Alitalia: an Italian comedy


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Text of Marco Travaglioís presentation

"Good morning everyone. We are returning to our weekly appointment after the holidays. I hope that you got the chance to have some rest, all of you or at least almost all of you, because this year, thereís a lot to do. Perhaps you have seen on Beppe Grilloís blog that we have collected together the first 10 episodes of ďPassaparolaĒ in a DVD. If you are interested you can find the instructions on how to get it.
Todayís news is that the Alitalia operation is a great success for the government. Who said that? The President of the Council, Silvio Berlusconi who is praising himself to bits all on his own. Even because from the experts he has just received raspberries and criticism, not to mention the press and all the international operations that measure things according to the free market and not according to the despotic little Italy that is coming back together with the regurgitated bits of fascism that have been rightly denounced by Famiglia Cristiana. Itís not easy to understand what he is celebrating, this gentleman, given that in the last 15 years he has been President of the Council for about 7 of them, that is half: in these 15 years, Alitalia has lost 15 billion euro of our money, thus half of the money lost is his fault, of his governments, and the other half is the fault of the Centre-Left governments, because politics has always kept its hands on Alitalia and as we shall see, it will continue to keep them there even after having made it collapse innumerable times.
Prodi and Padoa Schioppa, one of the few good things done by the Centre Left government, had found the arrangement, they managed to convince AirFrance to take the whole thing. That would have meant no bankruptcy, no need to rely on the Marzano law on loss-making companies, the creation of a very big European group including AirFrance, KLM and Alitalia that could have been of a decent size for the international markets where, by now, the airlines are big, in consortium, based on alliances between a number of companies. We would have got away with 2150 excess personnel: that was according to the plan presented by Monsieur Spinetta, and thatís what would have happened if the negotiations with the French had been concluded straight away, at the beginning of spring, whereas now we have 6-7000 personnel in excess, that is triple the number. AirFrance would have paid one billion 7 hundred million to buy Alitalia shares and it would have invested 750 million. Basically it would have shelled out and there would have arrived from France the great sum of 2 billion 6 hundred million. Now we see that, instead, that money itís us that has to give it. Itís not just that we donít get the cash, but we lose it. Whatís more, Malpensa would have been saved and restructured and the airport at Fiumicino would have been strengthened. This, in short, was what had been agreed between the Prodi government and AirFrance and that went up in the air because of the arrival of Berlusconi and his henchmen and because the Trades Unions, completely blinded by the short term, did not know how to choose between the tiny sacrifice today and an enormous blood-letting tomorrow, which is what we will have instead.

We have another consolation, that is the fact that communism is returning: Berlusconi who calls together the entrepreneurs, changes laws, organises consortia, the government that directs the affairs of private companies, sorts out debts, moves employees, does 15-year plans etc. it brings back so much the memory of the great Soviet Union of Stalin, of Brezhnev, of Chernienko. The Putin model is coming into Italy and ďdirigismeĒ is coming back, soviet planning. ďIl CavaliereĒ who does not know and has never known what the free market is, is bringing back, if God wishes, State industry. The last true communist is him. Spread the word." Marco Travaglio

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Very good post. I would add that a lot of those guys have risen up from very poor beginnings and may be supporting a large extended family with their hands out

Posted by: Debt Free | April 13, 2009 08:48 PM

Marco Travaglio has not yet recovered from being brutally fucked in the anal cavity at the last general elections.

To speed up his recovery he would need one of those blow-jobs which have made Beppe Grillo worldwide famous.
It seems, however, that Beppe Grillo is a bit reluctant on doing so..
Beppe Grillo has been fucked in the ass too, after all!
They could comfort each other and together look forward for the next devastating anal penetration... in five years time.

The more this fucking Left attacks Berlusconi, the more pleasure it gets on being fucked in the bloody ass.

What can we say?
Shut up and enjoy it!

Posted by: Gustavo Ulivi | September 7, 2008 06:48 PM

The cleverness in the details!
Itís called elastic effect, and for a Country like Italy big in rhetoricís shorts in meaningful actions is clearly visible in the Economy, Political Establishment, Public Services and last but not list Justice.
Where else other than Italy, Business Associations are sanctioned and work with the Government ?
ABI (Associazione Banche Italiane?) API (Associazione Petrolieri Italiani?) ANI (Associazione Notai Italiani?) and on and on from Engineer to Plumbers.
Elsewhere and especially at the EU, the hunt to Cartels Association is raging on fiercely, while in the above mentioned The Legislating Bodies are a Cartel themselves canít and will not apply normal Competitions Rules.
Itís very simple to comprehend and to extrapolate once you have the information and distance yourself from NIMB mentality (Not In My Backyard!).
Oil and energy is the perfect example (Obviously In Italy Only, OITO!).
ENI and ENEL are the monopoly in Italy, electricity cast on the average 35% more in Italy than anywhere else in Europe, gasoline I read on today newspapers is 7-8 cents above where it should be with Oil at $108.
The market rule says, follow the money you will find all the reasons, a Cartel is a Cartel everywhere except in Italy, in Italy is a sanctioned Business Association?
ENI and ENEL paid The Ministry of Finance (Main Stock Holder!) 14 Billion Ä from 2005-2008 just in dividend, ENEL has 70 Billion Ä debts in his books and while Mr. B. goes around selling Investments for 5 Billion Ä to Libya, donít you ask yourself where is all this money coming from?
Roman Numerals works very well with Liras and whole numbers and integers, although now with the Euros the details are in the decimals!
Thanks and cheers

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | September 3, 2008 01:23 PM

volevo solamente far notare che la traduzione in inglese e' alquanto pessima, ricorda per certi versi l'inglese usato dal governo Berluska, sul proprio sito, nel 2001, quello di "He has born".

In particolare "President of the Council" non si puo' assolutamente leggere in quanto Berluska, e chiunque altro occupi la poltrona di Primo Ministro e' un Prime Minister o PM.

Posted by: Massimo Longo | September 3, 2008 08:36 AM

Once again Silvio Berlusconi's patriotic overtures have enchanted Italians. This time he did it by selling Italy's supposed need for a national airline. Italians are once again blind or apathetic to the reality that their Prime Minister is attempting to turn Alitalia's catastrophic financial situation into a golden goose laying golden eggs for a cabal of rich people. They are sacking and looting public resources while sticking it to the Italian people. In spite of his rhetoric, Berlusconi's government is not about improving the economy. It's a government about creating crises and discredit government workers; it's about comtempt of environmental concerns; it's about making government's agencies look like bloodsuckers; it's a government motivated by a congenital hatred toward equal justice for all; it's a government devoted to make the rich richer.

Posted by: lou pacella | September 3, 2008 04:12 AM

ATTENZIONE!: PDL e' l'anagramma di Loggia Propaganda Due (comunemente chiamata Loggia P2)

Loggia Propaganda Due = LPD = PDL = Popolo Della Liberta

Chiaro no ? Ö passa parola

PS: buffo no?!? Per certi versi ricorda un po' il Blackfriars bridge a Londra dove fu ritrovato Calvi impiccato nel 1982, che in italiano significa il "ponte dei frati neri"!.

Posted by: FRANKIE HAT | September 2, 2008 05:13 PM

The cleverness is in the details.
Italian voters are powerless, not very clever and finally fully satisfied with their beloved soccer?
Being sarcastic is way too easy in Italy only, how couldnít anyone not be sarcastic?
The icon Mr. B. solves Naples garbage problem in 3 months?
The icon Mr. B. solves Alitalia sell off in 5 months?
The icon Mr. B. solves Libya problems in 5 months?
The icon Mr. B. will redesign The Justice Department to his own image in the next 3 months?
The icon Mr. B. last but not finish yet, will Federalize the Country of Italy?
Very impressive indeed, although all this achievements come with transparent details and numbers.
Blatantly clear is the fact, all this achievements will have a $ sign attached to it, and although secondary only for Mr. B. (He has more than he care to know for himself and the next 3-4 generation!) while for the average Italian Joe Blow is a different story!
Naples, garbage gone, the 750 Mil. Ä released back to Impregilo, 14 years of mismanagement and political briberies all wipe clean (Estimate 2 Billion wasted in 14 years?)
Alitalia, 17 so called Industrialist invest 400 Mil Ä in a Company theoretically worth Zero, with 1.2 Bil Ä (That you will absorb!) and these 17 white knights are of the caliber of Colaninno (Telecom and Piaggio?) Benetton (Autostrade?) Tranchetti (Telecom and Pirelli Re?) Banks and Toto (Air One Airline?).
If this bunch is the pinnacle of Industrial might in Italy, please God Save The Queen of England, Italy is better off with the Old King!
What to say about Libya, itís being defined as an investment, only on Italian television and newspapers, everywhere else itís called repayments for Italian Colonialism, and caching will cost you 5 Bil Ä.
I wish Mr. B. to continue in this very successful endeavor, but I am afraid the Country of Italy isnít financially liquid in half to tolerate many more achievements like the above listed one.
Thanks for your time and cheers.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | September 2, 2008 04:27 PM


Posted by: Tom Collins | September 2, 2008 04:05 PM

Grazie, Marco, for summarising the Alitalia story so well! It is simply easier for a Premier to take a few extra tax dollars out of citizens' pockets than to figure out a sensible solution for Alitalia with one counterpart (Air France). Whilst most Italian tax payers will not complain or revolt about this further waste of public moneys, Air France would and did (about their money).

Posted by: victor kommerell | September 2, 2008 11:39 AM

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