We are winning (and they know it)

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Many people have written to me to say the signatures have been no use. That they will do what they want to anyway.
The signatures are useful to count us.
Many people say that the V-Days have been a "wham bam thank you ma'm".
The V-Days have been useful for us to see each other, to touch each other, to smile and to affirm our right to shout out that we are alive, we are still alive. They have not beaten us and they will never beat us.
Many people say that all this has served no useful purpose if Berlusconi is still there, if the P2 and the Mafia are in Parliament.
But they are the past, canít you see them? They are living in fear, in special laws, in the army.
The future is beauty and they do not form a part. This is why they are sad. This is why we will win by taking them for a ride.
Jacofo Fo has sent me a poem for V3 day.

ĒWe are winning
But this day will we do a Vaffanculo Day of laughter?
We are winning
Donít let yourselves be bowled over by the TV News images!
We are unhinging the immobile mud from the frozen spirits.
We are making love more.
We are beating the dawn drums more.
We are thinking up colossal jokes.
Berlusconiís new laws, Veltroniís sadness
Donít fall into the trap.
They are about to fall into the wide open mouth of the past
Like drops of rain
It will still last a bit longer but then we will say: do you remember the fear?

The oil is finished, we must change.
The information monopoly is finished
On the Web, you canít forbid me to tell
Itís like when they invented the telephone.
After a bit they didnít use the carrier pigeons.
The world changes.
Just think once upon a time sex didnít exist, just single cell asexual organisms
They multiplied by parthogenesis, that is they split in half.
And it was not a pleasant experience.

Now we are extremely sexual pluri-cell organisms, we can make love and sing.
But it has to be clear thereís need for a bit of a push to make the inexorable wheel of History keep turning.
We have to launch a total offensive, itís our historical task as progressives.
We do nothing else: we start general mobilizations one after the other, every time we have the breath to do it. We like it like that. You get to know loads of interesting people and at times you also get satisfaction.
And today the total offensive on todayís agenda is to make more love. A tiny bit of effort, we can even get better.
Write a poem for the person you love.
Tell a friend you are fond of them.
Draw a flower on the wall in front of their house so every time they go out theyíll remember that you love them.
Do something extraordinary, reckless
Kiss her on the lips as though it were the first time
Itís enough to put behind you the line of the past.
And to live in that instant just before the first time that we kissed. And to remember that for an instant, while the mouths are getting closer you picked up the perfume that was rising from her neck.
Let your lips part, your tongue is waiting for a taste that you have never experienced.
A flavour that contains the sound of rice leaves that unfurl in the humidity of the water.
Ö. "
Jacopo Fo

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Hi all,
A big C (Congratulations) to Beppo for his big C (courage) to stand up and speak out against the other big C (Corruption).
No matter how many newspapers and TV station someone owns, or how politically connected one is - there is power in truth! In the end truth will win.

It's in the bible: "The truth shall make us free". How reassuring to know that those who have exploited the poor in this life may not be so comfortable in the next. Their misery will last a long time, if you can call forever a long time!

Regards from Adelaide, Australia
Dieter Fischer

Posted by: Dieter Fischer | August 6, 2008 09:58 AM

Mussolini liked to look and talk tough. But for all his bull-shit about balls and valour, his followers ganged-up on their political opponents and, like pack of wolves, roamed the streets beating-up people who didn't hail them with a stiff arm salute, made politically unlikeminded people drink litres of fish oil and destroyed their houses and terrorized their parents. It so happens that today many of their political heirs are in positions of power in the Italian right-wing government led by Berlusconi, owner and controller, of Italian media. Prime Minister Berlusconi, picked as his minister of defense (after his media empire churned out racist propaganda and rampant nationalistic demagoguery against the poorest, starving people of the world landing on Italian shores) a fascist: La Russa. Surprise, surprise he is big on security. As far as he is concern every migrant is a violent criminal; every gypsy is a thief. So, La Russa, sends machine-gun toting soldiers patrolling the streets of major Italian cities. But the soldiers, have no idea who the enemy is nor do they know where the enemy is and how could they? They have been trained to make war not to catch criminals. Would the American Department of Defense send the Marines to defend Los Angeles from the Crips and Bloods and illegal Mexicans? Hardly. The LAPD does that. To be sure, no Italian city is even remotely comparable with the level of violence taking place in some American cities. But La Russa, Benito's heir, can't hardly wait to take on the world's poorest of the poor.

Posted by: lou pacella | August 6, 2008 04:36 AM

I like it , like the approach

Posted by: solarsystem | August 4, 2008 11:06 PM

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