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In Italy, defamation pays. It is the backbone of disinformation. The stick to use against enemies and against friends who are too entrepreneurial. A club that has hit just about everyone. The mad Bossi who attacked the mafia guy of Arcore in the early 1990s. Fini, the young career man who wanted to do things on his own, with the new companion pilloried by "Striscia la notizia". The young man with beautiful hopes Azzurro Caltagirone, reduced to a smudge. For the enemies, and here you understand enemies to be those who have not allowed themselves to be “bought”, the ration is doubled, tripled, so basically, really abundant. Whoever is not for sale is dangerous. They cannot be blackmailed. And how can you trust a person who you cannot blackmail? In the times of bombs and the Corleonesi mafia, you had them explode into thin air. One strike and it’s done. But at that time, information was not completely under control. They were crude but inevitable mechanisms. The machine gun for Dalla Chiesa or the TNT imported for the military that was brought from the continent to via D'Amelio, are distant memories
These days, the motorways are useful for imposing the State “pizzo” by means of the Benetton concession. To destroy them when a judge is passing by, as happened at Capaci, creates economic damage.
The nutriment for defamation is (false) facts, (one-sided) opinions, adjectives to disqualify. Ms Forleo becomes psychologically unstable, and above all she cries. What guarantee is offered by a judge who cries? A weak and fragile woman. Whether she is right is not relevant. If she touches D'Alema she is to be transferred, far from Milan, to Cremona. De Magistris had put his finger in the sore of the exchange vote, of the European funds shared out with the local criminals and the parties. He was attacked for being active, accused of having violated the code. He was absolved of every accusation and anyway transferred to Naples. The politicians from Calabria under investigation have not been transferred. Calabria is full of clean swimming pools in the villas of power and full of turds floating on the beaches because of the purification plant that have never been made to function. With the accusations against me, you could fill an encyclopedia. The great thing is that they are all false.
The defamation of the adversary has even the aim of moving the attention from MY problems with the justice system, to YOUR (non-existent) problems with the justice system. From MY corruption to your (non-existent) abuses. From MY closeness with people convicted of mafia crimes to YOUR justicialist rages. The more they are lurid, the more the shit I throw on my adversaries, cleanses me.
The System is united. Repubblica and Emilio Fede are not different. Belpietro and Padellaro are Siamese twins separated at birth and united in the defense of the master.
We cannot go ahead like this. Hard and soft defamation has to be fought. It is by now a virus that infects the mind of the Country. People believe what is decided by Berlusconi and De Benedetti and the powers connected to htem. People are intoxicated. Anyone who puts themselves forward to change the System is attacked by the media with the absolute certainty of remaining unpunished. The most they risk is a fine. Nothing to destroy a reputation.
From today there’s an active area of the blog called "Sputtaniamoli" {Let’s discredit them}.
Insert the false articles, the links and the information about the journalist who signed them. I will make it a fixed column in the blog.

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Attenzione prego. Non sono riuscito a pubblicare la Parte II del mio commento. Richiedere a fornendo e-mail. Grazie.

Please ask for PartII of my comment if interested by e-mailing me gicing your e-mail

Beppe Grillo se la deve essere fatta addosso dato che critico i Mafiosi.

Posted by: Attilio Louis Ferreri | August 8, 2008 01:23 PM

Part II
I am a Theologian and know what I am talking about.
Confession without Reformation and Conversion is one of the moral distortions of Winging, Hypocritical and Chest-Banging Catholicism (" mea culpa, mea culpa, Domine, mea maxima culpa"). Confession of sins should be the beginning of self reformation which should culminate in Conversion and a "walking with Christ, daily" not only at Sunday Mass, "oh mafiosi caproni maledetti da Dio". But Global Warming is going to put presure on you too, bastards! Going back to italian public confessions by the tangentalisti, the politicians and even the Mafia. I remember recently seing an italian film, obviously financed and inspired by Montecitorio's Mafiosi since it would not have otherwise been permitted had it been a true indictment of the Mafiosi. "Ma non venite a raccontar BALLE, brutti caprai e pecorai con il Psychology Degree da Harvard, U.S.A. finanziato dalla prostituzione, gli XXX-rated porno films (molto stimolanti e utili per la salute della prostata, nella giusta dose pero', devo ammettere, ma senza le porcherie da caprai e pecorai, le schifezze e nefandenzze, le oscenita' e gli insulti alla donna----alle loro madri, spose, figlie per estensione dell'insulto----orali, anali, onaniste, etc. che disonorano i Mafiosi che le trafficano invece di combatterle e proscriverle attraverso il loro potere politico attuale, come i loro originali antenati avrebbero forse fatto, ma che dubito). Your system is at an end. In 2004,during my visit to Italy I was treated like a foregneir because one has migrated. I am a Ferreri and de Ferrariis remade, rebuilt Europe in the Middle Ages while you bastards are sabotaging and destroying Italy and Europe for a dish of Lasagne! Catholicism has programmed Italians to be crucifiers, to have double standards of morality like “ i fanfaroni", the Mafiosi and the "venduti puttaneschi", who have one set of morality for their restricted group or family and another for everybody else who is not part of their clique or " family" and is therefore exploitable and expendible. I am not saying Ethics since they do not even know the difference between morality and Ethics, as probably only Eco and l’Espresso know, and if and when they know, they are genetically incapacitated to consciously understand it, yes even Eco, the pseudo-piemontese, another venduto, who is a laissaisfairist and relativist, plus Sophist par excellence, since he and not I should be, but is not, writing this ( Yes, my dear fellows, there is a gap between knowing and understanding and willing and doing. See Aristotle's Theory of Knowledge)" Mi fate schifo, sporchi caprai e pecorai, adoratori di Baal e Mammone, discendenti degli schiavi che Roma fu' tanto stupida da importare dalle Provincie dell'Impero. Non siete degni degli Italiani che liberarono l'Italia nel Risorgimento. Siete gli sgherri e gli informatori e i leccaculi dei Borboni, degli Austriaci etc. I disertori di Caporetto nella Prima Guerra Mondiale, imbelli, puttaneschi, adulteri, corruttori, seduttori, sfruttatori di donne, venditori di droghe etc. etc. che ora sedete a Montecitorio a confondere e a sabotare le promesse del Risorgimento con linguaggio pseudo-legale che solo voi potete comprendere. I protettori della Mafia dalla quale originarono molti a Montecitorio, che intendono eternizzare l'esistenza di questo insulto alla civilta' Europea che e' di origine saracenica, araba o mussulmana, una organizzazione ne' piu' ne' meno terroristica, piantata in Sicilia e in Calabria dove comunita' saraceniche sopravvissero sulle montagne, quando le forze dei Tedeschi del grande Federigo e piu' tardi, degli Altavilla Normanni, sconfissero e terminarono il dominio dei Saraceni in Sicilia, come un virus che continuamente divora, corrompe e sabota l'Europa, la Civilta' Europea, la imbelle, adultera Chiesa Cattolica, infiltrando tutto e tutti, . Ma l'ha da fini' un di'!.
Per il momento, mi accontento di sputarVI in faccia, oh gente senza sangue in faccia!
Codardi terroristi, assasini di gentiluomini come Falcone e Borsellino e forse di della Chiesa, che si dice in certi ambienti fosse stato corrotto dalla Mafia ".
Ma, siete capaci di VERGOGNA? No, come St. Paolo di Tarso direbbe-: "Dio Vi ha abbandonato alle vostre iniquita' e Vi ha tolto le normali sane sensibilita' che sole possono proteggerVI dal diabolico oppositore. Si', credete di trionfare e di avere la protezione di Dio perche' Dio Vi ha permesso di sopravvivere per, forse, cosa,

( continua.Vedi Parte III)

Posted by: Attilio Louis Ferreri | August 8, 2008 01:19 PM

PartIII. ( Attilio Louis Ferreri)
potrebbe succedere anche a te, picciotto. Tira dritto quindi. Il Prete viene assassinato freddamente, un uomo chiaramente e risaputamente non armato. quindi una vigliaccheria di primo rango. ma il poubblico e le masse italiane sono ormai abituate a questo modo di procedere vigliacco e invece di richiedere a voce di popolo leggi marziali e pena di morte per questi dannati sabotatori della Nazione, si va’; a fare un piatto di lasagne. Anzi, il film informa che tutto cio’ e’ veramenbte avvenuto, incluso l’assassinio del Prete e che un mafioso e’ sato catturato, messo in qualche prigione ove vive nel lusso e privilegio, come se fosse un eore nazionale ( il sarcasmo e’ solo mio non del filmato. dubito che qualcuno in Italia oggi sia capace piu’ di sarcasmo.) appartenente al Gruppo responsabile per gli assassinii di Falcone, Borsellino e della Chiesa ma e’ stato liberato eventualmente grazie all”INDULTO.
Italiani dellk’ostrega che CAZZO state facendo vituperio delle genti.
RISVEGLIATI OH ITALIA e cambiate le parole dell’Inno di Mameli bigiardi.
Beppe Grillo, pubblica questo mio scritto sudato e sofferto permanentemente.
Passalo anche alle Brigare rosse se occorre.
Bimbe italiane private i Mafiosi dei conforti Sessuali.

Posted by: Attilio Louis Ferreri | August 8, 2008 11:00 AM

I am an Australian of italian culture but my acceptance of Italy stops at 1914. I am a mix of north(Como), centre (Tuscany) and south (Sicily). Being a Ferreri I belong to the de Ferrarii Clan, which is an ancient European Clan not just a local one of limited nationalistic origins. and am automatically italian aristocracy and a true italian, "un vero patriota" whether the Italian Republic recognises me or not.. The Republic has estinguished all ancient italian glories and is handing out “ Titles of Cavaliere “ to anybody who has made some money working concrete and making lots of Pizza and Lasagne. even to those among the lot of 100,000 who in Lybia surrendered to a single australian soldier with a bayonet. “. Riconosco il valore della Xma Mass ( guidata da un aristocratico) e dei membri della Folgore e del’Ariete ma sono tutti o quasi tutti del Nord o della Toscana o dell’Emilia Romagna. piu’ qualch’ un altro, pochi, troppo pochi. I Mafiosi furono sempre e sempre saranno i primi ad arrendersi perche ‘ sono dei terroristi e dei vigliacchi che sanno solo trucidare a tradimento. La Sicilia fu’ consegnata dalla Mafia senza combattere agli Americani ed agli Inglesi. Vergognatevi. La scusa e’ ideologica. Ma erano tutti la’ a Piazza Venezia a osannare il Duce!
Gli Italiani devono imparare a guardare la Verita’ e ;la Storia in faccia. Non dovrebbe essere permesso ai Mafiosi di accedere a posti di comando, perche’ sono dei lavativi che rimangono tali anche quando comperano o usurpano Titoli di Studio ed esercitano Professioni. E’ ora di finirla con le menzogne e la propaganda dei cretini di oggi. Gli ex-combattenti italiani qui in Australia fanno grandi celebrazioni annuali e ostracizzano o sabotano o puniscono gente come la mia famiglia che conbatte’ contro le forze dell’Asse. Mio padre combatte nella Regia Marina Britannica. Celebrazioni di che cosa? Per la sconfitta e i volta-faccia contro i poveri alleati Tedeschi? Occorre distinguere tra ideologia e onore. L’Italia sarebbe dovuta rimanere leale alla Germanis fino alla fine e avrevbbe dovuto, come i Giapponesi, meglio di loro, rispettare i Savoja che liberarono l”Italia. Chi puo’ avere fiducia di un italiano ? Sono le cxelebrazioni dei veterani perche’ sono deisopravissuti? Ma perche’ avete permesso a quell’imbecille di Mussolini di salire al potere prima di tutto. perche’ non cercate di unirvi e di chiedere alla Repubblica Mafiosa di fare una pulizia generale a livello nazionale e a riformare Montecitorio riducendo il numero dei Deputati mangiatori a UFO e ad eliminare tutti i loro privilegi e prebende quasi ereditarie.? A riformare l’Italia si’, ma incominciando dagli Italiani che eleggono gli stronzi e gli imbelli al potere perche’ brillarono in L:atino e Greco antico nei loro studii.. Ma andate a pulire gabinetti!. Ma scherzate?” The de Ferrarii existed with this surname since the times of Julius Caesar and were a Gallic Tribe from the area of Lake Geneva who, like the Savoja, fought the Romans and later co-operated with them as equals, never as slaves, never vanquished. Since the days of Julius they always fought at the side of the Romans even against Attila the Hun in ca 400 cavalry, at the fall of the empire of the West retreating to Brittany ( Armorica).The name of the Clan means, like the Neapolitan war cry” Ma che tu vada a morir ammazzato!” it was originally shouted to them by Roman legionaries when attacked by them on the Alpine Passes and was adopted by these Gauls as a Badge of Honour, being to-day our surname over all Europe. Not everyone of us is aware of our origins but i am writing a history of the Clan., the only truly european clan in existence. Nationalism and the rise of Monarchies in Europe has divided us but Europe shall unite us again. We are the true Europeans, the only true potential source of leaders in Europe. History and my love of truth and honour recognises me, recognises us deFerrari . as a Clan we have accumulated 100 or more Coat of arms and i know since I have been paintingh these in oil as illustrations for my History of the de Ferrarii Clan. which begins in 4000 B.C. I can prove in fact I do not descend from Roman Slaves. My anscestors landed in Sicily from Catalonia in 1300 to fight the Mafiosi who are saracenic terrorists, nothing to do with Spain on which some south italians of greek descent wish to place the blame, people like a fellow here in Melbourne, called Antonio Andronaco from Lazio, clearly a descendant from some greek slave from Sicily was recently trying to tell me ( I Laziali, i “ Rooomani deee Roooma” sono tutti figli di pretacci. Cerchiamo di essere chiari, a questo punto, prima che qualche stronzo incomincia ad accusarmi di razzismo o discriminazione. Io non sono contro i discendenti di schiavi come tali se essi si sono riformati e agiscono da gentiluomini, i poveretti non hanno ne’ colpa ne' scelta alcuna, . Ma se sono rimasti dei bifolchi, gli do' in testa e calci nel culo pure, come e' vero che c'e' Dio ), however the only way to neutralise and control Mafiosi is to deal with them like terrorists with Martial Law, spread them at the borders of Europe and forbid them entrepreneurial activities for a couple of generations. Democracy is the best ground and culture for them to thrive like virus and bacteria and propagate since they have no morality "o sangue in faccia" and abuse everything decent except their families. My opponents are " dei merdoni" pure and simple. I was educated in Milano until I was 18 and when young was for giving South Italians a fair go. Italian education brain-washes us in favour of the south. My Australian experience has disillusioned me with South Italians and Italians in general. They are a majority here in Australia, their god is Work and the Accumulation of Wealth and one can barely see a Book in their homes ( with minor exceptions of course). "Ma andate a morir ammazzati, stronzi!". They have hundred of Clubs, which are regional anyway and not italian at all, the presidents are pecorai o caprai, all concrete or pizza Barons, and if one joins one must "leccar il culo e baciar le mani a vossignorie. Ma scherziamo? Ma andate a fanculo!". They infiltrate and take over everything, especially the Catholic Church which loves their money, with their numbers, "le loro faccie di tolla" and by sticking together like the rats they are and pollute and distort even Catholicism. If one wishes to get inside the church one has to weave one's way through their inspecting groups barring acces to the entrance. I shall give at the end, an example from an Italian Film. What am I saying? The film itself is the confession. in relation to the abuse of Confession which is, in relation to the diffamation and denunciation of self, a type of the practice of diffamation of others which our beloved Beppe Grillo is presenting to us in his article, for the purpose of deluding either oneself or others that something has been achieved, while everything remains the same. “ Come prima, piu’ di prima t’amero’, per la vita la mia vita ti daro’............. tararara, tararara tarara’.......................tara’”. Strangely enough it works! Bravo Berlusconi pseudo- lombardo dell’ostrega.( qualche volta di profilo ha degli atteggiamenti come Mussolini oppure di un Venditore di Prostitute, un PIMP ). Che Bossi ti possa dare un calcio nel culo cosi come io vorrei darne uno a Bossi, se poveretto non avesse avuto un infarto. Ma butta via quel sigaro e fumati una pipa degli alpini, culatone e copione degli americani.
Hypocritical Public Confessions having political aims, are heretical and God insulting. But Mafiosi and the people they groom, facilitate and finance to the top posts in the hyerarchies of church and power, have no sensibilities as Paul of Tarsus would accuse them, in the spirit of his Letter to the Romans.
In Italy there is the cult of social and political Confession, a particular case of what Beppe Grillo is saying, I do not know how honestly as I tend to suspect even him as being a part of diffamation/confession's psychological tactics financed by the Montecitorio Bandits to keep the masses happy like the Romans did by giving away food to the corrupt Roman Shit of the Late Empire, including gladatorial games, etc.
( continuato sopra. Vedi Part II)

Posted by: Attilio Louis Ferreri | August 8, 2008 10:55 AM

The media dinosaurs are on the attack again. A few weeks ago they were roasting Grillo. This time Rai's talking-head and his "expert" of the day take on the internet. In their infinite wisdom they think that there are too many blogs warring against each other or too many sites gathering like-minded people and shutting all others out. The net, to their dismay, has become a public square where everybody shouting. Democratic expectations have been betrayed and on and on. Conclusion? The net is for rifrafs and "narcistic" personalities. Oh yes, the talking-head from Rai said he gets a kick out of the "narcism" motivating bloggers to write. Can you fucking imagine a talking-head accusing bloggers of being "narcistic"? When I heard that I almost fell off the chair laughing. We'll let him in on a secret, "No other job in the world requires love of the self like someone bullshitting from a TV studio like you do, buddy-boy!"

Posted by: lou pacella | August 7, 2008 09:27 PM

I spent three weeks in Rome Italy in May 08 and was disappointed in the trash that was evident on the streets in Rome. It seemed like the Italians were "willing" their ancient city to disintergrate.

We used Termini a lot in the Metro and were very surprised that although police and military were very obvious they did nothing to stop the begging of the Romany People who confront tourists begging continually within the confines of the station and in our case taking our money on crowded buses.

Roman people seemed very ambivilant about the state of their city which has changed so much for the worse in the ten years since I had visited.

We had the joy of a day in Florence and also Orvieto and found those places clean and a lot less confronting.

Posted by: Glenda Honan | August 7, 2008 07:45 AM

I spent three weeks in Rome Italy in May 08 and was disappointed in the trash that was evident on the streets in Rome. It seemed like the Italians were "willing" their ancient city to disintergrate.

We used Termini a lot in the Metro and were very surprised that although police and military were very obvious they did nothing to stop the begging of the Romany People who confront tourists begging continually within the confines of the station and in our case taking our money on crowded buses.

Roman people seemed very ambivilant about the state of their city which has changed so much for the worse in the ten years since I had visited.

We had the joy of a day in Florence and also Orvieto and found those places clean and a lot less confronting.

Posted by: Glenda Honan | August 7, 2008 07:44 AM

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