Carnevale in the Court of Cassation. Falcone and Borsellino in the cemetery

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”Good day to you all.
Today I am thanking some journalists because we still have one or two, thank goodness.
And that’s good because at least we don’t feel useless. The first journalist that I would like to thank is Milena Gabanelli.
Not just for last night’s splendid edition of Report, in which we saw the collapse, at the second or third question, of the great patriot Colaninno who was to have saved Alitalia.
Last night we learned that as yet there is nothing decided, that the price that they are offering to take the healthy part of Alitalia has still to be verified.
But above all we learned that the famous commitment by the sixteen patriots of the CAI consortium in reality is a lie.
When Gabanelli placed the CAI plan under the nose of Colaninno asking him where it is written that the sixteen are committed to not selling, Colaninno started to laugh, as though he was saying “you too know that it is there!”
However, not even he managed to find it.
We also learned that the official purpose of CAI up to this moment, is to deal in haberdashery, that to me doesn’t seem to be synonymous with aircraft.
But Gabanelli needs to be thanked, above all together with Giovanna Bursier who looked after the Alitalia report, for having discovered what even the parliamentary Opposition had not discovered.
You will say: “Well that’s not difficult… the Opposition hardly exists…”.
Just think that when Di Pietro voted “no” to the constitutionality of the Alitalia decree, the Democratic Party found nothing better than to abstain.
They even abstain for the Alitalia filthy law.
OK, in this decree, at the last minute, as usual, there has been inserted – with the favourable opinion of the government – according to the Chamber’s official transcript – an amendment that the newspapers have called save-Tanzi, save-Cragnotti, save-Geronzi.
The problem is that with all the shadow governments, all the big brains that there are in the Opposition, but also all the big brains that Tremonti has in his head and around himself, no one noticed that the government had given the green light to this amendment that means throwing in the sponge for all the trials for bankruptcy even if fraudulent.
In order to be criminally responsible, those who have led their companies up the creek or those that administered them, it is necessary that these companies are declared bankrupt.

... "

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What a wonderful (and unheard) words!!!


Posted by: G i o va nni V e s t r i | October 14, 2008 04:07 PM


dear people bloggers of all world....
you not believe that in ITALY are all idiot as he

he is the more great italian idiot ....
he is mafia's friend
he is berlusconi's friend
he is as "al cap_pone" ....""one chicken""!!

Posted by: Antonio Desani | October 16, 2008 02:24 PM

Posted by: Charles Young | October 14, 2008 08:42 AM

Answering part of your comment you posted and in reference to Alitalia, what the disinformation world of the media put in HIGH VISIBLE light is not what the WHOLE story of the National Carrier is all about

Alitalia, since the beginning (a time in which moving out of the ruins of the war was faced by a great number of excellent people) has been the Ambassador of one of the most sought after Industry in the whole world and, still today, that Industry is of strategic importance to the core of the Country Financial side

As any other public company, managed by the **Roman Elite** such Company was cut in pieces and became a party's cow to milk..

What I believe should have been done, is to declare the Company in **controlled administration** by State Budget Office..have the books seriously audited for the last 20 years while the Company keeps flying (public money was recently allocated to guarantee that)

That would have made the whole system Alitalia (well structured abroad, globally) to be known to the tax payers and an informed decision made

It was convenient to build up a MEDIA **puppet's theatre** and gift a whole tradition in a stratergic industry, to FRIEND'S FRIEND and RELATIVES...and it will be the same story with the **privatization** of the **CULTURE** which includes centuries of arts, museums, archeological sites, monuments of high attraction worldwide, China Market included...this is the point at which we are now..sad and scary for the kind of ***Government*** we don't deserve BUT have

I could go on for hours

Posted by: Edededed | October 14, 2008 11:30 PM

The devil in the details!
In this endless soap-opera called Alitalia, the actor (All Italian for haven sake?) have clearly demonstrated their incompetence, their inability and last their complete ignorance of common business practices.
The only reason they are still kicking it around is obviously by manipulating laws, finances and regulations, all together a typical Italian job well done.
Is it ever possible in one of the G7 countries, that no-one is putting 400 Mil. In his mouth and give this guy a good run for their money.
Italy where all the official agencies every year estimates Criminal Activities to have income in the 100 Billion or so (How do they know bids the heck out of me?) and no-one is willing to laundry ½ Billion for an airline?
Put the money where your mouth is, plenty of experts to draw up a business plan (Better than Pirelli, Benetton, Piaggio and a Bank?) and challenge the system, otherwise these Incompetent Idiots will always thumb their noses at you, not because you are not right but because you’ll talk a lot but no action.
All smoke but no meat, stop talking and writing and start acting and think outside the box, it will never change otherwise, the water is at chin level, either you swim or will drawn.
The future looks bright wear shades

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | October 14, 2008 04:33 PM

Good evening to everybody!

The so called “FREE” PRESS is in crisis.Italian “journalists”(ah,ah!!) such as Mr TRAVAGLIO are so partisan,and leaning to the LEFT as we know very well, or instead are so flawning to defend both sides regardless of how absurd the talking points are, that in the end they are completely IGNORED by ORDINARY PEOPLE on the other side.

ITALY needs journalists who have unquestionable ethics as well as objectivity on their arguments and speak the truth about both sides,but unfortunately this is not the case of this blog where news has been transformed into CABARET and no one is allowed to contraddict Mr TRAVAGLIO or Mr GRILLO or even Mr DI PIETRO’s thesis.

For instance look at this Travaglio’s remark:

Si chiama Corrado Carnevale.E' una vecchia conoscenza, soprattutto di Giovanni Falcone e Paolo Borsellino, che lo consideravano l'avversario numero uno.

Ok,but what about Mr LEOLUCA ORLANDO?

Even Mr LEOLUCA ORLANDO,currently Mr DI PIETRO’s right hand,is an old acquaintance of Mr FALCONE, isn’t it?


Si ricordano in quegli anni gli accesi scontri con GIOVANNI FALCONE,accusato da LEOLUCA ORLANDO di tenere nascoste nei cassetti le carte sugli omicidi eccellenti di mafia e le prove delle collusioni di politici con Cosa nostra.L'accusa culminò in un esposto presentato al CSM dallo stesso Orlando l'11/09/1991,che costrinse FALCONE a doversi difendere davanti all'organo supremo della magistratura italiana.

So what?

Why the hell did Mr TAVAGLIO and Mr GRILLO as well never mention this shameful event? Maybe is it because he casted his vote in favour of Orlando’s party (IDV) at last two general elections?

Mr ORLANDO has also been convicted for slander charges towards Mr Previti and a Sicilian town council a few years ago, but as far as I know his name has never been included by Mr GRILLO himself in the “black list” of the Members of Parliament convicted by the courts, as instead occurred with reference to Mr JANNUZZI (FI), Mr GIOVANNI MAURO ( FI),GIANCARLO LEHNER (FI) who had all been convicted for the same Mr Orlando’s (opinion) crime.

And what about GIUFFRIDA’s report which has distroyed once and for all every bullshit written by Mr TRAVAGLIO, in his millionaire bestseller called “L’ODORE DEI SOLDI”, according to whom the FININVEST company was born thanks to the (dirty) money laundering coming from MAFIA??

How many posts Mr GRILLO, Mr TRAVAGLIO or Mr DI PIETRO have sent about this issue over the past few weeks?


As Mr SCIASCIA used to say referring to Mr ORLANDO himself (but his words can be easily addressed to Mr Travaglio’s words as well...):

“Una parte dei paladini dell'ANTIMAFIA è in realtà composta da PROFITATTORI SENZA SCRUPOLI che utilizzano il proprio ruolo non per combattere la mafia, ma per fare carriera ed eliminare gli avversari, politici e non, e magari anche per fare affari. “

What a wonderful (and unheard) words!!!


Posted by: G i o va nni V e s t r i | October 14, 2008 04:07 PM

chi é che traduce in inglese?

Supreme court of cassation non esiste, casomai

sarà supreme court of appeal.

Beppe, se vuoi più credito fai tradurre meglio


Posted by: Alessio Porcu | October 14, 2008 12:17 PM

spero che molti sostengano queste mie parole:

perchè mai ci dovremmo vedere i filmati anche quelli più interessanti come Report ed AnnoZero, senza aver l'opportunità di downlodarceli ?

dobbiamo comprarci i masterizzatori dvd da mettere
sotto la televisione e poterci registrare i filmati, oppure possiamo registrarli su VHS, ma non capisco perchè vi ostiniate a presentarli su youtube o come fa youtube, bloccando la possibilità di effettuare il download, sinceramen
te non vedo l'importanza a trafugare od ad impssessarsi dei filmati della Rai, quando al limite si potrebbero tenere per noi stessi, per farne un cd di quelli che riteniamo più interessanti, spero che molti altri come me appoggino il discorso che ci diate la possibilità di downlodarci i filmati.

Posted by: paolo del bene | October 14, 2008 12:17 PM

There seems to be a pattern of furtively slipping measures (save-manager, exhume-Carnevale) into bills and hoping nobody will notice. Although Marco is right to praise journalists for identifying these time-bombs, it is notable how few newspapers pick up on the issues, at least until they have been disseminated by blogs.

As for the Alitalia issue, it has long been clear that the "captains courageous" have the sole function of pretending that the airline is Italian-controlled for a period, after which point they will sell out at a handsome profit to the foreign partner who has taken effective control from the start. They seem now to be conducting a bidding war between Lufthansa and Air France, whose function is to realise for the "captains" funds (technically a quasi-rent, in economist-speak) that ought to have accrued to the taxpayer.

Posted by: Charles Young | October 14, 2008 08:42 AM

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