Genoa for us…

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With that face a bit like that
that “topogigi” expression, a bit like that
that they have when they rob in Genoa
but how afraid they make us, that black well that is Italy
where they excavate even at night and that never stays still….

"Stefano Francesca, the spokesperson for the mayor Stefano Francesca, arrested for association to commit delinquent acts and for corruption. Massimo Casagrande and Claudio Fedrazzoni, two former DS town councillors, in handcuffs for association to commit delinquent acts and for corruption. And then Massimiliano Morettini and Paolo Striano, two councillors in the Centre Left Cabinet, in power for only one year, accused of corruption. And still more: there’s the arrest of Roberto Alessio, an entrepreneur close to the Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone
And more: Giuseppe Profiti, director of Rome’s Ospedale Bambin Gesù, “the Vatican’s Minister of Health”, ends up under house arrest. According to the prosecutor Francesco Pinto, it’s believed they tried to “rig” the competitions for the contracts for the ASL catering facilities (worth 15 million euro)
But this isn’t the essential bit. The basic question is different: what is happening in Genoa?
No, it’s not a local question, what is happening in Liguria is the spy hole for what is happening nationally. It’s the demonstration of the existence of a transversal party of business, that has colours that are ever more hazy and that unites people in all parties with entrepreneurs. But above all, from this episode it’s possible to understand a lot about the defeat of the Democratic Party at the recent national elections. Good bye to the myth of good local left-wing administration, that had such a big part in national political success.
Yes, once upon a time, the Left flew the flag for morality. Today, however it is tripping up over the Unipol case and ignoring the unhappiness of the voters by once more presenting as candidates all the protagonists of that affair, starting with Nicola Latorre. Is it an isolated case? No. Because in Genoa there are the bribes for the hospital canteens. And in Ivrea the arrests for the rubbish scandal, that, as La Stampa remembers, touch men close to the Democratic Party. Truly, this Centre Left reminds us ever more closely of the socialists of 15 years ago.
And that’s not enough. Once upon a time, the Centre Left occupied itself with health, now it occupies it: health directors, top clinicians and those responsible for the departments are often appointed by the Region according to the infamous article “15 septies” that avoids every type of competition (38 appointments in two and a half years). By doing name-matching of doctors who are promoted with those who support the DS or the Democratic Party you can make interesting discoveries.
Once upon a time in Liguria, the Left defended the environment. Today in our Region they are creating 11,007 new berths for boats. But the problem is another one: behind the boats, there’s the arrival of almost three million of cubic metres of new homes. An outpouring of cement similar to the “rapallizzazione” {uncontrolled urbanization of areas of natural beauty} after the War that risks ruining the coast definitively.
This is what is happening in Liguria and what risks happening in Italy. This is why, after 63 years, the Left lost the elections in Liguria and was defeated in Italy. Not because it should have imitated the Lega, but because it has lost its soul.” Ferruccio Sansa, journalist with Il Secolo XIX

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Hello Gaultiero Cocco, I don't think you need apologise for those, presumably colleagues of yours ,who are unable to comprehend what Edededed wrote? or is your remark idle supposition? There are millions of us in England quite willing to explain the 'hidden' meaning from his remarks, subject to the necessary time of course! Many thanks for your kind wishes which are greatly appreciated,and yes I am enjoying my happy soccer. William.

Posted by: William Gladys | June 10, 2008 01:20 PM

Dear Mr. Grillo,
many thanks for your work and go on.
To anybody: please listen to the berlusconi-song on - Album: Weltgeschichten; free download.
With best wishes, Lentz

Posted by: Lentz Lentzmusik | June 10, 2008 11:13 AM

Funny to hear accusations,maybe true,to the Italian Royal family operations in Switzerland from an Anglo-American reminiscence, maybe only Anglo descendent's of those used to switch with Africans("buono scambio") one kilo of salt with a kilo of row diamonds. What a remarkable profitable exchange!

Considering the profit I bet they may have had the genius idea to fond the London Stock Exchange!

They probably thought " If we can trick them once
why don't trick them all in once!"

This logic of the smart ass it's pretty known to
the whole business world but in case there is some one it's missing it a quick reminder it's a must.

I guess in this case the cleaner has scabies...Yankee

Posted by: Gualtiero Cocco | June 10, 2008 02:21 AM

The masterpiece you just wrote to William it's remarkable, sorry for those who doesn't grasp the meanings between the lines.

You have to live in England, which I did, to suck
the subtle and trivial sense of it. Beautiful.

I am out of my skin waiting the promised replay of
William Gladys...happy soccer....

Posted by: Gualtiero Cocco | June 10, 2008 12:08 AM

Many thanks Fair Dinkum, yes by all means review my book if you wish and thankyou. I always feel that good and bad or positive and negative reviews are essentially all good ones.The thousands first printed have all gone except for 125 copies which I keep for "emergencies". The web site has produced an enormous number of 'hits' in their tens of thousands and increasing on a weekly basis. I think a lot of interest is being generated in the media by Republic UK (last week they had an audience of eleven million) and being linked to them helps me a lot. The other links are also helpful.
With regard to your comments Edededed,some interesting misinformation and misunderstanding which I will reply to later after this evenings European football matches have been played.In the meantime perhaps you would consider going to Republic UK's website for some interesting views on the tyranny and absolutist political role of Britain's Monarchy? Kind regards, William.

Posted by: William Gladys | June 9, 2008 05:34 PM

Many thanks Fair Dinkum, yes I had forgotten that most horrible one, who by the way is payed £3,000 each week by a gullible tax paying British public.
An interesting suggestion Stefano and thanks. I will look it up and pass all relevant details to Republic UK a prominent/influential site in the British Isles.At present we are in a verbal fight with the BBC, trying to get them to give balance to any reporting that relates to royals. At present any comments they make are heavily prejudiced against Republicans. If you get time perhaps you would like to look at my site or go to Republicuk and view the numerous interesting links.Regards,William.

Posted by: William Gladys | June 9, 2008 03:44 PM

William, this is a bit off topic, but I understandyour feelings.

No need for violence, truth is the best weapon, in this, and all other similar cases, like Beppe is doing with their opposite numbers ( Royals or not so Royal ) in Italy.

Assuming you do not know it already, my best suggestion is to get hold of the information by a British Film Director, called Chris Everard, at Enigma Channel, like his latest documentary Murdered by the Monarchy, and help spread the information that people will never receive from the spin doctors, and system controlled medias.

Best of luck.


Posted by: Stefano Manfreo | June 9, 2008 03:08 PM

Looking for democrats in Italy with suggestions as to how we Republicans in Britain can get rid of the Monarchy permanently, no violent suggestions please!? That naturally includes the hideous Queen,aka Elizabeth Battenberg as well as her hideous children, her grandson William and that revolting boozing nasty piece of work Prince Harry. William.

Posted by: William Gladys | June 9, 2008 02:31 PM

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