Extraterritorial cluster bombs

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In Dublin, 111 countries ratified an agreement to ban cluster bombs. Italy was one of them. The treaty is due to be signed in December in Oslo. Cluster bombs are not designed to kill. Their purpose is to mutilate. They are either dispersed over an area following an explosion, or they are more gently delivered to earth by means of a small parachute. They are often brightly coloured, perhaps canary yellow, and are made in beautiful shapes, such as a toy or a tin can. Such items are irresistible to children. The USA, Israel, Russia, China, India and Pakistan have refused to sign the treaty. The United States and Russia are both manufacturers and distributors. First they create and destroy and then, eventually, they rebuild and start selling prosthetic limbs. A business built on childhood amputations.
Italy, together with the other signatories, will no longer be allowed to manufacture cluster bombs and will have to destroy all such weapons in its possession within eight years. Italy has also committed itself to helping to clear areas that are littered with these cluster bombs.
The American bases in Italy, our country and their home soil, have cluster bombs at their disposal. Extraterritorial bombs. Following the Dublin meeting, our Government should be required to demand that the United States rehabilitate its military bases in Italy. To ratify the moratorium and then allow our Country to be used like an aircraft carrier from which bombers take off, loaded with little explosive gifts for children would be tantamount to taking we Italians for a ride. Let’s rehabilitate the bases.

The American population will certainly not be very impressed with Bush’s decision. Let them stand up and be counted. Let them ask their presidential candidates, namely Obama, Clinton and McCain to eliminate cluster bombs from the American arsenal should they be elected.

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Just received it for Shanghai Surprise.

Hi everyone
While on the internet recently, I came across this account of an elderly tibetan nun who attained the rainbow body. As this story may not be well known, im sharing it for peoples edification..

Brian Souter

Urgyen provides the following account of a recent occurrence:
> [The person] took rainbow body in the cow shed of one of my
gurus' mother's household. This event was witnessed by several people. Jamgon Kongrul the Second told me this story, so I definitely feel
it is true. Jamgon Kongtrul's brother, a very tall and handsome man,
was present at the time.
It happened like this. An elderly nun came through their village on pilgrimage. When she saw the wealthy household, she asked for a
place where she could make a short retreat. They offered her one of their vacant cow sheds. She told them, "I want to use it for a week to
make a strict retreat. I want the door sealed up. Please pile stones against the door because I don't want any disturbance." Since
they were used to sponsoring practitioners, they agreed and no one thought twice about it. They said, "Sure, you can have it your way." They didn't know who was going to look after her and bring her food; they thought she had already made arrangements. After three days, some strange phenomena began to occur. Scintillating, swirling light-
rays of different colors were seeping out of the holes and cracks of the cow shed's stone wall. Light was shining out from under the room; while outside the shed, spheres of light moved rapidly about. The people of the house wondered, "What's going on here? Who's looking after the old woman? Who's bringing her food?" They asked their servants. The servants thought someone else was giving her food, but actually no one was. They decided she must have been cooking for herself, but Jamgon Kongtrul's brother asked, "(Is there any place
to cook inside?" The servants said, "No, no. There is no fireplace or anything." So they wondered, "What is she eating? Does she have
any water? What are these lights all about?" Finally, they decided to take a look. They removed the pile of stones and pried open the
door; they saw that the body of the nun had fallen to pieces. Her hands were lying in one place and her feet were lying in another; her
limbs were no longer connected to the body, but lay scattered in pieces.

From the ends of the bones, swirls of rainbow light were coiling
out as the body continued to fall apart. The observers asked each
other, "What is this? It looks like she's dead!" One person had the
presence of mind to say, "Let's leave her alone. It looks like something unusual is happening here. She asked for seven days of solitude
so let's do as she asked." And saying that, they sealed the shed up

When they returned after the seventh day and opened the shed, the rainbow lights had vanished. Not a drop of blood, nor flesh, nor bones could be found anywhere. Only the nails from the fingers and toes remained lying there very neatly, along with a hank of hair.
This event most definitely happened.(58)

Tulku Urgyen continues: "Even after the Chinese arrived, two or
three people in Golok attained rainbow body."

Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche, who is very careful about such stories,
went to Tibet and through many different sources tracked down the
names and places of these people. He is keeping all the details very precisely. Two of these people attained rainbow body. The third person was being beaten by the Chinese when suddenly he started to levitate upwards until they could not reach him. He went higher
and higher until he vanished. This is a type of celestial
So, it's definitely true that even these days people do attain rainbow body, and that there are still practitioners who attain accomplishment.(59)
> -fr. _Secrets of the Vajra World_

Posted by: Gualtiero Cocco | June 2, 2008 06:39 PM


your answer has been deleted because of your name,
many nick comments also disappeared here and in the Italian section please try another name



Posted by: Gualtiero Cocco | June 2, 2008 03:31 PM

Ed what happened to your and Shanghai replay to me?

It was a remarkable mirror of the way China is today

He tendered also an invite to find a solution to Chino- Tibetan litigation,which I accepted.

The editor censored it and published a pretty questionable replay denigrating and qualifying
the Blog to a trash can.
!7 comments became 9, ten with this.Shame on you.

Beppe, if this is not your will please look to who you gave your trust for this Blog, and fire them.

Posted by: Gualtiero Cocco | June 2, 2008 02:49 PM

Ed what happened to your and Shanghai replay to me?

It was a remarkable mirror of the way China is today

He tendered also an invite to find a solution to Chino- Tibetan litigation,which I accepted.

The editor censored it and published a pretty questionable replay denigrating and qualifying
the Blog to a trash can.
!7 comments became 9, ten with this.

Beppe, if this not your will please look to who you gave your trust for this Blog, and fire them.

Posted by: Gualtiero Cocco | June 2, 2008 02:47 PM

a cocco de mamma
sei romano de roma marchisciano abbruzzese o sardegnolo?
texano??ecco perche l'america e' quella che e'
lo sai zi' che li romani so' scomparsi da ciquecent'anni? nun ce so' piu'!ma 'n te vergogni parli l'inglese come 'n cane ecco perche li yannkees ce considerino woks rough mafiosi pasta e fasuli tu fai male a l'italia statte zitto ch'e'mejo fio de na m.ignota
go now getting some english class moron and give a better look to your full of shit ass before criticize
you make me feel ashame to be italian

Posted by: michele tamagnini | June 2, 2008 11:53 AM


just arrived this news:

TAIPEI (XFN-ASIA) - China is not ruling out a gradual reduction in the number of missiles deployed against Taiwan, the Taipei-based China Times reported, citing sources.

Communist Party officials have indicated to Taiwan's ruling Kuomintang (KMT) that they no longer view Taiwan as likely to declare independence under KMT rule, and are maintaining their missile forces at current levels for the time being, the report said.

A declaration of Taiwan independence is viewed by China as a trigger for war.

According to earlier reports, China had 1,300 tactical ballistic missiles on deployment against Taiwan earlier this year, up from from 200 in 2000.

The KMT's Ma Ying-jeou was sworn in as Taiwan president on May 20. The party's president Wu Poh-hsiung met China's president, Hu Jintao, in Beijing last week.

Just tell me:

-why you can't relax with Taiwan?
-it's paying off to be a control freak?
-what you don't have that makes you unhappy?
-reading the article at first was great!
-what make you feel unsafe?
-why you guys are by nature are so suspicious?



Posted by: Gualtiero Cocco | June 2, 2008 08:30 AM

Shanghai Surprise,

from the quality of your answers I understand the stately position of yours so I salute You the Roman way.
My conclusion was referring only to the Tibetan failure to find a deal,the blow back media criticism.That's all.

I congratulate myself for your country's development, really remarkable.

You avoided though to comment on my following statements in a previous post:

The article is a flop, unless in ancient times used preen up contracts,which I doubt, half China and Tibet belong to both 50% each according to that marriage.Songtsan Gampo was not a " Governor " he was a real KING of Tibet and the Kingdom started even before in the Shang Shung according to prof. Namkhai Norbu that found traces of that culture during an important expedition.The point you make is frivolous therefore is dismissed according to the International Law.
I am shocked that such a stately publisher print this shameless, ignorant, partisan unlawful story.

You don't have to answer tonight, I have though a great love an immense respect for the Tibetan Terma yet uncovered in the Chino-Tibetan territory
will you be able to try to strike a deal with me through a mediation without compromise any actual position of yours? We are the two mediators, but you are nobody and I am nobody with no official
position like you. If we strike a deal the competent official parties will have the chance to like it and seal an agreement to fulfill an acceptable peaceful solution by both parties. You speak for China and I speak for Tibetan.
We start to speak only if you agree that China and Tibet will be always one country as the wish of China and Tibetan representative today.

If You accept You can make this time a list of questions or statements lets say ten or if You are pleased I can start. Let's say you start to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

If nothing happen we are friends like before.

Posted by: Gualtiero Cocco | June 2, 2008 04:40 AM


I love the way you fiercely stand and defend your points.

It's commendable that China want to get out of poverty, I love smart people with self respect.

I like to ask you if it's smart :

- control the fluctuation of the yen currency in a free currency market?
- counterfeit products and piracy the intellectual
copyright on a boring repetitive basis?
- police your people ?
- police you neighbors ?
- forcefully induce Taiwan in your sovereignty ?
- using spyware to still pictures and info from mine and other people computers of microchips and Dubai's sky scrapers?
- $persuade The Stanford Daily's journalism at your whim no input whatsoever?
- being one of the most regardless and disrespectful country of human rights code?

If the answer is,yes my friend your points fall short.

In the ancient Rome everybody knew to be smart you
had to win the crowd.
You miserably failed Internationally with the Tibetan issue worldwide.

With all my respect for Chinese population, that
was not smart at all!



Posted by: Gualtiero Cocco | June 1, 2008 08:31 PM

Sometime it's just a technical factor that make me post an article not related to the main topic with more then 2000 words here.
In the Italian part it's not possible.

As you all can see in the Italian part we post news related to a large variety of previous Grillo's post's to have a more updated source of info real time.We try to follow though the main subject considering also to talk about news coming out from the agencies as our manipulated media is often partisan and at the service of the owner.

The citizen journalism it's the answer to the slave journalism.

Shanghai Surprise without any shame shows the state of the information comparable to the Euro -American journalism of the 1960 pretending to
rule with the fist the politic of " money talk ".

We have all enjoyed how much Chinese love the international criticism! The debate in China it's
not allowed. They are the "New Rich", they are touchy, and their politic came out just years ago from the school of the " carot and stick ".

They are the countryside people that came in town
recently to " get rich and quick", what do you expect? You can all see they don't even reply to the spy statement, to the marriage,why? Because they know it's true.

Don't be surprised one day they will not be shy to
show the muscles to police the world!

They are Chinese...I am a Roman from Rome ... now Texan ... figure how much I love to be ruled by this guys that hates even their own neighbors!

Posted by: Gualtiero Cocco | June 1, 2008 06:35 PM

Sig. Cocco,
What the hell have your comments got to do with Sig. Grillo's entry on cluster bombs?
May I suggest that you either stick to the topic or find some other site on which to grind your axe.
It might also help your cause if you find yourself a competent translator as you seem somewhat unfamiliar with the finer points of the English language.
I'm afraid that the whole concept of cluster bombs disgusts me as does the use of anti-personnel land mines.
Countries that call themselves Christian but refuse to sign up the treaties against the use of such indiscriminate weapons are hypocritical in the extreme.
But, as Shakespeare reminds us," 'twas ever thus."

Posted by: Rolly Wheeler | June 1, 2008 09:35 AM

Only the large number of Chinese students puring an awful chunks of $money at Stanford University can justify such a disgusting vision of the article in return.

Everyone in US think that behind a Chinese
in US hide a spy of the CPR. I think I was one of the last to learn it from the News TV channels.

After the lead paint scandal and the toxic food
I stopped like many to even touch Chinese food even with my smaller tow of my foot.

Posted by: Gualtiero Cocco | June 1, 2008 07:50 AM

Sometime ago I wrote a comment on the Tibetan issue talking about a marriage as the centre of the problem of the Chino-Tibetan litigation.

Here is the confirmation of the stately The Stanford Daily.

My comment it's just below this article

The Stanford Daily

The truth about Tibet
May 30, 2008

For the past couple months, political tension, riots and arrests in Tibet have sparked controversy around the world. On the eve of the 2008 Olympic Games, Tibet supporters seized the opportunity to gain unprecedented global attention by interfering with the Olympic torch relay and advocating a boycot of the Games.

I don’t dispute China’s track record on human rights. Given the massive social transformations in China, I’d be very surprised if there was not tension or resentment. As a non-Tibetan Chinese citizen, I hope that some day Tibetan and Chinese people can enjoy the religious and political freedoms common in a Western democracy. Tibetan protesters, however, need to recognize some larger truths.

Though the relations between Tibet and China are complicated, Tibet has been under Chinese rule from the Yuan Dynasty of the 13th and 14th centuries to the Qing Dynasty from the 18th century until the 20th. In 1751, the Chinese emperor QianLong established the Dalai Lama as Tibet’s spiritual and political leader, subject to supervision by a resident commissioner from the Chinese central government. Effectively, Tibet has been part of China longer than the United States has been an independent nation.

Since its establishment in the seventh century, Tibet has maintained a close connection with regions of China. The first governor of Tibet, Songtsan Gampo, married Princess Wencheng, the niece of the Chinese emperor of the Tang Dynasty. Both Chinese and Tibetan are tonal languages and are from the same Sino-Tibetan language family. Linguists today consider the Tibetan language to be the closest relative to Chinese.

Although the Chinese government has been at fault during many of its proceedings with Tibet, it is unfair that Tibet supporters in the West so rarely acknowledge China’s great contributions to Tibet. The Chinese government abolished slavery, feudalism and the Tibetan serfdom system of unpaid labor. Before the 1950s, when the Dalai Lama presided over Tibet, the majority of the rural population, some 700,000 of an estimated rural population of 1,250,000, were serfs, forced to work on land owned by monasteries or aristocrats. The Communists also brought economic prosperity and social welfare, including daycare, health care, housing and education. None of these services were available to common Tibetans before the installation of the Communist government. While people may perceive the Tibet issue as solely a matter of religious freedom, they must understand that there is a greater context involving the clash between China’s modern economy and the feudalism aspect of the Tibetan society.

There is a tendency amongst Westerners to romanticize the Tibetan religion and the suppression of the Tibetan people. Tibet feudalism is largely cloaked in Buddism, and Tibetans are normal people, not perfected spiritualists or simple political symbols. In fact, there are numerous other groups that have been marginalized by the dramatic social transformations on-going in China today. Relative to many other ethnicities in China, Tibetans actually enjoy more governmental benefits than most. As of 2007, Tibetan Buddhism was still practiced widely and tolerated by officials. The Chinese government exempts Tibetans from all taxation.

Tibet supporters should recognize that the Communist Party has made numerous efforts to aid Tibet’s economic and social development. With appropriate reforms, there is no reason that Chinese and Tibetans cannot coexist peacefully in a unified China. Those who boycott the Games should also acknowledge the difference between the Chinese people and the Chinese government. I support the games as a representation of the pride of all Chinese people, as a symbol of Chinese progress and as a reminder of the ideals and values that we must uphold as China moves forward.

Linyou Cao, originally from the southern JiangXi province of China, is now a Ph.D student in the Department of Material Science and Engineering.
The article is a flop, unless in ancient times used preen up contracts,which I doubt, half China and Tibet belong to both 50% each according to that marriage.Songtsan Gampo was not a " Governor " he was a real KING of Tibet and the Kingdom started even before in the Shang Shung according to prof. Namkhai Norbu that found traces of that culture during an important expedition.The point you make is frivolous therefore is dismissed according to the International Law.
I am shocked that such a stately publisher print this shameless, ignorant, partisan unlawful story.

Posted by: Gualtiero Cocco | June 1, 2008 07:14 AM

Published: June 1, 2008

So maybe it isn’t very “live and let live” for libertarians to assemble en masse in the hopes of exerting power. But some libertarians, feeling a little heady after their party’s national convention last weekend, are making a bold claim: this is the year their voting bloc will hold some serious sway in American politics.
Skip to next paragraph
The Caucus

The CaucusThe latest political news from around the nation. Join the discussion.

* Candidate Topic Pages

* More Politics News

“We are in the beginning of a libertarian moment,” said Nick Gillespie, editor of Reason, the libertarian monthly.

Meeting in Denver, the Libertarian Party chose as its new standard-bearer Bob Barr, the former four-term Republican congressman from Georgia who has already been branded a spoiler by Sean Hannity, the conservative commentator from Fox News.

The most well-known libertarian figure, the Republican Ron Paul, has a book at the top of the best-seller list and has raised millions on the Internet while gathering 1.1 million votes in the primaries and caucuses so far. (In the libertarian strongholds of Idaho, Washington State, Montana and North Dakota, he got more than 20 percent of the Republican vote.)

Posted by: Gualtiero Cocco | June 1, 2008 04:50 AM

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