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Antonio Di Pietro on Berlusconi: "Ponce!".
Berlusconi on Antonio Di Pietro: "Mascalzone!"

I’m publishing the letter sent to me by Antonio Di Pietro

Dear Beppe,
There are moments in the life of the nations when the citizens have to make choices. Moments in which it’s no longer possible to pretend that nothing is happening and continue to believe that in the end, nothing really will change. The laws that are continually being proposed by the new government are an attack on democracy. If they are passed, the regime will win and democracy will be the loser for an indefinite period of time. It is enough to manipulate information and thanks to this, to get elected to Parliament. Then to make laws against the Constitution, against the independence of the magistracy, against the security of the citizens, against the freedom of information. One law after another.
What distinguishes a prime minister of a democracy from a dictator? The true distinctive feature is the absolute impunity of the dictator. When Silvio Berlusconi has achieved that, Italy will be in all ways a dictatorship. What’s surprising is that authoritative opinion leaders have given credit to Silvio Berlusconi with qualities of a statesman and it’s surprising how a part of the opposition itself has believed it to be possible to start up a dialogue with him on the reform of the institutions. Berlusconi’s history speaks for itself. His numerous trials, the conviction of his lawyer, Cesare Previti, for the corruption of judges for Mondadori, his membership of the P2, the abusive occupation of the frequencies on the part of Rete 4. The list is endless as are the damages suffered because of him by our country. Above all, I’m referring to the extinguishing of the civic conscience, of the morale and of ethics. As a devastating example that Berlusconi has offered to the nation and to the young generations over almost 20 years, an example of his impunity. A situation similar to that where the village lads in the South admire the local mafia or camorra person.
Today, 27 June 2008, the Council of Ministers approved the DDL to guarantee the impunity of the top positions in the State while they are in office, so that they thus become more equal than the citizens before the law. In the last few weeks, laws have been presented by the government for which the definition of “shameful” is not sufficient. It is more correct to call them subversive and criminal as they undermine the basis of the State and are in favour of delinquents.
The suspension of trials for a year means the avoidance of the possible conviction of Berlusconi in the Mills trial in Milan.
Another one hundred thousand trials will be blocked for crimes that range from rape, to fraud, to the kidnapping of minors. The security of the citizens, so much discussed during the election campaign by Berlusconi and the Lega, is sacrificed to the interests of the President of the Council. The prohibition on publishing the intercepts once they have been deposited in the tribunal and available to the two sides in the case, and thus in fact already public, would have prevented us from knowing about Parmalat or about the local wide-boys.
The journalist who publishes the intercepts would end up in prison, his publisher would close down and the one who has committed the crime would not have to respond to public opinion.
With this law, in the United States there would not have been Watergate and Nixon would not have resigned. Italia dei Valori will propose a handful of referenda to repeal these laws against democracy and if necessary it will promote actions of civil disobedience like the publication of judicial acts. No one can stand and look any longer.
On 8 July in Rome at 6:00pm in Piazza Navona, at the same time as the approval of the law on intercepts, Italia dei Valori together with leaders of civil society are having a demonstration for the freedom of information and for justice.” Antonio Di Pietro

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Posted by: SOGART | July 2, 2008 02:12 PM


Posted by: SOGART | July 2, 2008 02:12 PM

When at war's end Hitler's "final solution" for Jews, gypsies, political opponents, metally ill people, handicapped people, communists and homosexuals produced the horrors of it all in Auschwitz, Dachau and other Holocaust camps throughout civilized Europe, people were in no mood to listen to what had happened. It was only a few decades later, when details of the organized genocide surfaced at Eichman's trial, that people understood the full horrific meaning of the "final solution." "Never again" they said. But how did it happen? How could a political party have methodically picked up more than six million people with the express intent to gas them and eliminate them from the face of the Earth in chambers and ovens designed for the gruesome task? It happened because "good people" did nothing when evil was taking place. The Nazis did it by manipulating and exploiting the fears and prejudices embedded in the mindset of the "good people" by centuries of fanatical demonization against Jews and others labeled as flawed and inferior beings. But the dawning changes in the post-Eichman trials were that Europeans now understood the "cancerous" symptoms of racism and xenophobia. They understood how cultivating hate eventually undermines the solidarity and compassion of good people and turns them into racist, xenophobic mobs. At least they thought they did until a nation that proudly defines itself as the "cradle of civilization;" a nation of "saints, navigators, artists, geniuses and heroes" elected Silvio Berlusconi, a media mogul, as Prime Minister of Italy. A media mogul who surrounded himself with anti-immigrants, anti-gypsies, anti-justice ministers. A media mogul who uses the military to quell people opposing his solutions for the "garbage crisis" in Campania. A media mogul who legislates laws for personal gain. A media mogul who calls Italians "coglioni". A media mogul that belittled an older person with lewd gestures. But, more to the point, a media mogul who allows one of his Ministers, belonging to a racist and xenophobic party, to fingerprint gypsies and their children after a media campaign leveraged the fear and prejudices of "good people." How effective was the demonization of gypsies? Very effective. A gypsy camp was set on fire, others have been attacked by racist mobs and Italians have the highest intolerance level toward gypsies, and probably immigrants in general, in Europe. One might say that after all is said and done, Italy is a democratic country and in a democracy there is an official opposition that will never allow the country to degenerate to a level of intolerance of fascist memories. Well, so far, the "official opposition" is as passive as the rest of the "good people" that have elected a media mogul as their Prime Minister.

Posted by: louis pacella | July 1, 2008 07:48 PM

Johnny Hell is back... hi hi hi :)

Conto alla rovescia per l'attacco alla regina... eh eh eh... :)(: (bifronte!!)


Posted by: ciao merde | July 1, 2008 06:31 PM


anche per la "zanzara" attratta dall'odore dei piedi della "vacca ludmilla".... TUTTO PAGATE!!

allah suino... dio infame... papa pedofilo boia... ti cago in bocca.... MEEEERDAAAA

Posted by: ehilà merdacce | July 1, 2008 05:54 PM

Silvio Berlusconi remains an embarrassment to democracy.

The great paradox of democracy is that the political freedom it needs to thrive also gives succour to its enemies. A democratic society must tolerate, up to a point, the activity of politicians whose instincts are fundamentally undemocratic.
Evidence of that is clear in the fact that Silvio Berlusconi is the freely elected Prime Minister of Italy. He is now 50 days into the job, which he resumed after a stint in opposition, having previously governed from 1994-95 and 2001-2006. His earlier premierships saw him accused by opponents - but never convicted - of corruption. He has also routinely been denounced for nepotism, financial mismanagement and socially divisive reactionary nationalism. But still he won.
Mr Berlusconi was elected on promises of economic revival - Italy has one of the slowest-growing economies in the eurozone - leavened with promises to crack down on crime and immigration, which his Forza Italia party routinely presents as one and the same issue.
In government, he has proposed draconian racial profiling, fingerprinting Roma children and threatening to take those who beg on Italian streets away from their parents, a measure seen by leaders of other minorities as a throwback to Italy's fascist past.
Mr Berlusconi has also returned to a favourite legislative theme - protecting himself from the various corruption charges that have accrued against him over the years. He wants to pass a law that would make the holders of top public offices, naturally including his own, immune from prosecution. When he tried to introduce the same measure in 2004, the supreme court ruled that it was unconstitutional. He has another law pending which would suspend for one year certain trials where the alleged crime carries a sentence longer than 10 years. One such case, due to start next month, involves allegations of bribery against Mr Berlusconi.
This agenda is little short of all-out war against a judiciary and those sections of the media determined to hold him to account. (The Prime Minister has substantial control over commercial television and uses his office to influence the state broadcaster.) The judges who pursue him, he says, are 'a cancer in our democracy'.
It has all been conducted in Mr Berlusconi's trademark brazen, flamboyant manner that, were it not so sinister, would be reminiscent of a circus ringmaster.
Mr Berlusconi's leadership is a tragedy for Italians, although the inconvenient truth of the matter is that so many of them voted for him. That should serve as a warning to other western European countries that think their democratic culture is so entrenched as to be immune from internal threat. If that is the great paradox of democracy, the greatest cliche in politics is that nations get the leaders they deserve. But surely Italy and Europe deserve better than Silvio Berlusconi.

accessed 1st July 2008 at 15.50

Posted by: Piras Maria Cristina | July 1, 2008 04:53 PM

ITALIA = Mamma + Pizza + Chiesa + Calcio + Mafia + Culi + Tette

Posted by: atrezzi | July 1, 2008 03:51 PM

wanna be 18teen forever... forever... forever

Posted by: sono L | July 1, 2008 01:58 PM

ehilà... alla fine ci prendiamo anche il mare superiore... ma non so come sarà... sarà infinito... ma non sarà più in questo universo! E non essterà MAI più la chiesa... sarà ancora più elettronico di prima... tipo quel video dei gemelli diversi...

e chi è destinato a finire il suo viaggio in questo cielo a nuvolette (paradiso?) non entrerà mai nelle acque superiori!!

bye bye

Posted by: ehi man! | July 1, 2008 12:24 PM

Does anybody control or check the comments on the English side of this blog?

For the last 5 postings there have only been comments that I can only call incomprehensible rantings all written in Italian.

Posted by: Bemused | July 1, 2008 12:10 PM

Send all intercepts to wikileaks ( and publish them there anonymously...

Posted by: Ad | July 1, 2008 10:55 AM


la chiesa è finita... stiamo per disattivare il contatto di questa matrice... e per il nuovo testamento, finisce qui... ci si rivede qunaod verrò a prendermi i prossimi figli... ovvero quando dalla mia personale matrice riceverò l'incarico di "aprire" una matrice più grande...

La vostra storia è incasinata... avete mischiato alieni con angeli, mostri con santi, cani con porci, leoni con agnelli... avete fatto un casino...

gio-tralaltro è punto zero... ma io ho sempre agito dal mio remote control per provare e agigustare il tutto... di modo che tutto fosse pronto per il ritorno a Sion e la nuova matrice....

ricordatevi... 3000 anni (2000 con cristo in una terra(mare) normale... 1000 con il mondo (mare) devastato dalle bombe nucleari... qualche giorno con Bel sulla nostra terra... e vecchio + nuovo a ciclo per coltivarci i campi... Serpente eri e serpente rimani, anche se ti sei accordato con Angel Q per alieni e per confondere il Prioncipe dei principi di modo da creare "confusione" come la chiamavi -psichiatrica- .... con gli artefici delle tv...

thanks for all.

Posted by: viva la vida | July 1, 2008 10:44 AM

e la Russia?

prendiamoci pure quella!

Posted by: at Jack | July 1, 2008 09:54 AM

ecco perch+è togliamo le acque superiori a Babilonia... perchè questo posto dov stiamo ne è la riprova di quello che hanno fatto... ed inoltre si erano accordati con il serpente-gesù... e anche con i papi (dio del nuovo testamento) e con i falsi profeti di Gerusalemme e con gli arabi schifosi... per questo Babilonia scomparirà dalla faccia della terra (ma Queen resterà nel mare e anche Londra)...

ah... che sia chiaro... torneremo quando ci pare e piace in questo mare... QUANDO VORREMO! Sia quello con le chiese, sia quello della "tigre" sia quello di fuoco e cristallo...


Posted by: at on line | July 1, 2008 09:52 AM

maledetti Bertelli...

avet fatto bene ad ucciderli in ghetto!

Posted by: per jack18 | July 1, 2008 09:40 AM

Ecco vedete... lo sapevo che era l'UK che governava sul mondo... abbiamo fatto bene ad andare in India no?? :)

Ecco ancora... ti dico un'altra cosa... siamo in ballo! Quel maledetto papa che ha provocato tanta distruzione... E il Dio dell'antico testamento fatto passare per alieni... ma la colpa è di Malara che è salito fino al principe dei pricipi...

un'altra cosa... l'attuale presidenza babilonese è dell'arcigay, claudio+zan+fabio+marta+luca... ma Mattia se ne leva fuori...

Noi vi abbiamo usati per prepararci il terreno della coltivazione perchè la vostra matrice è SEMPRE STATA DENTRO LA NOSTRA... si è la verità!

Posted by: at jack18 | July 1, 2008 09:33 AM

l banda dei 4... travaglio, grillo, santoro e di pietro... hi hi hi

Mio nonno virginio non è mai stato pastorella del poitou... perchè quello è mark ambra ossia sposo di Becherle... MB... giusto perchè ora gli riversiamo contro tutto quello che hanno fatto...
Mia madre era ed è "Gallina"! Ma fuori dal recinto, regina del cosmo, quella di quando ero piccolo fino a 14-15 anni.

Io ero re di Babilonia - l'inghilterra del mare - vero Union JACK!! Non eravamo d'accordo vero?? NOooo!! :)
Re giusto è stato Hitler

La deportazione in babilonia avvenne dalla creazione dello stato di Israele in quella che osano definire "terra santa", quando in realtà è il territorio dei mussulmani...

I papi di Gerusalemme che hanno govenrato dal 1945 in poi rappresentano il dio del nuovo testamento che regna con gli uomini in terra... solo che il suo è potere meramente "spirituale"... il Dio vero è come sempre Provenzano.... In Roma Gerusalemme, se ne sono combinate di tutti i colori... fino al ritorno del re... che non è uno delle 12 tribù di Israele... ma le protegge... 12 tribù che rappresentano non solo Giuda (attuale Israele) o Giacobbe (Usa), ma anche l'Europa e il mondo intero.

Berlusconi è sempre Provenzano.

America è figlia di Babilonia nel mare... Queen... Angela...

My mum is Europe.

"Marchetta", Jk è Michele antico testamento di prima.... "mirkos"??

Marcinkus invece chi è?? Malara del futuro passato... ecco perchè hanno impiccato Calvi-Marra... che è anche Giuda Iscariote e tradirà Gesù-Malara. Tanto poi Marra lo salvo alla fine!!
Ecco perchè Gesù-marcinkus aveva spostato la sede dello Ior in Usa... per preparare la sua nuova terra che non avrà MAI!

Ah il codice-password del "gio-tralaltro" almeno fino al 2005 è "kylieminogue"... ora lo sai... torna indietro e metti a posto le cose come devono essere messe.

Posted by: very important | July 1, 2008 09:27 AM

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