Water is not merchandise


Whoever controls the basic necessities of life, controls the society. PDL and PDminusL know that very well. Without water, you die, but if water is privatized, the parties live better. The concessionaires know how to give recognition, votes, money, armchairs financed by the increase in the price of water at the expense of the citizens.
The blog’s civic lists will have water as a fundamental part of their programme. It’s not possible to privatize it. It’s not merchandise it is a right. Like breathing, talking, loving. Jesus transformed water into wine. Veltrusconi wants to transform it into business. Blessed are those who thirst for justice because they will see the water thieves in prison. They will never give up, nor will we.

Dear Beppe,
In the heart of this torrid summer and in this land of Calabria, working with the young people in the cooperatives of bishop Brigantini (in Locride) and in Arca di Noè {Noah’s Ark} (in Cosenza), I’ve just been hit by the news like a lightning attack in a serene sky, the news that Berlusconi’s government is giving its blessing to the privatization of water. In fact on 5 August, the Italian Parliament voted for article 23 bis of minister G. Tremonti’s legal decree number 112 that in comma 1 states that the management of water services has to be done according to the rules of the capitalistic economy. All this with the support of the opposition, in particular of the PD, in the person of the shadow minister Lanzillotta. (A decision that I find outrageous, but doesn’t surprise me, given the response of the honourable Veltroni to the letter about water that I sent him during the election campaign!)
Thus, the Berlusconi government with the absence of the opposition, has decreed that Italy is today among those countries for which water is merchandise.
After these years of battling against the privatization of water with so many friends, with local and regional campaign groups, with the Forum and the World Water Contract… this news is like a punch in the stomach for me, and it hurts me. This is a betrayal by all the parties! What is still more serious is the fact, underlined by the friends R. Lembo and R. Petrella, that the “Decree modifies the very nature of the State and of territorial collectivities. The towns, in particular, are no longer responsible territorial public players who are managing public goods, but they become players who are owners of competitive goods in a logic of private interests, so their first duty is to guarantee that the dividends of the enterprise are higher in the interests of the town finances.” We are even destroying our Constitution!.
Basically what does this all mean? We see in the dramatic news coming from Aprilia (in Latina) which shows us what happens when water finishes up in private hands. Acqualatina, (Veolia, the biggest water multinational has 46.5 % of the shares) that manages the water in Aprilia decided in 2005 to increase the utility bills by 300%. More than four thousand families from that time have been refusing to pay the Acqualatina bills, and instead they are paying the money to the town authorities. A long and hard battle of resistance on the part of the friends of Aprilia against Acqualatina! Now in the middle of summer, Acqualatina sends out its teams of armed vigilantes and carabinieri to cut off the meters or to reduce the flow of water. All this with the approval of the town authorities and of the province of Latina! The aim? To force those who are contesting to go to the Acqualatina pay point and pay. It is an heroic resistance and you can learn this from Aprilia: the people feel that they have been abandoned and left on their own. We cannot leave them isolated!
Summer brings bad news even from my Naples and for the region of Campania. Cardillo, the cabinet member of the Naples city council with responsibility for accounts, has launched a proposal that will become operative in January 2009. Arin, the municipal water company for Naples, will become a multi-service company to include Napoligas and a company for renewable energy. So that this pill is digested, Cardillo is promising a “Robintax” for the poor (lower tariffs for the more vulnerable). With the privatization of water it is necessary to create citizens of the A division (the rich) and of the B division (the poor), as has been said by the economist M. Florio of the Università degli studi di Milano.

On the issue of water we are putting everything into the game!
Starting from the bottom, from the battles in defence of water at a local level, we have to start again with a great surge that will oblige our Parliament to proclaim that water is not merchandise, but a right for everyone. Let us set to work so that it is life that wins! Father Alex Zanotelli

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It is perfectly understandable the reluctance to privatise something like the fresh water production and distribution but this is the trend
of the last 10 years in many developed countries.
First of all there shall be a WATER DISTRIBUTION
AND PRODUCTION CODE,i dont know if in our country
has been issued,as further action there shall be an authority that take care of the quality and quantity produced or transported by the private
producers and distributors.
If private operators fail in quality and quantity, penalities, liquidated damages,
emergency plans will be adopted by the authority
at cost of the negligent party.
I am living in a desertic country where many
private groups are involved in water business,
the disruptions are minimal .production costs are
anyhow very high due to the desalination process.
I have recently met a japanese scientist that
is experimenting water from sea using solar lens,
in the actual experimental stage 1 sq.mt of lenses
produce 200liters /day.
A prototype plant will be ready by 2015, commercialization by 2020.
He is working and financed by a private group.
Solar lenses were invented by Archimede. In the world there are scientist that use their skillness to demonstrate that nothing is possible
or practical(in Italy all like thoseone)and others that try to aply simple principles for
practical uses.

Posted by: maurizio confalonieri | August 31, 2008 10:09 AM

sounds like it is an extreme case of "bedwetting" going on here....those that do this sort of crime are serious enough to hide what they are doing...by blanketting their actions with force and fear...

they are in essence afraid of the authority...that is what children do when they know they have done something wrong...they hide it with other actions to claim that being persecuted by another that has laundered their threatening power over them is not going to be the case!..

those that are there creating mass hysteria and persecution are really afraid of being caught for "bedwetting"...sometimes you have to take pity on them for still acting like children...
the adults learn to grow up and take positive actions against those that are forcing others to be like them...may you fight the battle of peace and pure justice...for freedom...as we are doing so in all corners of this world...

Posted by: natasha elliott | August 29, 2008 07:06 AM

Anyone who is interested in this should consider the protests in Cochabamba, Bolivia in 2000 following the privatisation of their water. The privatisation was ordered by the World Bank as a condition of a loan to Bolivia. It is suggested that the World Bank thought the government too corrupt to effectively manage water supply. Following privatisation, the price of water went through the roof. Mass demonstrations were held, a state of emergency declared, and 2 people died along with many injured. Water was de-privatised in 2000 and its price reduced.

There is alot of info on the web and in the film 'the corporation' if anyone is interested in the case. It is an intriguing one of corruption, corporations, community protest, and money (of course).

Posted by: Christina Elisabeth | August 29, 2008 03:34 AM

Echoes of the Sheriff of Nottingham !!!!
Good luck with your efforts to keep public property and rights in the control of the public.

Posted by: Rolly Wheeler | August 29, 2008 02:12 AM

sono d'accordo su tutto[bologna]

Posted by: giuseppe spaccapaniccia | August 28, 2008 09:31 PM

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