Political Press Release number fifteen


The collection of signatures for a Clean Parliament has been ignored. V2 day for freedom of information in a free State has been blacked out. For the regime of Forza-DS it never happened. Italian politicians are better than those of the former USSR. Facts exist ONLY if their media tell them. A few million people went into the streets in less than a year. They asked for a future and they got a raspberry. They asked for honest people in Parliament and they got the lodo Alfano. They asked for safety at work and they got La Russa’s Carabinieri in the building sites. A part of the Italians, those that are the most well informed and the youngest. The precarious ones, the ones who have studied at university, the unemployed who were asking for a change have had in return a “f..k off” Together with disdain, scorn, refusal to engage. This political class is to be removed as a block. With these you would land up right in Argentina. The public debt is exploding. Food costs have gone up by 30%. Tens of thousands of homes have been repossessed because the families can no longer manage to pay the mortgage. The corrupted ones in Parliament are with the corrupting ones. Corrupted is the one who does not denounce, who get by. Corrupted are all the parliamentarians who approved impunity of the top positions. They are rotten inside. The economy is knocking on the door, when it is opened you will find the Italians in their underwear and the responsible ones abroad. Health is the new Tangentopoli {BribesVille} The politicians go where the money leads. And it’s the Regions that have the money. The ones managing them are presidents on the Right and Left. They are creating a wall to avoid a Sanitopoli {HealthSystemVille} of gigantic proportions. The judges in Abruzzo who have dared to touch Del Turco will end up like De Magistris and Forleo. What’s to be done? The time of referendum and popular laws has finished. They use the signatures to clean their arses. It happened even for the new election law. Napolitano, former DS, called the elections when the referendum should have been held. The priority was dictated by Veltrusconi, not a million citizens. I will ask nothing more of this political class. To change they need to be substituted by the citizens. From September, I will support the civic lists for the local elections in 2009. I will start an information campaign abroad about the dictatorship that is present in our country. I will ask those who follow the blog to participate in a series of immediate actions to change our reality. Information, health, food, employment mobility, work. An action each month to hit them in their wallets and to take back our country for ourselves. They will never give up, neither will we.

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PER L’85° COMPLEANNO beppe este fue mi nonno giacomo passerini copia de un recoete de diario traducida e descubierto que fue tegliapietra mira lo que tengo que vivir por la decinformacion que me an sometido toda la vida se niegan a asedtarme como ciudadano italiano y no se los motivos esto es un misterio nadie sabe nada dise que se equibocaron me dieron la ciudadania y luego de tres meses me la denegaron desiderata al passerini

Il “senior” (il più anziano, il più vecchio) dei tagliapietra/scalpellino (che lavora il marmo) di Zurigo festeggia giovedì 5 luglio il suo 85° compleanno. L’interra sezione gli porge in questa occasione i più cordiali auguri.
Il collega Passerini Giacomo, tagliapietra,
ùnacque nel comune di [Brentonico] (non si legge la parola, ma dovrebbe essere Brentonico), allora facente parte del Tirolo meridionale. Le sue migrazioni lo portarono a Trieste, ma anche a Vienna, ma dal 1894 il nostro Giacomo vive a Zurigo, e dal 1895 ha fatto parte ininterrottamente dell’associazione (dei tagliapietra). Per oltre trent’anni il collega Passerini ha contribuito a far crescere il profitto sempre della stessa ditta per poter ora nei giorni della vecchiaia, senza nessun altro aiuto che una comoda casa messa a disposizione dei familiari riconoscenti, trascorrere i suoi giorni tranquilli. Sempre il nostro “diritto” (onesto, di parola) collega è stato ai vertici; per lunghi anni primo lavorante, cassiere sulle piazze, mancò poche volte ai raduni. Silenzioso ma fadele era il suo operato (il suo lavoro) per la nostra associazione.
La sezione dei tagliapietra non ha rinunciato in questa occasione a organizzare una festicciola di compleanno insieme alla festa dei veterani, e cioè per tutti coloro che sono membri dell’associazione da almeno 20 anni.
La festa ha luogo sabato prossimo, 7 luglio, alle ore 7 precise al “Sihlhof” (nome del ristorante).
Lo spazio non ci permette purtroppo di invitare altri colleghi dell’associazione, perché noi aspettiamo a questa festa non solo i nostri verterani con le mogli ma anche gli altri membri della sezione con le mogli. E’ gia stato preparato un comodo e adeguato programma.
Mentre noi ancora una volta porgiamo i più sinceri auguri al festeggiato, diciamo che particolarmente sono “benvenuti di cuore” tutti i veterani, sperando di poter salutare anche molto numerosi gli altri colleghi con consorti.
La presidenza della sezione
dei tagliapietra di Zurigo
Ci uniamo di tutto cuore all’augurio rivolto al “senior” dei tagliapietra.

Posted by: jose daniel passerini | August 25, 2008 11:24 AM

Beppe should start communicating with his readers for a couple hours a week.

Posted by: lou pacella | August 13, 2008 11:46 PM

This new tact is the only way to go. Scopa nuova scopa bene.\

Buona fortune!

Posted by: George Anastasio | August 13, 2008 06:22 PM

Thank you Beppe for another small reality check.

Unfortunately, 100s of millions of people will need a major reality check, if anything is truly going to change, not just in Italy, but all over the world, as the situation you have described, does not apply only to Italy, but is being introduced in any other country in the world,in some places faster than in others, being the only difference.

Whilst it is good and right, to peacefully demonstrate and ask for changes, like in the
V days,it should come as no surprise, that all these requests are resisted in any possible way, including by simply ignoring them, as these people, whatever colour or names they use in their
public deceptions games, do not represent us, nor ever had any intentions of representing us.

So it should come as no surprise if their responses are what they are.

Appealing to them, for positive social changes, or for more honesty and responsability, or for choosing what is right, instead of what is convenient, is like appealing to the wolves, to be more caring and responsible towards the sheep.

It is not a matter of appealing more, or in better ways, or how many will appeal, it is just not going to happen, because the "wolves" desire the exact opposite of what is asked by the "sheep", and they have no intention whatsoever of complying. ( and their true masters would remove them very quickly, if they did )

They do not listen to us, because they are not
representing us, beyond the need of having to pretend so, in public speeches, and all other public occasions, with a choice of lies from the
left, the right, or the centre, but no truth available anywhere.

They represent very different, and malevolent interests, the interests behind the incinerators,the nuclear plants, the "war on terror", the EU,the wars for profit, the systematic dismantling of all the freedoms and rights that stand in the way of any Orwellian state, whatever colour the labels might look, or whatever names they might have, under the guise of "protecting" us from manufactured terrorism, and all other malevolent and criminal agendas, which will provide plenty of 30 pieces of silver, to those who are obedient servants, and do not care about the consequences for others, and the world at large.

Had the V days asked for: "Incinerators Now !" or"Nuclear plants and nuclear military bases everywhere, Now", or " A full, openly fascist, EU Now, not later", or "Let's bomb Iran now, without wasting time with months of lies, and smoke screens, to hide the real, criminal agendas", or "We want 2500 soldiers in the streets in EVERY town,and we want them to wear black ( or red ) uniforms, and use tasers and bit up and terrorise any citizens who try to be honest, instead of obedient; and with surveillance cameras everywhere", THEN the response to the V days would have been radically different and "our employees" would have IMMEDIATELY "bowed" to popular demand, and introduced immediately an Orwellian fascist state,
instead of working towards it a step at the time, in order not to risk waking up too many people, until it will be too late to wake up.

And our Fox news, and all other regime medias, would have provided 24/7 coverage, had the V days supported the many criminal agendas, instead of interfering with them, by exposing the truth.

It is the millions of sheep, who have to start taking more control over their lives, and care about what is really important in life, as much
as they care about football, celebrities gossips,
holidays, or " what's in it for me ? "

Then the many wolves, large and small, will find it very hard to get to positions of power, in the first place, and go unpunished, no matter what they do.

But our leaders are also a mirror reflecting back the population that has created them, and let them do whatever they like, no matter how treasonous and criminal, and so they remind us how much WE need to change first. They show us how ashamed we should be of ourselves, and how low we have fallen in our personal responsability, towards ourselves, and our fellows human beings, anywhere else in the world,
if we allow such people to trample on our lives, and cause chaos and mayem in our country, and in the world, whilst WE watch football, and the Olympics, or any other of their Weapons of Mass DISTRACTION, like if nothing was happening,
or because it is happening to others, instead than to us, and our families, or because we are on "the side" who is committing the crimes, insted of being on the side who is suffering them.

We have to start with ourselves first, but like Hitler used to say, " How fortunate for rulers, that people do not think ! "

Posted by: Stefano Manfreo | August 13, 2008 05:56 PM

We have to stop paying taxes in our country, uphold all financial payments, then they will have to come to terms with the citizens

Dobbiamo smetterla di pagarel le tasse nel nostro paese e altri tipi di pagamenti, allora dovranno scendere a compromessi con i cittadini

Posted by: Alessandra Ferme | August 13, 2008 12:47 PM

I applaud you for your courage . Things will change when we all can take responsibility. How can we all be encouraged to act for a better world starting from our selves. I wish you the best. And thank you for standing up.

Posted by: Ruth Rogers-Wright | August 13, 2008 05:59 AM

I applaud you for your courage . Things will change when we all can take responsibility. How can we all be encouraged to act for a better world starting from our selves. I wish you the best. And thank you for standing up.

Posted by: Ruth Rogers-Wright | August 13, 2008 05:59 AM

You are serious, Beppe!

(Good for you.)

Posted by: Diana Raabe | August 13, 2008 01:26 AM

I am afraid but as I said few times already, information uotside the state has only got so much value. It is not the italians overseas that will change the country, nor the foreigners. It takes the desire of the whole nation to change. I am afraid there is even not a nation anymore as we have seen Bossi showing the middle finger at the country's identity symbol. Its all corrupted and the moltitude is complacent. Check what is going on with FIFA, nobody says anything because its mafia.

Posted by: Dario Marchesi | August 13, 2008 12:59 AM

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