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I’m publishing the text of Marco Travaglio’s speech.

Good day to all. There’s a word that is over-used, abused and by now creates annoyance when people talk about it. The expression is “conflict of interests”. I’m saying straight away that we need to change its name. We should call it Tom or Dick of Harry, whatever comes to mind. The important thing is to revive the attention of people about this concept that has become really boring and unpronounceable.
Thos on the Left can’t stand hearing it spoken of, because their representatives betrayed their popular mandate and didn’t create the laws to resolve the conflicts of interest s. In fact they multiplies them by creating their own conflicts of interests. For an example, look at the Unipol case.
In the Centre-Right as soon as someone hears talk of conflict of interests, they say “there you are, a communist has arrived, one who has it in for Berlusconi”. It’s as though the conflict of interests was just a single thing about Silvio Berlusconi’s TV channels. That’s the biggest, but it’s not the only one.
Thus it is the conflict of interests that relates to the size of the playing field where the Right and the Left have to play the game, that is relation to the rules, and it has become a sort of political war.
A war between gangs, so it’s a bit like when they are talking about justice. They say: “there you are, this one is Left-wing!” In fact, talking about justice is not Right-wing or Left-wing. It’s a matter of pre-politics about keeping to the rules.
These are all examples given by the Magistrates Association in a research report on the effects of this law. A law that above all does not suspend the trials just for a year. It says that they are suspended for a year, then in reality they have to be reinserted in the list of trials. The statute of limitations is blocked for a year. After that, all the dead-time, years and years, needed by the tribunals to put them back on the list of trials, will result in all those trials being suspended for a year but then they will rest in peace and will finish with time outs for the statute of limitations. Including Berlusconi’s trial.
That’s what I said before. It’s very easy to see from these examples, that so as to block the Mills trial, a third of the trials that are really going on are blocked (or a quarter or a fifth). We are anyway talking about an enormous portion and all the victims that were expecting to have justice from those trials will be told: “Too bad. To make sure that Berlusconi goes free, your criminal too will go free.” The conflict of interests is clear straight away. It’s really easy to understand. It’s in our interests that those trials go ahead.
It’s in his interests obviously that those trials don’t go ahead because that way neither will his, and he won’t get a verdict and a penalty. And he knows what his sentence will be. Next week we will see. They are writing it right now, We will see what will be the consequences and what lies they will be telling us in relation to the Lodo Schifani Bis.
The Lodo Schifani Bis is in preparation and they are deciding which other top positions to include. Because five seemed too few so now it seems that they want to include nineteen, perhaps even the president of the hunting society or perhaps of the Salvation Army. There are various organisations to be given immunity. And probably, since he put on his panama hat, like Al Capone and asked a bishop to allow him to receive Communion even though he is divorced, it’s very probable that in the Lodo Schifani Bis there is also the right to receive Communion for those who are divorced and have a first name starting with “S” and a surname starting with “B” and their head covered with tar.

Thanks and spread the word.”

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ma cancellare questa frenesia schizofrenica no?

Posted by: MP | June 23, 2011 12:35 PM

I've had exams so I haven't been on the blog for ages. But did I miss something? Why is everyone writing in Italian on the English Blog? Have all the English speaking people all gone home? Am I here alone?

Posted by: grace | June 25, 2008 07:17 PM

Questo spazio mi ricorda quei muri sozzi e scuri ai limiti delle scuole in Italia, pieni di griffie, slogan e vaghe indecenze. Gia la rete pullula con misinformazione su Grillo ed il suo blog. Ma il proggetto rischia ben di piu se non ne avete piu cura ...

Posted by: Salvatore Muro | June 25, 2008 03:22 PM

I'm amused when the word "giustizialisti" is hurled by pro-Berlusconi fans to "communists" in the opposition. Is there something wrong with asking for justice in Italy? Would American senators and congressmen be labeled "giustizialisti" should they ask for Bush impeachment? The way it's being shot across the Italian Parliament, on talk shows, news, editorials, and political debates, it sounds as if, short of being a scum-bag, the target is no better than a vile human being. Perhaps that explains the reason why so many well-heeled politicians, corporate executives in Italy can get away with their malfeasances: no sooner do you ask that they be prosecuted or remind the powers that be that no one is above the law, than you're hit over the head with that word. Ask for justice and you'll be forever branded as a no good scoundrel "giustizialista" out to get a "generous family man" (as defined by Berlusconi's father confessor) who has been seen on Youtube humping from behind an old man innocently bent over the hood of a car. But what's more amazing is how some editorialists decry the "demonization" of Berlusconi by the opposition. He (the editorialist) laments this demonization as being an attempt to de-legitimize Berlusconi as Prime Minister. The editorialist points to the German, British and French political oppositions as models of stiff, non-relenting types of political opposition but conceding Brown, Merkel, and Sarkozi the aura of legitimacy that a Prime Minister deserves. True enough. However, has anybody ever seen Brown, Merckl or Sarkozy mimicking lewd acts like Silvio did? Has any of those three leaders attempted to sway laws in their personal favours? Has anybody heard them utter contemptous and arrogant insults to their people? In other words the idiotic behaviour shown by Berlusconi before the world produced only international derision for Italy and Italians. Yes, he won the elections big time. But, I'm not sure that says much about the electorate and to what extent makes Berlusconi look as a legitamate European Prime Minister alongside French, German and British Prime Ministers.

Posted by: lou pacella | June 25, 2008 04:36 AM

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