Brokeback Italy

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A three-act comedy:
Topo Gigio Veltroni to the rescue
Main actors: Antonio Di Pietro, known as Kryptonite, Walter Veltroni, known as Topo Gigio and the shadow Government of the Pdwithoutanel.
Off-screen prompt (inaudible): Berlusconi, known as the Psychodwarf
Act One:
Antonio Di Pietro begins gathering signatures for a referendum calling for the abolition of the Alfano Draft Bill. This is an unconstitutional Law that makes four of this Country's citizens more equal than all the rest. Their names, in alphabetical order, are as follows: Berlusconi, Fini, Napolitano, Schifani. One of these has been involved in court cases for the past fifteen years. The other three have not been accused of anything, but they nevertheless went along for the ride. Kryptonite Di Pietro is asking for help from his allies in the Pdwithoutanel in order to gather 500,000 signatures by September 2008 so as to be able to hold the referendum during the spring of 2009.
Act Two:
Topo Gigio Veltroni convenes a meeting of the shadow Government on 31 July in order to discuss the referendum. Topo Gigio quotes Oscar Luigi Scalfaro: “Depending on the outcome, a referendum will always results in greater visibility for the party promoting it. However, should it be a failure, even as a result of the failure to reach a quorum, the entire opposition would land up looking bad”. Addressing his shadow Government, Topo Gigio highlights “the very wise words uttered by Scalfaro”. This is a quantum leap in terms of Veltroni’s terminology. He has moved on from the use of multiple adjectives, such as his unforgettable “intellectual, rational, reformist camp”, and on to the use of superlatives. Topo Gigio will not agree to a referendum because “it could fail”. This is his favourite strategy, which he once again adopted during the last elections. Don’t take part in order not to lose. Veltroni explained to the shadow Government that: “there are other priorities, such as the social welfare crisis, salaries and the Country’s growth”. Finally he concluded in truly statesmanlike fashion, but also as a refined diplomat and filmmaker that: “We don’t want to focus the main attention back on the Berlusconian controversy”. The applause from the senior members of the PDwithoutanel moved him. Follini is overcome and sighs: “You are right and you are wise, well done Veltroni…”. Rosy Bindi added that: “Notwithstanding the fact that the PDL is undoubtedly busy raping the Constitution, the path chosen by Di Pietro is wrong”.
Act Three:
In the 2009 European elections Veltroni is rewarded by the voters for his “very wise”, but also “intellectual, rational and reformist” political line, with a new Walterloo. The PDwithoutanel splits in two out of joy. Veltroni steps down as party secretary of the PDwithoutanel, reiterating a previous statement he made on 19 February 2008: “You will never hear me launching any sort of attack against him (Berlusconi - Ed). The one involving him is a joyous controversy, but that’s okay. The Italians tired of all the improprieties, only to land up with a Country that is immobile”.

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Posted by: Antonio Desani | August 4, 2008 11:39 AM


"I've made the decision today to resign as leader of the parliamentary Liberal Party because I believe it's in the best interests of the the Western Australian Liberal Party," Mr Buswell said.

"There is a massive political opportunity at the next state election and I think I owe it to our candidates, to my fellow members of cabinet and to the Liberal Party, to make sure we have every opportunity to win government at that election."

Mr Buswell said he would serve in any capacity he was asked to and hoped to help play a major role in a Liberal win at the next state election.

"Most observers of politics would know that my six months as parliamentary leader has not been without its challenges," he said.

"However, during that time I feel that we've done a good job in holding the Government to account when they've made mistakes.

"I'm confident that I've made the right decision, I'm confident I've made an honourable decision.",23599,24125418-29277,00.html

Posted by: Adriana Mian | August 4, 2008 10:12 AM

The story may sound funny but in some countries politics is taken quite seriously:

Article from: AAP
August 04, 2008 02:15pm
TROY Buswell has quit as leader of the West Australian Opposition, saying he wants the focus to be on the failures of the Carpenter government and not him.
"I do not want to give the Government the opportunity to take the focus off of its failings by engaging in cheap personality based politics," Mr Buswell said.

"I give an assurance today that whoever replaces me as leader of the parliamentary Liberal party will have my 100 per cent support both on the record and off the record."

Mr Buswell said he wanted to play a major role in helping the Opposition defeat the Government at the next election, and did not intend to leave parliament.

The next poll is due before May 2 next year, but anticipation is mounting that Premier Alan Carpenter will call an election within months.

Mr Buswell has been the subject of increasing pressure to stand down since he admitted sniffing a chair that a female staffer had been sitting on.

Former Liberal Leader Colin Barnett is tipped to succeed Mr Buswell.


Posted by: Adriana Mian | August 4, 2008 10:10 AM

@ idiot V.....e......s.....t.....r....i

I wish I were there too you remember you that is in Korea that in the Vietnam the americans intervened to try to surround China of Mao and for when concerns the American pseudo democracy is not much distinct from the communist regimes in the countries that you have written seen that in the States not it never be formed the socialcomunist party because subversive sentence and therefore illegal.

Then that type of " democracy " is?

it is only a democracy of façade with imperialistic mentality toward the rest of the pianeta. The Americans are in Irak not only for the oil but even to attend those people that will judge them.

Posted by: Antonio Desani | August 4, 2008 01:27 AM

Tibet: Dalai Lama riceve US$6000 milioni all'anno dagli USA per fomentare la separazione del Tibet dalla Repubblica Popolare Cinese, gli USA hanno gia` separato Taiwan 50 anni fa con una guerra civile. Vogliono indebolire la Cina per eliminarla come potenza economica, come hanno fatto 15 anni fa con l'USSR, usando Boris Yeltsin per fomentare la separazione dell'Unione. Attenzione alle informazioni sbagliate, fanno solo il gioco di chi noi vorremmo debellare. Dalai Lama anni fa era un politico, era a fianco di Mao Zedong, poi e` stato corrotto dagli americani. Abito in Giappone ma ho uno studio di architettura in Cina, seguo le cose direttamente, non dai media americano/ebrei. Gli Usa vogliono separare il Tibet per poi avere spazio per basi militari USA in Tibet, alla fine la Cina sara` circumnavigata da basi militari USA.

Posted by: alberto licandro | August 3, 2008 07:17 AM

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