Political Press Release number sixteen

Gengis Khan

Nothing will budge this people. Only hunger, perhaps, could. To be governed by delinquents and incapable people has for some time not disturbed their consciences.
Italians are sleeping beauties. The country is governed by P2-ists. They have been like that full-time since the 1970s. Gelli has retired but Berlusconi and Cicchitto have never handed in their resignation. Italy is also managed by former communists, now PDminusL, who when they were alive never worked for and have never been even communists. D’Alema, Veltroni, Fassino and the 7-legislature-consort Serafini. Always in the wrong but never in Opposition, always maintained by the tax payers. Good for nothing and capable of everything.
This “robbery-style social-capitalism” has provided food for the Camorra, the Ndrangheta, the Sacra Corona Unita. It has allowed organized crime and the politics of kick-backs to manage local communities like rubbish tips.
Now the banks’ alarm siren is sounding. They have to be protected. Certainly, if the banking system collapses, and people discover they have no savings, without being able to do the shopping, this band who have been occupying the institutions will have to get worried. And very much so. A piazzale Loreto won’t be enough to hold it. When it was necessary to protect the citizens from the Tango bond, from Parmalat, from Cirio, from variable mortgages that put the noose round the neck of the families, from derivatives, from futures, from investment funds with the worms inside, then NO ONE intervened. Ask yourselves why. The response is simple: banks and politics are the same thing. The same body. “Uno e bino”. Corrupted and corrupter who exchange roles, but always within the realm of legality. The law protects illegality, in case it doesn’t protect it enough, it is reinforced by decriminalizing “false accounting” Write Geronzi and read psycho-dwarf, dictate Passera and compare with Prodi, exclaim Profumo and the foundations appear. The Investment trusts, the long hand of the parties, they are shareholders of the banks. They choose the CEOs, approve the accounts, the investments.
Italians sleep, sleeping beauties, cradled by the media controlled by the media and the banks, who numb their senses. It is a people of rabbits hypnotized by a serpent. It can wake up in time or end up devoured. I don’t know.
However, I can’t stay and watch. The scoundrel leading the PDminusL even more Topo Scemo than Topo Gigio, is asking what has happened to Beppe Grillo. I am here, still here, day after day. Blacked out by all the media, even the gossip magazines, on the orders of Veltrusconi. First they cancel you from the information media, then they even pull your leg.
At the forthcoming local elections in 2009 there will be civic lists of the blog, I will make the symbol known in October. In January I will hold a national meeting of the lists and of the MeetUps. They will never give up, neither will we.
PS: The rabbit is cross-eyed. I repeat: The rabbit is cross-eyed.

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we have nothing left to lose. We can only start a revolution

Posted by: Nicola De Michelis | October 17, 2008 04:46 PM

We have nothing left to lose! we can only start a revolution!

Posted by: Nicola De Michelis | October 17, 2008 04:44 PM

Good article. I suspect that many Italians who have not had the means or opportunity to spend time in other countries do not know that things can be different. Criminality in government exists in many countries but there is more of it in Italy; venality exists in most governments, but it is more pronounced in Italy; bureaucracy and waste exists in most countries but it is much more pronounced in Italy; in many countries one does not have a clear idea of how and where tax money is spent, but in Italy this matter is much more obscure; there is politicization of public institutions such as universities and research centres in other countries, but it is much more profound (and counter-productive) in Italy; the much flaunted myth of democracy in Italy is belied by much of the above and by the fact that local councils refuse to accept that their meetings be recorded on-line. As Beppe Grillo has pointed out, they are our employees, how dare they try to block our knowledge of their actions (or inaction).

Posted by: John Danziger | October 8, 2008 11:30 AM

Here is the answer:

The Century of the Self

How politicians and business learned to create and manipulate mass-consumer society.


Please visit this documentary and it will answer all our questions why the masses of people are "comfortably numb."

Posted by: VINCENT LAGANA | October 6, 2008 10:59 AM

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