The Black cloaks

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The reaction to the Piazza Navona event was unanimous. Had I limited myself to attacking only Berlusconi, it would have been a political triumph. What I exposed was fifteen years’ worth of rip-offs jointly orchestrated by Forza Italia and the DS. It turned out to be a triumph of anti-politics.
It is not only Berlusconi that doesn't want to be dragged into court; it is the entire political class that doesn't want to be dragged into court.
Veltroni single-handedly resuscitated the psychodwarf, lost the election and proceeded to destroy the entire left wing. Now he is busy completing the task. He is now also busy destroying the opposition. Oops! Am I perhaps not allowed to say things like that? Topo Gigio appeared on the television screen, getting himself interviewed by one of Berlusconi’s employees. Lecca lecca (Lollipop) Mentana showed an old clip of the Bagaglino programme where Antonio Di Pietro is busy getting hit in the face with a pie. Di Pietro equals clown; that is the subliminal message. Topo Gigio approves, proceeds to attack his ally shamelessly, right in the old P2 member’s own back yard.
Veltroni hints to Di Pietro that he should return to the “intellectual and reformist enclosure”, and stop demonstrating in the town square. The enclosure houses all those that support Veltroni. People such as Scalfari, Moretti, Maltese and Lerner. His guard dogs. One nod of his head and they immediately start barking, indeed baying. The only ones that have remained in Topo Gigio’s enclosure are the true intellectuals, apparently the only true reformers. They have no hope of ever being able to understand the population, or for that matter the town square demonstrations. Should the people in the town square by chance applaud Travaglio or Grillo, then it’s a “disaster”.
In the film “Manto nero” (The Black cloak) a Jesuit priest asks an Indian lying on his deathbed to allow himself to be baptised so that he could enter into Paradise. The Indian asks whether there are any black coats (Jesuit priests) in Paradise. The Jesuit priest says yes. The Indian then refuses to be baptised because he has no desire to spend eternity with a bunch of black cloaks. The opposition will not die as members of the Ds party.
Moretti accused the organisers of “having sullied everything and obscured the true objectives of the event by allowing Grillo Ms. Guzzanti to have their say … When I arrived, Beppe Grillo immediately began speaking and I left immediately. I would very much like to know what the people’s reaction was to those offensive and meaningless comments. ”I didn’t offend anyone, I simply stated a few political and economic facts. Pertini would never have agreed to sign the SchifoAlfano Bill (he would rather have had his hand amputated that do such a thing), while Veltroni instead managed to single-handedly destroy the very concept of opposition. Oops! Am I perhaps not allowed to say things like that? Berlusconi may well have helped a few of his lovers over the years, but at least he never released one of his films containing a scene showing him busy sticking it to some or other actress.
”La Repubblica”, financed by public funds, including mine therefore, as well as yours, misses no opportunity to attack me after having witnessed the failure of the dialogue (much vaunted) between its champion Veltroni and P2 member Berlusconi. Maltese in his “paid for” article entitled “Show business sul palco”, published in a “paid for” newspaper, which is paid for by the advertising revenues, explains that “the events created by Beppe Grillo cannot be classified as political activities … and that the majority of Beppe Grillo’s targets are marginal individuals… and that the blog is not a tool for the political struggle and sharing of opinions, but simply a phenomenal sales outlet”. Perhaps what Curzio is alluding to is the “Gruppo l’Espresso”. If the truth be told, at least no one pays me for my articles and there is no paid advertising on the blog.
In “L’urlo del populismo”, ”Lampooner” Lerner talks about ”The pasquinade in piazza Navona” and adds: “how can we ever forget that, in October 2007, it was the very same Beppe Grillo who was inciting (INCITING!!!) his supporters (SUPPORTERS!!!) to rise up against the “invasion of the Rumanians”, claiming that there was no place for them in Italy and that it would have been better for us to reject them with an (impossible ) moratorium?” Lerner lies, and he is well aware that he is lying. Many other European Countries have instituted the (impossible) moratorium. I wrote about the gypsies and not about the Rumanians. In the interests of clarity, you need to know that I have two Rumanians working for me. The situation was critical and exploded just one month later. Prodi himself told the Financial Times that no one knew at the time precisely how many people had come across the border from Rumania.
They talk about Grillo, but nothing gets said about the phenomenal rip-off that has allowed the post-communists to share power with the evergreenpeetwoists for of fifteen years. My dear black cloaks, my dear intellectuals and reformers, you are more than welcome to stay all on your own in the enclosure, just you and your Uolter.

Ps: Today I delivered the referendum signatures to the Court of Cassation. Video clip to follow soon. Thanks to all those that added their signatures.

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to get rid of this corrupt politican system and hence giving our country a chance would require a small act of courage by part of a sufficiently large number of italians,i.e., the courage of replacing patronage and cronysm with merit and experience.
The probability of this to happen ? zero, zilch , nada, null.
Good luck italians.

Posted by: giuseppe vidozzi | July 13, 2008 08:52 PM

To all those who "distanced" themselves from Grillo and bashed his speech. You're missing the point. When everything is said and done Grillo's speech is about a new way of being Italian. It's about being an Italian that refuses the logic of class. It's about an Italian that refuses to be in awe of anybody, it's about an Italian that values the individual for what he knows and not for whom he knows, it's about an Italian that stops being deferential to power, it's about an Italian that fears fear, it's about an Italian that knows who to disrespect, it's about an Italian that cuts through the bullshit of politicians, media and religious enchantments, it's about an Italian that gets pissed-off when the powerful humiliates the powerless, it's about an Italian that sees all men as human beings, it's about a new Italian conceiving a new democracy. When Veltroni chooses dialogue with the likes of Berlusconi he chooses to be an old Italian, a "tira a campa'" Italian while Italians are becoming poorer and poorer. As much as Veltroni fills his mouth with democracy he doesn't know what democracy really means. But, how can he? After all he grew up within the logic of the party system. Sometimes I get a feeling he is in awe of the American political system. He wants to imprint on Italy the logic of their two-party system. Should that be the case, he should think again. And, in all likelihood, it would be impossible to replicate: different histories, different experiences, different ways of understanding individualism. And, in any event, Veltroni should remember that Americans are not so crazy about the ballot box since half of the eligible voters (more or less) refuse to vote. But, all in all, I don't think Veltroni and all the others in awe of America know the texture of America's democracy. What do I mean? While old Italians belittle and mock Italian movements inspired by comedians, American democracy is inspired by American comedians. Comedians are the lifeblood of democracy. One of the worse thing that anybody can do for democracies is belittle, mock and refuse the words and underestimate the power of their national funny men and women.

PS: Rarely do I agree with TIME. But I gotta say "The Seriously Funny Man" I fully enjoyed.

Posted by: louis pacella | July 13, 2008 04:39 AM

Bankers Use Secret Clinics, Nurses to Beat Breakdowns - By Thomas Penny, Bloomberg, July 11, 2008
``We get lots of CEOs of companies, traders, high-end business guys,'' says Managing Director Brendan Quinn. ``They want treatment, but they want it to be discreet.'' JPMorgan Cazenove Ltd. and Herbert Smith LLP sponsored a conference yesterday where employers were urged to do more to help workers with psychological problems and recognize they can still be productive...

Posted by: marco saba | July 13, 2008 01:23 AM

Caro Beppe, sono Francesco da Miami beach Fl, volevo ringraziarti per quello che stai facendo in Italia per l'Italia. Io me ne sono scappato a 23 anni ora ne ho quasi 37 e vivo a MIami ever since.(Thank God!) Purtroppo non rammarico aver lasciato la mia carissima patria menomata da un governo di "MAGNA-MAGNA" ma il mio rammarico piu' grande e' averla lasciata in mani sempre peggiori, di un branco di Ladri che stanno creando una divisione sociale tra ricchi e poveri come in America latina. GRAVE!..... Recentemente ho visto, ovviamente su youtube, un ragazzo italiano che ti faceva i conti in tasca per il Vday di Bologna. facci sapere Beppe, io sono dalla tua parte,anche se' e' vero che qualche volta ti scordi di dire NOI!... non cadere nel concetto dell'egomania. quello e' il ruolo del Nanoide maledetto, che si fa' fiero di leccare il culo del dittatore mondiale A.K.A G.W.Bush,che ha messo l'America in ginocchio. menomale che a novembre va' fuori dal cazzo sto nazzista. Un salutone a te e a tutta l'Italia. spero che al ritorno dalle tue ferie avrai il tempo di leggere la mia email e magari rispondermi pure. Ciao Beppe! keep up the good work.

Posted by: francesco cavalletti | July 12, 2008 10:18 PM

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