The Lisbon Treaty


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"The Lisbon Treaty was born to replace the European Union Constitution, which was rejected by the French and Dutch referendums back in 2005. In the Berlin Declaration of 25 March 2007, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Premier Romano Prodi suggested that a new treaty would come into effect in 2009, the same year as the elections for the new European Parliament.
At that same time, the "Action Committee for European Democracy" was given a mandate to re-draft the Constitution, which was subsequently presented on 4 June 2007: the new document, which uses just 70 articles and 12,800 words to include the same innovations as those contained in the previous version of the Constitution, which contained some 448 articles and 63,000 words, thereby becoming a point of reference for negotiation." Wikipedia
The Lisbon Treaty is, to all intents and purposes, the new European Union Constitution. Will anyone who has had the opportunity to read this document please raise your hand. Our employees in the Senate obviously know this document off by heart. As a matter of fact, they voted in favour (unanimously) without any hesitation whatsoever and without bothering to inform us accordingly.
"EU: the Senate’s unanimous yes to the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty - Rome, 23 July - unanimous yes to the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. At Palazzo Madama, the vote, with no votes against and no abstentions, gave the green light to the Draft Bill to ratify and implement the Treaty signed in Lisbon on 13 December 2007, which replaces the European Union Treaty and the Treaty that established the European Community. The draft Bill to ratify the Lisbon Treaty is currently under examination by the Chamber."Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor
The Irish proceeded to reject the Lisbon Treaty in a referendum. The Czech Republic and Poland have expressed certain serious concerns. The European Constitution MUST be put to the test by means of a consultative referendum. It needs to be explained, illustrated, motivated. It is not simply another official formality. It will change our lives and those of our children.
Does the European Constitution perhaps clash with the Italian Constitution? Reading through both these documents would appear to indicate that the answer to that question is yes. Here are two examples:
The Italian Constitution – The judges (who represent judicial authority) shall be independent from the Government (which represents executive authority).
The Lisbon Treaty - "The (European) Court of Justice shall consist of one judge per member State. It is assisted by Advocates General ... They are nominated, by mutual agreement, by the Governments of the member States..."
The Italian Constitution – "Italy rejects war as an offence against the liberty of other populations and as a means for settling international disputes. Subject to similar undertakings by other States, this Country agrees to any necessary restriction of sovereignty in terms of any provision that ensures peace and justice between all Nations, and promotes and favours any international organisation established for this purpose."
The Lisbon Treaty - "The security an mutual defence policy is an integral part of foreign policy and mutual security. It ensures that the Union has an operational capacity at its disposal and has access to any necessary civilian and military means. The Union may make use of said means on missions outside of its borders for the purposes of maintaining peace, preventing conflicts and reinforcing international security, in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations Charter. The execution of these tasks is based on the individual capabilities provided by the member States."
We have had a lot to say about the Alfano Bill, yet nothing is said about the European Court of Justice’s dependence on certain Governments that eliminate their own magistratures' independence from the executive authority.
We are busy betraying the spirit of the Italian Constitution (which rejects war) and approving the so-called "operational capability " to " prevent conflict ".
Do yourself a favour and compare our Constitution with the Lisbon Treaty, article by article and post your observations in the comments section.
I will use these to draft a document to be posted on the Internet and I’ll also send a copy to our employees in Parliament.
Bloody hell, we simply can’t afford to take our eyes off them, not even for even a second.

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Lisbon treaty seems to be totally strange and deleting democracy or human rights?

I've read an article which states that police gets rights to shoot people in some situations.

These kind of things are totalitarian politics.

It also stops right to go on strike.

And all this in whole Europe...

It is sad to notice that all other countries have accepted this treaty, but many governments have not even given people chance to vote about it.

Irish government has given you this right, ...anyway it is really strange that Ireland maybe votes again about this, and only after few months.

EU elite needs this YES, and they have ordered new voting?

If this is true it shows how horrible secret elite rules EU, and what can we expect from the future?
Lisbon treaty is basicly giving 'Gestapo'-laws to EU-government, if needed?

And they seem to need those laws fast?

Vote NO, and save the world?

F.ex. in many european countries media and politicians has almost 100% ignored discussions about this subject, and people are not even aware about whole thing.

It is also good to remember that USA has now similar 'mertial laws' there, after 11th september 2001...

EU security officials decide about all security matters of whole EU?

Also there is some things which makes it very difficult for normal people to complain and get things corrected if there is wrongful handlings.

I hope I am wrong, but this whole thing , and how it has been handled seems really wrong. And it is not a democratic way to handle politics.

-Tore Toivicco

Posted by: Tore Toivicco | November 21, 2008 04:56 PM

Ireland doesn't always say NO to Lisbon ;-)

Posted by: Mario Fernandes | August 12, 2008 03:50 PM

I am new to this blog, but am motivated by Beppi's outrage at the Italian government (if one could call it that) but more importantly, the public of Italy area laughing stock all over the world. They have allowed their present condition to exist because of apathy. Wake up and don't leave it to one person to shake up the establishment!


Posted by: connie mittiga | August 7, 2008 11:28 AM

Beh, sia la destra che la sinistra hanno ratificato il "Trattato di Lisbona". L'idea di fare un referendum per la sua approvazione non è passata minimamente nella mente da parte di chi detiene il Potere che tace di fronte agli Italiani.
Possiamo dire lo stesso riguardo alla blanda opposizione con tutte le sue "ombre"!
Chi salverà l'Italia?
Prima si parlava di "Costituzione europea" che i francesi e gli olandesi non hanno voluto. Per vincere l'ostacolo la "Costituzione europea" è diventata "Il Trattato di Lisbona" che è stato bocciato, comunque, dagli Iralndesi chiamati giustamente a votarlo.
Di Pietro e la sua battaglia "titanica", il suo referendum contro la Lodo-Alfano vengono oscurati da quella che testardemente dice di essere la sinistra (vedi Veltroni).
"Sì" al "Trattato di Lisbona" , "No" a Di Pietro fanno parte, forse, della stessa logica culturale che vuole gli Italiani sudditi.

Posted by: Nico Carlucci | August 1, 2008 04:18 PM

I believe that Beppe Grillo does not know what he says when he argues that the European Court of Justice is against the Italian Constitution. First of all, he should object to the 1957 Treaty of Rome and to all Community law, and not only to the Treaty of Lisbon. Second, he is the one who praises the Court's judgement in the Europa 7 case. The Court showed to be independent of governments in that case, and there are many other cases in which this is shown (for example, the VAT case against the 2001 Tremonti measures).

I support the European Union and I believe that the Treaty of Lisbon is an improvement of what we have now, although I agree that something should be changed.

Posted by: Fabrizio Gatti | July 29, 2008 11:00 AM

FASCISM IS FUN [ironic] get it right...


Posted by: silvia intravaia | July 29, 2008 12:37 AM

To ratify The Lisbon Treaty by EU member governments , without consulting the people of our respective countries , is an act of Treachery !!! I have tried to read the treaty , but it is written in legal language , rendering it almost unreadable to the ordinary person . I do not believe that all our politicians have read it . The British government have RATified it in full knowledge that a substantial majority of British people are against the treaty .
Mr Brown and the British Labour party are already well aware that their days of government are numbered .
British people are not totally against Europe ; but are against the type of European state that the Commission ,Parliament and Bureaucrats are determined to create .
I have until recently lived in Italy and am well aware that there are many Italians who are as worried as the British , about our lack of national sovereignty , our abilty to govern ourselves , manage our own affairs . I believe Italy's adoption of the Euro was a major error of judgement !!!
Democracy has become a thing of the past !!! We are not represented democratically by the European parliament ; nor even by our sovereign governments ,who put the wishes of the EU Commission before those of their people .
I believe that there are misgivings about the European Superstate among the people of all member states . Our sovereign governments are "Like Lemmings charging over a cliff" determinded to blindly support this project , no matter what the eventual outcome ; if it ends in a massive European civil war or total disaster .
Italy is in a difficult position having a government of Proportional Representation . If the ruling party fails ; you are likely to get a very similar coalition ; You cannot get clearcut decision making , for right or wrong . PR is Italy's concept of Democracy ; but in truth the people aren't represented at all . You get a
"Stalemate", where there is lots of parliamentary debate, but virtually no real governing .
Our Respective governments cannot go on betraying their people in this way ; I believe we may see the day in the not too distant future when the present form of EU breaks up . The Union is already too large ; further enlargement will create more problems ; all we need is Turkish membership .
I personally would like to see Britain leave the Union . Britain consistently has a traiding loss with Europe and trades profitably around the world and I believe could thrive alone . The EU would have a major crisis of morale and lose Britains contribution , which even despite the rebate is the second largest . Such an event might bring The European Gravy Train to its senses .

Posted by: David Barneby | July 28, 2008 07:37 AM

The Treaty IS the Constitution, but with one very important difference, as a "Treaty" it can be pushed through behind the backs of the hundreds of millions of people, whose lives it will affect very heavily, without giving them any chance to say NO, and so the centralised, fascist superstate can come into open existance, as it was always intended from the early days, when we were told it was "only an open market, good for jobs, go back to watch the television and the football, don't worry about what your politicians, and the secret societies who covertly control them, do behind your backs".

As a "Treaty", it can be pushed through just by controlling a few thousands politicians who will vote in favour, either because they are members
of the same secret societies who are behind the creation of the EU, or because they will be manipulated, bribed, coerced and blackmailed, into voting the "right way", against the will of the people which they pretend to represent.

The same will be done in America when the NAFTA agreement will be manipulated into exactly the same structure as the EU, behind the backs of the
American, Canadian and Mexican people, and so on,until the desired structure of control from the
top, will be in place all over the world.

Our "employees", have never had any intention of being our employees, except for the necessary pretenses and acting, required in public, and many of them know well what is coming soon, that is why they are desperate to push it through, before enough people wake up, without giving them ANY chance to decide.

Beppe, could you publish the full text of the Lisbon Treaty on your web site, please ?

Posted by: Stefano Manfreo | July 27, 2008 12:56 PM

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