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Student protest - piazza Cadorna -Milan

The name of Piero Calamandrei, perhaps will not mean much to the students who are protesting against the seventy year old decrepit people who have stolen their “here and now” from them and are wanting to take the hope of a future as well.
His name, perhaps, will not have meaning for the young lads and lasses who are seeing the top brass in the institutions, in the world of the economy, of journalism in their country who are people with previous convictions, servants and lackeys.
Calamandrei perhaps means nothing to our youth who see the Constitution betrayed by Parliament, thousands of those who have died at work each year, millions of precarious workers and their father, or perhaps their mother, sacked.
Calamandrei was a professor during fascism, one of the few who had never asked for the party ticket. He founded the Action Party and he was a member of the Constitutional Court. The same Court that today is a unit of exchange between the psycho dwarf and Topo Gigio. In 1950 he delivered a speech about school, words that seem to have been said today about the School of the P2.

Calamandrei’s hypothesis
”Let’s put forward the hypothesis, just as in the abstract, that there is a party in power, a dominant party, which, however, formally wants to respect the Constitution, and doesn’t want to violate it, in fact. It doesn’t want to do the March on Rome and transform the Chamber into lodgings for groups of men; but wants to set up, without appearing to, a veiled dictatorship. So, what’s to be done to take over the schools and to transform the State schools into Party schools? It notices that the State schools have the defect of being impartial. There is a certain resistance; in those schools there always has been, even underneath fascism it has been there. So the dominant party follows another path (it is all a theoretical hypothesis, let’s be clear). It starts to not take care of the State schools, to discredit them, to make them poor. It lets them lose blood and it starts to favour the private schools. The schools of the party, of its party. So all the care starts to go to these private schools. Care in terms of money and privileges. They even start to advise the youngsters to go to these schools, because they say, basically they are better than the State ones. And perhaps they give rewards, as now I will tell you, or they propose giving rewards to those citizens who are disposed to send their offspring to the private schools rather than the State schools. To “those” private schools. The exams are easier, there’s less to study and the success is better. So the private school becomes a privileged school.
The dominant party, not being able to openly transform the State schools into private schools, lets the State schools go to rack and ruin to give the advantage to the private schools. Take care, friends, in this conference, this is the point that needs to be discussed. Take care, this is the recipe. We need to keep an eye on the cooks of this base kitchen. The operation is done in three ways: as I have already told you: ruin the State schools. Let them collapse. Make their balance sheets impoverished. Ignore their needs. Relax the supervision and the controls on the private schools. Don’t check up on how serious they are. Allow them to have teachers without the minimum requirements for teaching. Allow the exams to be ridiculous. Give public money to the private schools. This is the point. Give public money to the private schools.” Piero Calamandrei
Speech delivered by Piero Calamandrei to the Third Conference of the Association in Defence of the National School, in Rome 11 February 1950.

They will never give up, neither will we.

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The devil in the details!
In the Land of eternal Conflicts Of Interest (Ex. ABI, API, Attorneys, Engineers, Journalists, Notaries etc?)
All sanctioned and revered by any government, maybe is time students and faculty members create their own Association.
Although I am afraid government revere the power and the financial status of the above listed Associations.
I still remain baffled that any Government, either Left or Right sanctions with recognition what is blatantly a Cartel.
A group of Companies in the same field of commerce is called a Cartel (By the way ENI yours truly Oil company just received 30 mil. fine for colluding in a paraffin cartel?).
On the other hand is not surprising at all, in the Land where Polling companies are handsomely paid by the polled and you swallow hook-sink-and line rest assure your chances are two.
Slim and none.
The future looks bright wear shades.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | October 23, 2008 06:55 PM

No matter what you do, money and power have always been in the same families for centuries and millennia. In times of unrest and wars they go underground, because they are sponsoring the war themselves. They bought out Europe and enslaved populations with taxes on water, energy, gas, next the air you breathe a.k.a. carbon tax.
Anyone who tries to go against them is killed and removed before he has enough visibility.
See this website www (dot) theforbiddenknowledge (dot) com when you have a chance.
Relax on the sofa and take a deep breath, you are never going to fix it.

Posted by: Stef P | October 23, 2008 06:08 PM

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."
Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Rolly Wheeler | October 23, 2008 01:42 AM

I have a university contract and it was cut not by 10% but by 50%. I felt sick when I signed the contract!I have been teaching for 27 years how bloody depressing!

Posted by: grace | October 23, 2008 01:00 AM

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