM

Caro Mario, Andreotti has proven blood on his hands and the whole world knows this but only in Italy can a thug like him be bestowed with full honours and a senatorial seat for life and have the Italian media hang to his every word and utterance as if most profound.
Al this worm deserves is the full contempt of any civilized human being and to spend the rest of his miserable life in jail.
How many of these rotters are there in the Italian Government? Can they ever be forced out by the power and will of the people?

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | May 6, 2008 10:51 AM

Caro Beppe GRillo,
Io sono fermamente convinto che l'italia non e' piu ricuperabile perche' non appartiene piu' agli Italiani. Solo una rivoluzione la puo' salvare. io sono sempre stato anti fascista e anti comunista pero' sotto il fascismo la mafia pensoche c'era pero' non spadroneggiava come ha fatto sotto tutti tutti i governi che si sono succeduti dal dopo guerra in poi che gli hanno permesso di fare, ed ora abbiamo un capo di governo che cerca di tutelare uno di loro
e pure descriverlo come eroe, si permette di incolpare l'ex magistrato Dipietro di aver rovinato molte persone, pero' lui non si e' vergognato di promuovere in parlamento una legge
che favoriva i ladroni ed i tangentisti che avevano cariche governative, ecco da chi siamo governati. La signora mafia ha cominciato a spadroneggiare con l'evento della cassa del mezzogiorno e con la collaborazione degli enti amministrativi urbani, regionali e pure del governo che si erano e sono ancora bene insediati
hanno fatto man bassa di tutti gli appalti esistenti e si e' appropriata di immensi capitali
che beneficiarono solo loro ed i loro collaboratori e se c'era un elmento negativo alle loro richieste veniva eliminato senza che la legge si preocupasse di troppo questa e' la situazione che vige in Italia dal dopo guerra
e solo un rivoluzione la puo cambiare. FORSE!
Non si parla quasi mai del'orrendo delitto del
generale dei carabinieri Chiesa il quale e stato eliminato sotto l'amministrazione del senatore Andreotti. i suoi spstamenti erano segreti di stato. Chi ha informato la mafia giorni avanti
che gli ha permesso di effettuare quell'orrendo delitto che causo la morte di tanti innocenti. io sono certo che parecchi di questi cospiratori sono ancora bene insediati nel governo pagati
co le tasse che il popolo Italiano e' obbligato a versare. questa storia continuera indefinitivamente.
Mario Salassa

Posted by: Mario Salassa | May 5, 2008 06:28 PM

Regarding the courage of the Italian journalists and the Italian media in general there is enough proof that most Italians are a bunch of cowards. These so called journalists and media operators are great at talking to one another at the same time (actually shouting at each other) in what amounts to UTTER NONSENCE than in fact upholding any journalistic integrity which is the essence of their profession.
Yet again it boils down to stroking their own egos by the use of the "perfect language style" as learned at the Liceo or their Universities but in fact saying absolutely nothing of any real value. Tutto fumo and NO ROAST from most of this shameful lot.
They only represent a true nation of cowards. No wonder the world is entertained by numerous Italian jokes such as:Which is the shortest book in the world. Aswer:The book of Italian war heroes. Or the one on the Italian tanks built with one forward gear and 4 reverse ones.
Please explain how can a renowned and publicly known thug, gangster and low life like Andreotti, who has an international reputation of a murderer, still be allowed a senatorial seat in Parliament and be allowed to air his views and be afforded all reverence?
This is absolutely preposterous when all he deserves is a lifetime in jail.
Disgusted Italian.

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | May 5, 2008 02:03 PM

berlusca e tornato al governo per restarci ....dove sono gl,italiani fascisti che han votato per lui ?.........involuzione ,,,nell evoluzione,essere
beppe ..chi te l,ho fa fare ....a gridare cosi in alto ....nessuno ti sente ..persino quelli te ti seguono....perche non chiudiamo gli occhi e cominciamo a meditare ...magari succede miracolo di svegliarsi ...alla stupidita e arragonza di pochi massonici so called ELITE...cancro umano dall era di cristo mai esistito ..sveglia beppe .....smettila di gridare ...magari il silenzio lo sentono

Posted by: tapesh paradiso | May 5, 2008 12:43 PM

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