Berlusconi’s pizzo


I’m publishing the transcript of Marco Travaglio’s speech.

”Good day to all. Today I’m in an airport: it’s the moment for travelling. Tomorrow everyone has to be in Rome at 6:00pm in Piazza Navona, to demonstrate against the shameful things that are happening. I’d like to start at the end.
In Sicily, when a citizen doesn’t give in, they get their car tires slashed. If they understand, OK. If they don’t understand, their car goes up in the air. If they understand, OK. If they don’t understand, they get a paper bomb under the blinds of their shop. If then the guy doesn’t want to get blown up together with the shop and all his family, he has to accept dialogue. It’s just that in Sicily it’s called “pizzo”,, it’s called “racket”, it’s called “extortion”. The dialogue men arrive and they make a proposal. They say they have heard about the attacks, that they are very sorry and that they offer protection. From whom? From themselves. It’s they who plant the bombs and it’s they who offer protection, from themselves. Dialogue has a price. The businessman has to pay so much a month to the extortionists to avoid further problems.
In the end, if he pays, what has he won? It’s the mafia that has won. He hasn’t won. He hasn’t won the dialogue. It’s violence that has won.
Transfer this system of operations to Rome. In Rome the same things happen, it’s just that the words change.
There’s a gentleman in power and immediately he starts to ruin the justice system, to smash everything up. He presents a law to throw 100,000 trials into the air, because he too has one.
Then he does another law that prevents the magistrates from doing wiretaps and from uncovering crimes, and from uncovering the evidence to nail the people guilty of these crimes. Then he goes on TV and says that if they are not finding the people guilty of crime it is the fault of the magistracy that is in a state of metastasis, that is politicized, that is a cancer.
It’s the fault of the judges that are lazybones. It’s the fault of the judges that are only dealing with himself. It’s the fault of the judges who are anthropologically different from the human race who are mad, who are psychologically unstable, who are coup leaders, who are fascists, who are terrorists. And not by chance, in the opinion polls, their credibility goes down. At this point, the magistrates raise their arms. But that’s not enough. At this point, he makes a law, but he gets it presented by Tremonti, who cuts the funding to the justice system, by up to 40%. 10% the first year, 20% the second year, and then he cuts the salaries of the magistrates, who are already paid a third, a quarter, a fifth of the pay of a tiny manager in a small company.
At this point, having got them prostrated and reduced to ruin, someone turns up to offer a dialogue. And they say: “Well, we have learned that they are stopping you from doing your job, doing your trials, doing the wiretapping, they are preventing you from uncovering crimes, they are insulting you. Do you want dialogue? For a small sum: it’s called the Lodo Alfano.
If you forget the trials against the President of the Council, if you forget, - or if you allow to evaporate, or you eat them or you burn them, or you place them in the waste paper basket – the wiretaps of the President of the Council (indirect wiretaps, he’s not the one whose phone is tapped, but the usual scoundrels with whom he is often speaking, because they are all his friends)
OK, if you accept to pay this reasonable sum, this tiny sum, then we’ll have dialogue: we will let you do the other trials, we’ll let you do the wiretaps, perhaps we won’t even reduce your salaries and we won’t even take away your funding. Perhaps we will even employ a few office workers. Perhaps we will even pay the petrol for the cars that have to go out and do investigations, with the police inside them. It depends on you. Do you want dialogue or conflict?” Here is an extortion technique that is called racket in Palermo, but in Rome it is called dialogue. In the end, if the magistrates give in, who has won? Is it harmony that has won? Is it peace that has won?
It’s the extortionist, who, from a political viewpoint, in this case, is the President of the Council. Our President of the Council who is up to one a day, when he’s not doing two, and who needs to hide this chilling reality that is in front of everyone’s eyes but is being seen by no-one - also because many journalists and commentators pretend they are not seeing it.
Exactly like many intellectuals pretended not to see fascism at its origin. And they have been remembered in the history books because they were those who talked of other stuff, they were those who said not to exaggerate. Those who said it was necessary to have a dialogue with Mussolini.
They were the ones who said “well anyway, he too will do good things. But well, it’s true he’s a bit brusque, however he does have a consensus. He has gained votes.”
There. It’s these people who will be remembered in the history books for not having done anything and for not having done anything at a stage like this. It’s they who are the principal allies of the regime.

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How does a Human Being get a fair trial in Italy with your so-called laws and court procedures??? If your judges, police and prosecutors all work together! Where is the neutral party? The judge should not be involved in collecting the evidence or know the case or persons before a trial. A judge has to be neutral before a trial to ensure all proper procedures and laws have been taken. All evidence has been collected legally and in fact not made up by police or prosecutors. The SAME one JUDGE should not be authorizing wiretaps and arrest warrants, than involved in the preliminaries, investigations and finally the trial. Each one of these procedures should be a judge of random to ensure a fair trial for all human beings

Posted by: Zelia Pacheco | April 10, 2009 01:50 AM

How does a Human Being get a Fair Trial in Italy with your so-called laws and court procedures??? If your judges, police and crown attorneys all work together! Where is the neutral party? The JUDGE should not be involved in collecting evidence or know the case or persons before trial. A JUDGE has to be neutral before a trial to ensure all proper procedures and laws have been taken. All evidence has been collected legally and in fact not made up by prosecutors and police. The SAME one JUDGE should not be authorizing wiretaps, and arrest warrents, involved in preliminaries, investigations and finally the trial. Each one of these procedures should be a judge of random to ensure a fair trial for all human beings.

Posted by: Zelia Pacheco | April 8, 2009 12:49 AM

Bir Pirikette Sen Koy!
İnternetin Sosyallaştığı Site

Posted by: PiriketSeverler | July 18, 2008 07:21 PM

Demos Kratos...

Posted by: silvia intravaia | July 9, 2008 01:01 AM

e ovviamente marra non c'entra... lo chiamerei vittima degli eventi.

Posted by: dino andrea | July 8, 2008 06:24 PM

caro ratzinger maiale figlio di una grand puttana mignotta succhia cazzi... si avvicina il giorno in cui ti aprirò a metà e mostrerò le tue ventra dinanzi a tutto il mondo... spargerò il tuo sangue per tutte le epoche e le generazioni, ti renderò la vergogna dell'umanità... sarai ricordato per essere un infame culattone figlio di mignotta bastarda e troia. Ti darò in pasto a tutte le peggiori specie di vampiri di cui brulica l'inferno... SI li radunerò apposta per te per spaccarti quel muso di idiota che hai, per ammazzarti e destinarti al limbo dei non morti. Quello dove mi trovo IO IL TUO DIO, razza di ribelle bastardo.... cane sfrontato e becero, su di te incombe una imperterrita maledizione, ti rivolterò quello che tu hai fatto a me... SOFFRIRAI IN ETERNO.... HAI CAPITO FINOCCHIO MALEDETTO E BASTARDO?? IN CULO TI FARO' SBATTERE SOLO I PALI INFUOCATI CON I QUALI TI TORTUERERO'... HAI CAPITO.... VIVRAI NELLA TERRA DEL TERRORE... NON DAL TUO PULPITO DORATO BESTEMMIERAI IL MIO NOME MA DALL'INFAMI DEI TUOI NASCONDIGLI.... CONIGLIO INFAME... SERPE DI SERPI.... MANGIATORE DI MELE, ESSERE STRISCIANTE... MI FAI SCHIFO TU E TUTTA LA TUA INFAME CHIESA DI MERDA...

Posted by: andrea dino | July 8, 2008 12:50 PM

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