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Text of the talk:

“Good day to you all.
Many people on Beppe’s blog and on my own blog, have asked me to talk about my conviction at the first level for defamation in relation to Cesare Previti.
I don’t intend to do that as I don’t intend to use this space for my own business.
I believe that to defend oneself in a trial you need to go to the trial and if you don’t agree with a verdict you should appeal against it. The verdict does not exist yet. It has not yet been deposited. That will happen in 60 days.
It’ll be possible to read it, and to understand what this judge found that was defamatory, in an article that is on my blog, so that anyone wanting to, can get an idea.


Let’s go on because the news items that you will never hear are mounting up. For example I don’t know whether Riotta feels called to account but there’s the Financial Times that reckons that in Italy, Berlusconi receives from the media, the TV channels and many newspapers, “ treatment ... nearing North Korean levels of adulation.”
Who knows whether the journalist, Guy Dinmore, who writes from Turin has ever seen TG1 to get this idea according to which Berlusconi is treated equally as well as the Dear Leader, Kim Il Sung as they call him in Korea.
Let’s see if he was referring to TG1 or not: “North Korean levels of adulation.”
I don’t think another really significant fact has ever been told, that news item from abroad that helps us to understand what is happening in Italy in relation to other countries and what are the standards of democracy here with us as opposed to normal democracies. Normally the foreign news is done by the guy with the curls from England, they talk about strange characters – some who are good people - but others who are very strange who think that as they are abroad that they have to add colour, superficiality and they have to be friendly.
They are always talking about some murky affair in the European royal houses, tittle tattle and gossip. Foreign news has become gossip.
For example: Mandelson, the king of aluminium and the super-yacht. New scandal for the former European Commissioner.
”The Labour politician, as soon as he has been called back to the government by the Prime Minister Brown, risks having to resign for the third time.” What will he have done this man who was Blair’s collaborator, Minister of Business? He’s done something so enormously bad, so much so that there are those who are betting ten to one on his early departure.
For four years he was Commissioner of the European Union for Trade and now an unedifying indiscretion hangs over him.
He spent the summer in Corfu in the Rothschild villa and so far nothing bad.
”But one great evening attached to the quay of the villa is Queen K, the super-yacht owned by the Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska, also known as “the king of aluminium”.
What did Gordon Brown’s intrepid Minister do? He went on board the yacht for a few hours. According to some, for a drink, according to others even for dinner and to spend the night. He accepted hospitality for one night on the yacht of a Russian oligarch. Now they are asking whether he should resign as a Minister.


Another item of news from abroad: Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin has lost ground, beyond what she lost for her ignorant remarks every time she opens her mouth, because it has been discovered that in Alaska, where she is the governor, there is an investigation by the American Congress, that relates to the sacking of the Chief of Police for the State of Alaska, Walter Monagan.


And obviously I hope that you will take action to ensure that this news gets circulated because unfortunately TG1 has not given this news.
Spread the word.

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British PM, Gordon Brown, drafted a seven page memo on "a new financial architecture for the global age." It got thumbs up from all the major European leaders. The memo will be used as a reference point when G8 nations meet in New York next month. Among the financial rules contained in the memo there is a pledge to (surprise, surprise) "stamp out major conflicts of interest." Yup, that's what it pledges! And now what for smiling Silvio? Some one should remind the partners of the G8 that Silvio is in a "major conflict of interest" and they should be warned about Silvio's habit of deleting or modify rules he finds distasteful. Let's hope Sarkozy, Brown, Merckel and company will not be "bamboozled and hoodwinked" (as Obama might say) into making exceptions for Silvio's mega conflict of interest. Otherwise, what kind of new financial order is going to be?

While the leaders of the rich countries bailed out banks and investors, poor countries got ignored. Always ignored: ignored as colonials and ignored as poor nations. Meanwhile, millions of people in Third World Countries are literally starving as a result of this economic meltdown caused by the rich countries. Things don't bode well for poor people in general, but especially so for people in Third World Countries.

Italy and East European nations told the other members of the EU to temper their expectations on the comprehensive reduction of CO2. Schifani's line is that "it's the economy stupid" not the enviroment. Brunetta said that it's "mad" to spend all that money on the enviroment. Brunetta goes so far as saying that the measures will endanger the future of all Italian children. He should be so worry! Renato's government is wasting money and people in Afghanistan. Would Renato define that also as madness? Essentially, Brunetta and Schifani are saying to "laisze-faire" owners of industry and business. They know what they're doing. So let them laisze faire. After all no one is choking on the streets? We don't see hospitals full of cancer patients contracted in their workplaces or living nearby toxic dumps? We can still see the sun rise and set? The sea is blue. Rivers, lakes and streams are still flowing. What? getting warmer? Bees and polar bears dying So? It's still the economy stupid! In any event, taxpayers will bail us out should there be any problems with the enviroment.

Posted by: lou pacella | October 21, 2008 06:45 PM

The devil in the details!
For as much hope Italians had once again put in Mr. B., well even if you put lip-stick on a pig it remains a pig.
Once the honeymoon was over Mr. B. went to really work, first the Georgia’s crisis, where he called his good buddy Mr. Putin only to receive a straight forward “Go to pack sand” and actually having to cough up some more money for gas and business venture with Gazprom.
Not yet satisfied Mr. B. worked on Alitalia, the only way he knows making deals with his buddies, spreading taxpayers money left and right, only to have at the end a worthless airline run by incompetents and pretty much non-competitive on the market.
The latest blunder is with the EU in regard the CO2 reduction.
It’s pretty simple, Italy has no money, although this is a well known fact but Mr. B. rather than simply work with the EU and compromise, has to do business the only way he knows how, fudging the number and proudly stand by his fuck-ups.
Mr. B. in the first 6 mounts in office have come at a very steep cost (5 Bil. Libya, 4 Bil. Alitalia, 2.5 Bil. Naples, plus schools and Banks to be quantified?) although this is not the worst part, the worst part is the reputation that he has overseas, like at the Columbus Day with Mr. W.
The worst US president since Nixon and he verbatim says “You are a great president” the president with the lower approval rating ever, I really felt badly for Italians around the world.
Mr. B. doesn’t have a problem, Italians do, Mr. B. has a disease and is called The Napoleon Syndrome.
For the rest of you the future looks bright wear shades and unless some sovereign fund buys the whole Italy 4 more year of this buffoon are in the cards.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | October 21, 2008 05:23 PM

"In occasione dello Smau di Milano il sottosegretario al Turismo Maria Vittoria Brambilla ha annunciato che il portale verrà rilanciato. Destinato alla promozione del nostro paese, il sito era stato chiuso alla fine di gennaio dopo una (breve, di circa un anno) vita piuttosto travagliata (tra critiche ad aggiornamento e correttezza dei contenuti, sicurezza e realizzazione tecnica) e stanziamenti per circa 45 milioni di euro. Come detto ora se ne parla di nuovo, con il dipartimento guidato da Brambilla che si occuperà di farlo ripartire, con l'obiettivo di migliorarlo. Il progetto prevede tra l'altro che il sito diventi anche uno spazio di e-commerce con la possibilità di prenotare biglietti per spettacoli, camere d'albergo e così via, sfruttando una logica da 'marketplace'.

Tra qualche giorno dovremmo sapere qualcosa di più"

Poveri noi ... e' chiaro! Ciascuno tenta di lasciare il segno durante il suo sottosegretariato. Ma sta cazzata di rifare (inutile al 100%) proprio no. Piuttosto, che la Brambilla usi i 45ml di euro di parrucchiere per rifarsi il colore ...

E intanto 50ml buttati di qua, 50ml di la, una alitalia di sotto, un comune salvato di sopra ...

Posted by: Cocco Bill | October 21, 2008 04:41 PM

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