The Torquemada of Italian mediocracy


”The offensive started off with the grillist "vaffa-day" on 8 July, that took as a (just) pretext the rotten laws of the premier to develop a frenzied (and senseless) battery of “enemy fire” against the PD, against Veltroni, and above all against the Quirinale. … Finally in a crescendo of “qualunquismo” and of “pressappochismo”, it was Beppe Grillo who returned to the “crime scene”.
And this time not with political criticism, but with personal insult. “Is Napolitano in good health?” is the question asked by the new Torquemada of Italian mediocracy in his blog. He asks the question and he gives the reply. “His health can be the only justification for his behaviour. I would like to be reassured whether he is capable of still exercising his role and for how long. If possible to get hold of his clinical records. These are words that provide comment on themselves. And they would not even deserve a reply. After the 8 July demonstration we talked about a “subculture” creating the indignant reaction of the grillists on the Internet. In the face of the new outburst from the “Grande Imbonitore”, we wouldn’t know how to find a better definition.” L'ultimo insulto, {The ultimate Insult} front page Saturday 26 Massimo Giannini, deputy director, email:

”Is it possible to criticize the behaviour and the decisions of a President of the Republic? Certainly you can, in Italy as in any other democratic country in the world. It’s happened that I have done that more than once, with Gronchi, with Segni, with Saragat, with Leone. Even with Pertini, of whom I was a friend and admirer.
So I see nothing that is inconvenient in the criticisms that some political men and some opinion leaders have put forward about President Napolitano on the occasion of the promulgation of the Alfano law on the immunity for the 4 institutional positions.
Grillo’s insults and offences are another thing, for those there is the crime of public insult that it is the duty of the magistracy to follow up.” La calma del Quirinale baluardo di libertà, front page, Sunday27 July 2008 , Eugenio Scalfari, founder.

Two editorials on consecutive days in La Repubblica last Saturday and Sunday. Dedicated to my post “Steve Jobs and Giorgio Napolitano”. Both on the front page. Written with the pen of the Great Intellectuals of the Left Scalfari and Giannini. Thank you so much. Giannini accuses me of being the Torquemada of Italian mediocracy.
Forgetting that mediocracy is in the hands of his publisher Carlo De Benedetti and Silvio Berlusconi. For Giannini blog and grillini are "subculture". The intellectual racism by the thinkers of the left, before or after always comes afloat. Like shit. Scalfari would like me in jail for the offence of denigration. La Repubblica accuses me of "qualunquismo", "pressappochismo", "personal insults" the President of the Republic, "offenses".
On Napolitano I said three things, which I repeat for the couple Giannini-Scalfari:
- Pertini would not have signed the "Lodo Alfano"
- Napolitano should have gone to Chiaiano for his birthday, rather than entertaing himself with two people under investigation (the wife of Mastella and Bassolino) in Capri
- I have doubts about his health conditions, as may be natural for a person of 83 years.

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If you know someone who reads yet the Republic (funded by the state) tell him to STOP.

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Hi Beppe and those interested

I heard about you on Foreign Correspondent in Australia.

I am wondering what you think about this new idea to restore democracy and prosperity. An alliance of candidates that agree on many good core issues could be formed, where candidates could still remain independent or in their party and keep their own policies in order to serve their own electorate. People could work together and focus on what they agree on, even if some of their policies differ.

An alliance would have more chance than many independents of finding media support and sponsors, especially if the alliance promotes good core policies that candidates would agree on. This would enable widespread advertising.

A wide variety of exciting solutions and win-win policies is needed to convince the multitude of voters whose support would be needed for the alliance to politically threaten the government. Many of these policies that people do not often think of are listed at

A survey would help candidates see what policies the public want. These policies would increase the chances of candidates being elected. I will email you the survey.

Please share this letter. I will consider any changes that you may suggest. I also have printer friendly versions. Please give me feedback on these suggestions. A reply by email is preferred, if possible.

I have community groups and rare information to help people at It will be appreciated if you can sponsor or distribute the information. Could you swap links or share any letters that I send you?
There are many totally separate groups and new ideas to:
* help inventors * Search for and research suppressed inventions * Many inventions with huge advantages are listed including ones to save water.
* observe and study the weather.
* test your memory. What will improve your memory?
* search for people who can produce the evidence that they are led by God and that their prayers make a noticeable difference. They could help us and lead us to the truth.
* reveal true conspiracies and solutions on how to avoid them. A plan for a better system.

Your help will be appreciated,
Regards Richard Hole

Posted by: Richard Hole | August 9, 2008 05:42 AM


A spectre is haunting the Italian political, economic and information castes -the spectre of Grillismo.The Right and the Left have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise the spectre along with the the Pope and the Italian President; the Democratic Party of Veltroni and Berlusconi's Freedom People Party; Fini's National Alliance, Bossi's Lega and Casini's National Democratic Union; Parmalat and Telecom and the traditional media are out to silence Beppe Grillo.
Where is the political comedian, the investigative reporter or the show-host showing the roots of corruption in the Italian political system that has not been accused of "Grillismo" by the powers that be. Where is the politician (other than Di Pietro)and the journalist (except a few) that has not accused Beppe Grillo of being a demagogue, undercover terrorist, fascist, communist, a Mussolini want- to-be?
Two things result from this fact:

1. Grillismo has been acknowledged by all Italian politicians and traditional media to be itself a power.

2. To this end all the Grillisti must be present in the political affairs of their cities, towns and villages of Italy to denounce the plunder and destruction of Italy by Berlusconi's wrecking crew.

Posted by: lou pacella | July 30, 2008 03:59 AM

Hi Beppe,

the Lodo Alfano (or, how Marco Travaglio says: the ex-Lodo-Schifani) is the worst think that a government can realise! Berlusconi is going to destroy the italian democracy. Incredible!

Since February 2007 I try to describe the italian policy in german language. I create my own blog. If you have time visit it: I try to do my best.


Posted by: Alessio Bellucci | July 30, 2008 12:19 AM

ciao beppe martedi' 5 agosto faranno uno speciale sulla situazione di napoli e su di te qui nella televisone chiedono chi sei e come mai un comico porti in piazza milioni di persone,si chiedono anche cosa sia andato storto nella nostra piccola e stramba italia
un saluto dal culo del mondo

Posted by: fabio pannuzzo | July 29, 2008 03:06 PM

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