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The country is in a complete delirium. It’s impossible to discuss with the psycho-dwarf or with Topo Gigio Veltroni. They are null-entities who believe they are important. One is Napoletone and the other is Obama bianco de noantri. It’s only us who have white primates in power. The others show them off at the zoo. Putting ourselves on their level means losing our wits. Nothing of what they say is true, or even important or even intelligent. Whoever sees them talking to the external world, like the foreign media, cannot understand them, They are like mad people at liberty. They have put a cork in the nation with regime information.
The delirium of democracy spreads out and whatever it touches gets transformed into shit. The citizens cannot film their employees during town council meetings. They cannot elect their employees in Parliament and in the future not even for Europe. They are not equal for the law in relation to the band of four.
Our employees are inside a mad house. They understand each other, but they no longer know what reality is. They get it muddled up with their private interest or those of the party. The future is the nuclear power stations, the incinerators, the car parks, the bridges over the Straits, the tunnel in Val di Susa, digital terrestrial and the magistracy on a leash. They are Veltrusconi-like deliria. They are called dialogue positions.
We tried to talk to these mad people with our proposals for Prodi, the popular initiative law, the collection of signatures for the referendum, the denunciation to the European Parliament in Strasburg and in Brussels and a thousand other things. It was no use. If you discuss with a mad person, anyone watching you from outside sees two mad people who talk nonsense. A new party in Parliament is the equivalent of a sane person inside a criminal mad house. They would become equal to the others, it’s just a matter of time. We rely on abroad for energy and we don’t exploit renewables. We rely on abroad for foodstuffs and we cover over wheat fields with asphalt. We have one of the biggest public debts in the world and we make a gift of 5 billion dollars to Libya. Egypt imports bread from the Ukraine and we import atomic power stations. Russia threatens nuclear retaliation against Georgia and the American atomic bases with 90 nuclear war heads are on our soil at Ghedi Torre and at Aviano.
The mad people don’t know they are mad and they believe that the true mad ones are those who are sane. We don’t have alternatives to do-it-yourself democracy, to self-government, to the garrisoning of the territory, to the participation in every decision relating to the collectivity. The delirium of Parliament has to be dismantled from the bottom like a Lego construction. We have to claim back our towns and where this is not possible, put the mayors and the cabinet members under control. By filming them, interviewing them, denouncing their “omertà”.
In 2009 there’ll be local elections. It is one of the last chances to exit from the delirium and enter into modernity. In the next few weeks, I will publish a symbol that will be common to all the civic lists, a reference programme drawn from the thousands of ideas received for the primaries from the citizens and a date for a national meeting of the lists and the meet ups that will be held at the beginning of next year. Out of the delirium, into the reality.

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I'm just wondering if grillo's movement will be able to create a Brend New political generation
Italy really deserve an "OBAMA' .
even will be not the new Presedent but will shok the masses ... I wish my own coutry will rise and fight again agaings oddity and private interest... I'm living in us were (belive me ) the only things works is the DEMOCRACY with all balck and with points...but still a democracy italy?

Grillo's people rise , stand up and live experiencing your own country...

Posted by: stanislao Marrazzo | September 6, 2008 05:41 AM

UNO STRANIERO, you live in Italy? Perhaps you can tell them that it's not OK to kill rare sharks in the Adriatic. Ain't very civilized. Killing a shark is like killing an elephant, a tiger, a gorilla. The sixteen year old that killed that shark made the papers. The article described the fishing "mattanza" as some kind of epic adventure. I hope they won't laugh at you! The reason I'm saying this is because the Italians I've met weren't exactly animal lovers, on the contrary. I became the laughing stock of the factory when I told them not to disturb a blackbird nest with eggs in it. Sure enough, they destroyed nest and eggs.

Posted by: lou pacella | September 5, 2008 11:44 PM

that's the final purpose for all.
W R waiting for all of U.
outside the system.
learn to turn in the wrong way.

Posted by: Luther Blissett | September 5, 2008 11:21 PM

@ Edededed
Italy IS also my country as I lived there for my first 40 years and momentarily live in UK for personal reasons. I am disgusted by your intellect. Goodbye to you.

Posted by: Valeria De Berardinis | September 5, 2008 09:48 PM

This is my question to you all:
which are your problems? And see who you think is the best suitable party or politician to solve them.
Few months ago there was Naples with that huge problem, please don't tell me that Berlusconi did nothing!!! You'd lie. And he is still working on it. Then comes Alitalia, the timing was coincidental with the elections and Berlusconi just couldn't allow the French to take our airline, gosh a bit of dignity!!! And don't worry about the 'alitalia bad company' remaining to the state because Berlusconi will deal with it and he WON'T take money from the italian citizens: you must believe that. The public services are in a mess, Grillo spotted that out long time ago and now Brunetta is fixing it, isn't that GOOD?? I could carry on...
God I think YOU leave in anothere planet, I feel to be more informed then you about Italian situation...

Posted by: Valeria De Berardinis | September 5, 2008 09:19 AM

Hi all, I believe on this side we should try to leave a comment in english for our fellows English speaking friends. I am Italian and I obviously speak Italian.
Beppe, you are doing an excellent job, I loved the article, but, I do not believe that in 2009 it will be our last chance, even tough I love the idea of pushing, giving energy to the movment.
It will take a huge amount of energy to get out of this mess we are in; we're moving a Country from its foundation, but I have to say that the ultimate result is obvious: 'Freedom'! that's what people want, look for in life and there is not other ending but that!!!
I live in California since 2002 for work and here they are not in such an evolved society as you might think, not even close, many of the problems are the same if not worse!!!

A big thumb up from Hollywood!

Ti aspettiamo a Los Angeles!!!

Ci puoi considerare il tuo avanposto dal Far West!!

If we can help from here in some how to get our Country back and lead the way to the rest of the world in a new way of indipendence let me know!

Posted by: Christian Z. | September 5, 2008 05:57 AM

@gentile Valeria
capisco che le opinioni possano essere discordanti ma informandosi sulla stampa straniera difficilmente troverai un governo che approvi le mosse fatte dai politici italiani. L'Europa crede nel concetto di POPOLO perché è il popolo che deve avere vantaggi dall'unione e trova assolutamente inverosimile che la maggior parte degli italiani vengano soggiogati dalla politica mafiosa.(e non dirmi che sono frottole tutti quei condannati che ci governano)
Forse la tua condizione sociale ti evita di avere problemi alla fine del mese e quindi chi ha la pancia piena ha gli occhi chiusi... tipico degli italiani-mediocri. Se vai in germania, in olanda, svezia ecc. il popolo ha delle garanzie e lo stato li governa offrendo privilegi, a tutti. In Italy questo non accade perchè se io domani do il voto ad un operaio sindacalista sicuramente me lo trovo sullo yacht di silvio con gli occhialini di cartier e i vestiti di missoni...alla faccia mia che l'ho votato e che lavoro 10 ore al giorno per mantenere la famiglia e soprattutto che credevo nella sua onestà.
Grillo non fa una battaglia solo perchè Berlusconi è RICCHISSIMO e gli sta sulle balle, ma perchè ci vorrebbe poco ad essere un popolo felice, basterebbe che questa gentaglia e i suoi compari si accontentassero di quello che hanno una volta per tutte (e non ne hanno pochi) e cominciassero a fare qualcosa per il popolo anzichè creare conflitti di interessi personali. Ma si sà, la mente dell'uomo quando acquisisce potere entra in fase di delirio tremens, pensa solo a se stesso e se ne frega se in sicilia non c'è acqua, se licenzieranno 7000 persone, se il pane costa 4.5 euro al kg, se muori per 800 euro al mese, se le scuole non hanno fogli e carta igienica, se vieni fregato dalla banca Amica o dal governante-finanziere di turno.
Offrendo ragione agli attuali potenti stai assicurandoti un bel futuro, ma non pensare a chi rimane indietro è contro la legge del loro/tuo Dio che pregate nelle messe domenicali e rimettete i peccati con una bella confessione e un obolo per assicurarVi un posto in paradiso.
Se hai una televisione prova a spegnarla per qualche mese, leggi libri, vai su internet (non solo grillo), informati con la rete... magari sulle testate straniere...addirittura ti basta andare sul sito di Famiglia cristiana, pensa!, per avere delle ALTRE OPINIONI rispetto a quelle di Fede e Vespa e di tutti quei gioppini che danzano alla corte del re.

Posted by: nikov kalash | September 5, 2008 12:58 AM

Per fortuna che se scrivi in italiano all'estero non ti possono leggere... altrimenti ti subisserebbero di sberleffi....

Unica alternativa per l'Italia?

Il Berluscazzo???

Posted by: Dini G. B. | September 4, 2008 11:10 PM

Caro Grillo, mi chiedo perche' tu, Di Pietro e Travaglio avete questo atteggiamento distruttivo verso l'Italia. Se l'estero ascoltasse solo voi nessuno piu' verrebbe in Italia! Menomale che i fatti concreti che Berlusconi sta facendo cominciano a risuonare bene anche fuori dall'Italia. Prima o poi vi renderete conto che Berlusconi non e' poi tanto male ed e' l'unica alternativa che c'e' in Italia. Speriamo che D'Alema si svegli a ricreare un centro sinistra e in fretta. Di Pietro rappresenta il kamikaze della politica italiana, prima o poi esplodera', stai attento!

Posted by: Valeria De Berardinis | September 4, 2008 10:23 PM

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