The politics of whores

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Good day to you all,
This "Passaparola" is dedicated to Abdul, he was 19 years old, an Italian citizen, but he was born in Burkina Faso
He was with his family in Milan. He was showered him with punches to murder him shouting: “die dirty negro” a few uncouth Italians from the Po valley, two days ago, suspecting him of having stolen some biscuits in a bar.
I don’t think I’ve heard anyone calling for security: usually when there is a crime with the roles reversed, they talk about security, zero tolerance, exacting searches in certain environments.
Well, here we should do some searches among certain uncouth Italians from the Po valley of Arian race environments, of white skin, but evidently mayor Moratti is a lucky woman.
Just think if it had been the other way round, if it had happened that a black skinned citizen, even though Italian, rather than being the murder victim had been the killer.
By now we would have had the TV and the newspapers overflowing with humanity about this issue, instead of Abdul’s security who has had the security of being killed accompanied by the shouts of “dirty negro” and there are no shouts neither from the right nor from the left.
Close brackets. It is exactly about security that I wanted to talk because this has been another great week.
We have these Ministers who take it in turns so we have a week each with brilliant ideas.
We have this lady, signora Mara Carfagna who unimaginably is Minister of Equal Opportunity.
If you look at her, she has these fixed eyes full of amazement, like brackets, that denote the surprise with which she herself heard the news that she had become a Minister and it has stayed printed on her face.
She doesn’t even manage to get rid of this amazed expression: “But what ? Me a Minister?”. They’ve all got eyes popping out on stalks, even Angelino, even Bondi, Calderoli.


Instead of going to see the true problem, that is: does the law function? They promise us that the law will produce this effect: will it really produce this effect? No, this is too serious as a set up.
Usually the newspapers and the TV channels provide a debate with pros and cons: is it right to arrest the prostitutes and their clients?
Well then, VIPs, sub-VIPs those who frequent whore-houses, pimps, former pimps, pimps-in-training who put in their spoke by saying: “ah yes, I have tried it, the prostitute is useful.” : “ah yes, I have tried it, it was useful but it’s no good any more.” “No, it’s not right” “Yes It’s OK”
And no one goes to look, really, to see whether the law works or not.
A few years ago, already the debate was in full swing about the crime of being clandestine. There were those who said “let’s do it”, there were those who said “no”.
No one has the courage to do it because, exactly, it would mean arresting hundreds of thousands and so what did they do? The La Turco-Napolitano law and then the Bossi-Fini law, that were practically identical in that respect, they decided to punish not those who were in Italy without documents, but those, in Italy who did not show their documents when they were stopped by the Police.
The crime was failure to show identity document without a justified reason.
What happened? That the judges saw before them, thousands of immigrants who had not shown identity documents to the police officer or the Carabiniere who had stopped them.
Why? Because it was obligatory to arrest them. It was a crime with obligatory arrest.
It’s just that it was exactly like the crime of prostitution on the streets, a crime with impossible proof, thus with obligatory absolution.
The judge questioned them and said: “but you didn’t show your document”, the other one says “yes”, the judge: “why not?” Did you have a justified reason?”, “Yes”.
And what is the reason why you didn’t show your identity document?”
”I don’t have an identity document.”
Does it seem like a justified reason or not, for one who does not show this document, that fact of not having the document?
Sure it’s a justified reason! So, according to a school of thought in jurisprudence anything but impulsive, they were all absolved, until the Court of Cassation came along to get some order into an issue that didn’t relate to goodie-goodie judges who absolved immigrants, but politicians without brains who wrote laws with their feet and then marvel if they don’t work or if the judges don’t manage to apply them.
That’s why we continue to hear talk about security from the time we had short trousers and we don’t see a scrap of security
Because we cannot give security for reasons that we have explained on other occasions: we will be secure when Berlusconi and the caste of the unpunished are no longer secure.
And they in their turn, in order to be secure with their crimes unpunished, cannot allow justice to work to give us security.
So – OK – take it away with the adverts.
The only way of breaking this vicious circle that gives popularity to a government that doesn’t do one just thing, is that of spreading the word.
So spread the word!
See you next Monday!”

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Travaglio is once again pointing out the Italian custom of appointing brain-less people to government. That's Italy's trade mark: reward the obtuse, lackeys, kiss-ass and yes-men and marginalize competency. The list of incompetent politicians is too long to even contemplate. But,one appointment says it all: Mastella Minister of Justice in Prodi's government -in place of Di Pietro, who had the balls to take to justice dozens of corrupted political bosses. However, Italy does not have the exclusive rights of placing the brain-less in positions of power. Take American, Republican presidential hopeful John McCain and his appointment, as his running mate, Sarah Palin. She is a religious fundamentalist who believes that American soldiers in Iraq are doing God's work; who proclaims herself expert in foreign policy on the basis that from Alaska she can see Russia; who went around preaching abstainance from sex while her seventeen-year-old daughter is six months pregnant; who identifies with working moms but never mentions the conveniences and priviliges of being a working-mom-Governor-of-Alaska; who says she is on the side of women but denies them the choice of abortion; she says she is against government spending yet supported the construction of a bridge starting nowhere and ending nowhere; who says she is not a Washington insider while MacCain is the leader of the old-boys network in Washington; who supports regulating the banking system while her boss preached deregulation for the last twenty years and consequently contributed in a big way to the tanking of the American economy. What else can be said about Sarah Palin that can't be said about Mastella? Oh yes, she is a "hottie!"

Posted by: lou pacella | September 18, 2008 05:29 PM

Oooops, i was bold again....
Hope my finnish friends won't turn a deaf ear
Travaglio,Gomez,Lucarelli...thks for your GUTS!
Maria (Rosa Consuelo) spera
Via Cannolicchio 14
90046 Monreale

Posted by: Maria Consuelo Spera | September 16, 2008 04:16 PM

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