Steve Jobs and Giorgio Napolitano

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At his last public appearance, 53-year old Steve Jobs looked really thin and pale. Steve Jobs has been battling pancreatic cancer for some time, although he appeared to have beaten it. Steve Jobs is the man behind Apple. Many believe that he is the true innovator, the only real genius behind the Information Technology revolution, and not Bill Gates.
Steve Jobs is Apple. His health is not simply a private matter, but also an economic matter of worldwide significance. Apple does not release any statements regarding Steve Jobs’ state of health. Financial analysts and shareholders would very much like to know whether or not Jobs will be able to hold down his post as Chairman of Apple, and for how much longer. One analyst commented that if Apple insists on classifying Jobs’ health as a private matter, then it should go back to being a private company and have itself de-listed by the stock exchange.
In his most recent public appearances, 83-year old Giorgio Napolitano, thirty years older than Jobs, has been looking more distant and ethereal. Giorgio Napolitano is apparently in good health, however, looking into his past, there is no apparent justification for his recent stand on certain issues, nor for his most recent actions. He announced that he objects to the way in which court proceedings are being turned into show business, while the various Public Prosecutors’ departments are being attacked by the government. Without even batting an eyelid, he went ahead and signed the Alfano Bill, which is an unconstitutional law. He spent his birthday happily sitting in a little square on the island of Capri, amongst the musicians and individuals under investigation, Mastella’s wife and Bokassa Bassolino amongst them. Giorgio Napolitano represents Italy. His health is not a private matter. His health could be the only reason for his recent behaviour. I would like to be sure that he is still able to hold his post, and for how much longer. Perhaps even get to see his medical file.
A weak (and ailing?) State President that can be manipulated is particularly useful for both the PDL, who can get as many racist and non-constitutional laws passed as they like, and for the PD-without-the-L, who prefers to have a State President with a social democrat background, in other words a member of the family, rather than some or other Schifani. As a matter of fact, Should Napolitano decide to step down at some point, his place would taken by Berlusconi’s employee who currently also happens to be the leader of the Senate. Rather Napolitano than a Schifani bursting with health.

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Hey Beppe
I watch the program on you here in Aussie land.
I am half Italian half French from a politic point of view living in downunder but I view myself as a citizen of the world.
Can I remember to yourself that 20 years ago we had someone like you in France and I am sure you know who I am talking to. His name was Coluche an Italian migrant.
His motto was " All together to put it up their ass".
What start as a joke end up running for the presidential he was credited of 12 % of the vote to come.
He had an "accident" but his memory lives on.
His manager was found dead in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris.
Diana had an "accident" and many more we do not know about.
Watch your back mate they will come at you if you getting to much on their back.
But saying that we need you, guy like Coluche like you and many more.
You are our voice to tell them, all of them,
Get fuck, valfenculo, allez vous faire enculer loud and clear from Washington to Paris to Roma.
Their are getting more and more powerfull look at France we have our own drawf France was joking about yours but ours is worse.
Please Beppo keep going.
All my support from Australia.

Posted by: jean-marco arcangeli | August 6, 2008 02:15 AM

Siccome non sento + parlare di Alitalia.... non potresti, caro Beppe , rivitalizzare la discussione. Vorrei ricordare che non solo siamo stati presi in giro su un possibile salvataggio( chi ci ha creduto?!),ma anche che i nostri contributi al bene comune sono da parecchio tempo donati a fondo perduto. Politici e sindacati vergogna!

Posted by: Giovanni Zimello | July 27, 2008 05:32 AM

Answer to:
"I would appreciate if you could post the specific URL you mention in your post
"I went to your Blog and I can't find it..
"Tks in advance"

The first one.
It is always the first one of that blog.
For the Minister of Interior Napolitano, and a lot of other ones, signatures you have to address who can declassify the documents. State insane and criminal operation are always covered from State Secret.
As white-demolition/white-torture, this operation was decided at the time of the first Prodi Government. Operatively, it is going on from the beginning of 2000 until now, every day, every moment of the day, if I'm not on the road or in unknown buildings. Before, there was an obsessive mobbing/social-lynching. Someone did not accept I was acquitted in a (leftist) political trial.
Since I'm Mr. Nobody, surely there is a lot of similar operations. Who has been "demolished" cannot be a witness. I'm am a direct witness.
About President Napolitano, one should also consider that Italy is a Presidential "dictatorship" since 1992. The President-Presidency is the real government. Look at his/its continuous, daily, "interventions" on Parliaments and governments about everything. For instance, the Secret Service of the Corazzieri-CC (which controls the Prosecution Offices) is superposed to the other Secret Services. If you check the legislation about the CSM, you'll see that the President is its absolute dictator. An imaginary "magistracy" does not exist. Clearly, the Presidency represents (since Capaci, 1992) the "Mediobanca" area which is in inevitable interaction with other interests...

If someone had legal problems, I'm Roberto Scaruffi.
B.Grillo is NOT legally responsible of what I have written here, that is what I write everywhere.

Posted by: Roberto Scaruffi | July 27, 2008 01:00 AM

Stop talking nonsense please!!


Italy is right to curb its politicised judges

By Christopher Caldwell

June 20 2008

The Senate is finishing work on a package of security laws on which Mr Berlusconi campaigned. An amendment added by his supporters and passed on Wednesday would suspend trials for all but the most serious crimes that took place before mid-2002.This will help focus the state’s limited resources on a wave of violent crime that has alarmed the public.

Mr Berlusconi believes he is being singled out by judges on the “extreme left”.He announced that he would seek a law providing immunity from prosecution for high-ranking members of the Italian government.

France,Germany and the European Union all have some version of immunity.Italy had an immunity for parliamentarians until it was abolished in 1993,amid a series of anti-corruption prosecutions.

The purpose of immunity is not to give elected officials a free ride.It is to protect the right of electorates to be ruled by the person they chose democratically.Do the charges against Mr Berlusconi arise from a disinterested quest for justice or from a desire on the part of a certain branch of the Italian elite to overturn a popular choice they do not like?

So does Italy,where,for a decade and a half, judges have enjoyed a degree of power unique in the west.Such power is,over the long haul,unhealthy for a democracy.It is one of the reasons Italians have come to distrust their judiciary.

A poll published on Thursday in La Repubblica,a prestigious Roman daily that opposes Mr Berlusconi,showed just 35 per cent have faith in the judicial system,versus 59 per cent who do not. Mr Berlusconi’s voters are overwhelmingly distrustful of judges and his opponents are mostly satisfied with them.

Italian law is so dilatory that it butts up against article six of the European Convention on Human Rights.

So it's not true that we are the laughingstock of Europe, as Mr GRILLO and Mr Travaglio say all the time, especially when Mr Berlusconi is in power!!

France,Germany and the European Union all have some version of immunity, rightly said Mr Caldwell.

And it's also not true that Mr ALFANO's BILL is an unconstitutional law: who said that?


Mr GRILLO's incompetent LAWYERS who launched the ludicrous campaign called ‘ TELECOM Share action’ last year in the vain hope to oust the TELECOM MANAGEMENT through the minority shareholders' shares proxy vote?

Remember guys?

That's ridiculous, isn't it?

So, taking into account his past blunders such as the one set out above, how can Mr GRILLO insult the 83-year old Giorgio Napolitano in such a manner talking about laws or issues he has any knowledge of ?

Posted by: Gi... o... v ...a... n n i V...E...S...T...R....I | July 27, 2008 12:51 AM

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Posted by: cedricm123 | July 26, 2008 09:58 PM

Saying Bill Gates was a computer genius is like saying Piero Angela was a great physicist. Actually Piero Angela has a much higher profile than Gates.

Bill Gates is considered a computer innovator only by those who don't know the first thing about computers. Anyone knows Mr Gates was the first one to think of software in the same terms as any other commodity such as soft drinks, shoes or clothing.

It can only be said he has been the first one to market (crap) software much like Coca Cola.

Posted by: Bread Pitt | July 26, 2008 06:38 PM

The mental conditions of Napolitano?!
There is also his signature under this kind of clandestine criminal & psychotic operations:
...follow the different links...

Posted by: Roberto Scaruffi | July 26, 2008 01:58 PM

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