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I'm publishing the text of Marco Travaglio's speach:

“Good day to all.
Well, on Beppe’s blog, a certain Daniele asks me about the intercept law that has been announced by Berlusconi at the conference of the young industrialists at Santa Margherita in Liguria. He asks me whether it could be unconstitutional or subject to a pronouncement by the European Court of Justice. And on my blog - voglioscendere.it - Cle and Carla C. are also asking me about this law. So let’s talk about it because it is the topic of the day and I believe it will be the topic of the week and perhaps of the month. We have arrived at the first of Berlusconi’s shameful laws relating to crime that has some chance of getting passed, after the one that for now has gone by about large-scale plea-bargaining that would have been able to shift into the future the trials against the “Cavaliere”. Meanwhile, let’s see what Berlusconi wants to do, according to what he says he wants to do. He has said: “absolute prohibition on intercepts, except for mafia crimes, those of the camorra, of the 'ndrangheta, of organised crime and of terrorism”. For those that do them, that is for the judges who order them to be done beyond these crimes, - given that there are still some left - and for the officials that then put them into practice together with the telephone operators who provide their support: five years in prison. This is the maximum penalty laid down. For journalist who publish them, five years in prison for them too. This is the way of crowning the dream of il Cavaliere to arrest all those who should be controlling him and who still control him, that is magistrates and journalists. Instead of arresting the people who are intercepted and have committed crimes, they decide to arrest those who have discovered them and those who make it known. And that’s not bad, I have to say. As well as that it lays down, he says: “A strong economic penalty for the publishers who publish these articles containing the intercepts”. Thus, in theory, even his family, should be convicted, given that his newspapers have abundantly published intercepts – usually those of the others, never his own. The announcement was already written in the manifesto of the Casa delle Libertà, and was already spoken about during the election campaign. The problem is that Berlusconi has this great stroke of luck: he is always undervalued. They say: “yes, that’s what he said. In fact in reality, it’s not true….” No. In reality it is true. And in fact, what seemed impossible, the prohibition on intercepts for all crimes that are not mafia or terrorism, according to what he says, always assuming that he hasn’t been misinterpreted and that he wasn’t speaking at a personal level, will be the subject of the next law dealing with justice. And that is how they have been served, all those fools, magistrates, magistrates’ associations, Democratic Party, who thought that they would be able to have a dialogue with someone like that. Luckily the one who goes against the grain and is against the dialogue, is Berlusconi himself. What’s interesting is the fact that he announces all this just when he is in Naples and round about and he is preaching that with him, the State is coming back, in arrival there’s the iron fist, zero tolerance, the certainty of the penalty. What’s about to arrive is the severe schoolmaster and everyone has to toe the line. And he announces a law that goes exactly against all that. It’s not an "ad personam law", in as much as it’s not just useful to himself, it’s an "ad personas law" in as much as it’s useful to the whole class of rulers. It is another enormous tunnel excavated under the prisons and under the tribunals so as to allow the sewer rats as big as that to pass through naturally. But along that same tunnel even small and medium sized mice will pass through, the ones that will go to creating the growth of the security emergency, the perception of insecurity. The reason for which then there’ll be the need to go back and create other security measures. It’s a continuum. It’s a pendulum in which a week after the security measures, it goes back and starts to save the white collars, but also, as we will see in a minute, the main criminal categories that make our country famous throughout the world. Let’s take a few examples. For murder, for example, it’s no longer possible to do intercepts, if what Berlusconi says is true. Because murder is not mafia, nor 'ndrangheta, nor camorra, or rather, there are even murders that do not relate to those organisations. For a simple murder – that is I kill a guy who is not of the camorra, the mafia, or 'ndrangheta and is not even a terrorist. They cannot do intercepts on me. Normally, to find out who it was who murdered a person, they do intercepts on all those who were part of his circle: his relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, to look for some connection between the death of that person and the people he knows. That will not be possible. Thus many more unpunished murders. OK?

The case, for example of the attempts to buy banks. There were the local wide-boys who, going against the law, tried to get their hands on two banks: Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, the “red” co-operatives and Consorte’s Unipol; Antonveneta, Giampiero Fiorani’s Banca Popolare di Lodi; Rizzoli Corriere della Sera, that is the biggest independent publishing group not controlled by the parties, that would have ended up in the hands of Ricucci who in turn, according to some people, would have turned it over to the usual friends of Berlusconi. OK, these three attempts at takeover bids were blocked by Clementina Forleo and the Milan prosecutor, thanks to intercepts. With this new law, no intercepts, takeover bids successful. Including their top protector, Antonio Fazio who would have continued as the Governor of the Bank of Italy and would not have been suspected of anything. Although, as we have seen from the telephone conversations, it was he who was the director and the player of these games, in which he should have stayed as a disinterested third party and referee.

No one would have known these things because in this law it is laid down that no one publishes. Thus, given that the trial has not yet started, we would still know almost nothing about Fazio. And thus Fazio would be doubly in his post. Both because he would not have been discovered, and also because even if they had discovered him, no one would then have been able to tell the story.

Think about the evidence that was uncovered about what was denounced by Stefania Ariosto on Rome’s corrupt judges, with all the intercepts on judge Squillante’s entourage, on the lawyer Pacifico etc.

Nothing. Poggi Longostrevi’s trickery in Milan with the easy prescriptions at the expense of the Region, with reimbursements inflated etc. 150 doctors convicted thanks to the intercepts. Nothing. We wouldn’t have had any of all this. In Turin, the administrator of the Molinette arrested thanks to the intercepts as he was taking kickbacks in the office on every supply transaction. Luigi Odasso, he too would be in his job. Let’s think about Lazio, thanks to the intercepts they found the evidence for the denunciation by Lady ASL, the one who told the story of the great scandal in health, that was then responsible for the great hole in Lazio’s health system, that luckily was stopped thanks to the intervention of the magistracy, and we would have known nothing of that.

Think of the case of spying. The cases of illegal spying that we’ve had in recent years. Storace’s staff that spied on Alessandra Mussolini and Piero Marrazzo leading up to the regional elections of 2005.

SISMI of Pollari and Pompa, that was creating dossiers on those journalists, magistrates, and politicians considered to be dangerous to Berlusconi. SISMI, that according to the accusation of the Milan Prosecutor’s office, collaborated in the kidnapping of the Egyptian citizen, Abu Omar, to whom we had granted hospitality for political reasons and whom was then kidnapped by the CIA and sent to Egypt for torture.

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to Edededed:
if I had the time and the ability to translate the text, I would... But I have neither, so I don't attempt it. Would YOU like to try it?
I don't think I need a refund, the information is free.
But what I don't understand is why somebody would translate only half of the text of the message.
One would think that if they do the job, they would do the whole thing. So I wonder if it's a technical problem with the posting of the message. That is why I asked the staff.

Now, in reference to the post itself and Marco Travaglio's message, one note... besides the issue of phone interceptions, I am amazed at the LONG list of scandals that are listed by Travaglio and have happened in the past few years...
Sounds like there is no field in Italian society that is immune to scandals and fraudulent, illegal activity.
What have we come to?
PS part of the list is not in the translated english version because part of the text is missing!

Posted by: Daniela Giangrande | June 11, 2008 05:59 PM

Where is the rest of the article? Half of the translation is missing! and this is not the first time it happens.... Please, post the whole thing, so I can share it with my english speaking friends.

Posted by: Daniela Giangrande | June 11, 2008 08:44 AM

Dear Beppe and Marco

I an an englishman living in italy trying to make a living as a small businessman. It is I have to say very difficult to make money. My employees make more than I do and work less. The cost of the state and the beaurcracy is too much. I look at all the problems in italy and talked about in your blogs and i agree with a lot of them and some not. But what is the solution , changing the association between the elected and elector and other electoral reforms and then eveything will follow from this or is it a matter of faith that eventually people will see the light before it is too late?

Depressed of Arezzo

Posted by: Simon Carey | June 10, 2008 07:53 PM

Fascism = Comunism
So, you are among friends, dear Grillo & C.

Posted by: Giuseppe Rossi | June 10, 2008 07:03 PM

Dear Beppe and Marco. I insist it's necessary to make a indipendent press, may be with an cooperative association, like Le Monde. This experiment was done for Indro Montanelli, unfortunatment ended for the Berlusconi's intromission. Cordially

Posted by: renzo buia | June 10, 2008 06:29 PM

It is clear that the Berlusconi law on wiretapping is aimed at helping "the Caste" do what they do best : stealing our money.
As payback, the Caste will elect Berlusconi as the next president of Italy.
Mr.Berlusconi is a very smart man and an accomplished italian politician : HE buys the presidency with OUR money.
Good luck italians.

Posted by: giuseppe vidozzi | June 10, 2008 06:05 PM

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