Democracy or not

All animals are equal but some are more equal than others

Italy is not a democracy. Itís a telecracy, an oligarchy, a mafiocracy. All of these together, but not a democracy. The citizens cannot elect their representatives. So it is not an elected democracy. The citizens cannot participate in public decision making. So it is not a participatory democracy. The citizens have no right to be informed. So they cannot make decisions. But if citizens cannot elect or participate or be informed, what is left?
Itís extraordinary how the Italians, most of them, donít realize and remove the reality of living in a dictatorship. When I think about it I get uncomfortable. Only for five minutes, which are however, long minutes. Then my body temperature goes up and I start bashing away at the keyboard like a machine gun. Any scrap of information is like a democratic bullet. Another hole in the colander of the system. They cannot silence all the voices on the Internet.
I have received two letters about the existence of democracy, one from Federico in Amsterdam and one from the Villafranca Meetup.
In Italy, water has been privatised by the psycho dwarf (did you know that?), however in the Netherlands, water policy is determined by the people of the Netherlands. The town of Vigasio in the Veneto region is pouring cement over 4.5 million square metres, but they donít want the citizens to get in the way. The Local Authority is ďCasa LoroĒ {their house} but the salaries they receive is our money.
They will never give up, (but would it be worth their while?) neither will we.

"Dear Beppe,
I am Federico Bonelli from Amsterdam. I have received a letter in which I have been asked to vote for representatives on the water management council. The council is public and elected. In the letter, thereís the form and a pre-paid envelope, and it gives an internet site for information about lists of candidates and their policies.
I went to the website and entered my postcode and then I saw a number of questions to which you can reply freely. You can say anything from "totally agree" to "completely disagree". The questions are significant and I get help from Babelfish (yes, the Dutch language is not easy!), from Wikipedia and occasionally I ask my wife, who is Dutch. The program creates a graph with two axes: spending and environment. My vote is represented as a pencil and the opinions of all parties are represented by their symbols. If my vote is in the same place as a symbol, then you see the name of the person to vote for with the responses they gave to the questionnaire and the reasons they have given for their answers. Who has paid for this service? The citizens through their taxes! Because it was created by the water organisation. Instead of public money going to the party to produce a flood of letters or commercials on TV, here they use my money to publicise the views of candidates and to compare them with mine.
Relevant questions, not rubbish. "Is it OK to ban people from watering their gardens?" "Should farmers pay for cleaning up the water?" "Is it OK to expropriate land to increase the green areas?"
The questionnaire has obliged me to find out about the issues and I now know a little more about water. But there are many other considerations to note: democracy in relation to environmental choices that relate to you, linked to the territory and essential resources, use of government money not to finance the populist campaign of the party, but to make known to the citizen, the views of the party; Internet and statistical tools to inform the citizens. I think of Italy and I want to cry. To console myself, I drink a glass of tap water. It's very good. I remember Rome's water when I was a child ... before it was normal that it had a horrible taste to make us buy bottle after bottle of mineral water. Greetings." Federico

"Dear Beppe,
We are the members of the Meetup group of Villafranca (Verona). On November 18 we attended the Vigasio council meeting where they are debating a huge project called Motorcity.


We have already repeatedly denounced the fact on our blog and on our Meetup. Thanks again." Friends of Beppe Grillo, Villafranca di Verona

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Dear Beppe,

Interesting to see Italian view on the Dutch system. Unfortunately also the Netherlands is no paradise. It is a voted-dictatorship with one of the lowest democratic levels in Europe. But the people are still happy because they have a job and the government takes care of them. They basically stop to think. Our waterelections came from a historical view on fighting against water. Nowadays these "Waterschappen" are still "democratic" organizations for which you can vote indeed. But the problem is, they do not do anything. They meet up 1x per year in a nice historical castle and earn about E 8000,- per month of our tax money. In the past they were useful, now unfortunately just another layer of government. In the Netherlands we have several layers, National, Provincial, Local and in the cities on Borough level. But you can not vote for a major, province, government or prime minster. You can only vote for a political party and then they will decide who will take which chair. It is the powers that be and they run our media too. Just like Italy. My partner is Italian so I have been able to compare both nations for many years now. My conclusion is this: Italy indeed has more criminals in government, but the Dutch parliament also has, plus a few extreme left wing terrorists. Italy is sometimes more fair than the Netherlands because the system is equal: you pay & you get. In the Netherlands it is only friend who get a license, and the rest will always be rejected a license (no matter what kind of license it is, shop, hotel, restaurant, building you name it) The result is a country run by a few political parties who give a few big companies everything (Amsterdam has only NH Hotels, Albert Heyn Supermarkets, Shell gas stations, Mc Donald take away etc) The gounvernment people are only corrupted when it comes to immigrants because they are scared of them. So in amsterdam you get refused a license, but your Pakistani neighbor can do whatever he likes (without a license, so the government official can be corrupted and pretend he did not see or know about it) and you get a fine or closed down for something completely not relevant (so the government official can show to his boss he really does something, but basically he goes for the easy victim)
So small people get fucked
Immigrants get left alone and usually sponsored as well via taxes and social benefits without being checked
and big companies get a their license printed out without any problems.
And the court house will always take the side of the government, so you will never win if rules are used not correctly. Even if you win, it is a fake winning because the government will not be told to change it but only to make a "new decision" which will be 100% the same as the previous one. This way some people won in court for 20 years and are basically bankrupt.

Italy is no paradise, but don't forget other nations are not either, especially the Netherlands.
BTW: they just passed a new law that the government can come inside your home without anything you can do about it, simply to "check" how you live, with whom, and whatsoever (so not for criminals, for everyone!!) and in Amsterdam they go door to door checking on you. If you don't open they force themselves into your home..

George Orwell was unfortunately right!

Posted by: Niels van den Berg | January 23, 2010 02:59 PM

Berlusconi's candidate Gianni Chiodi has been trying to buy the electors' votes in Abruzzo making false job promises; here is the video:


Avete visto il video di Gianni Chiodi del Pdl che cerca di comprare il voto degli abruzzesi con false promesse di lavoro?Ributtante!

Lo potete vedere su abruzzo24oretv o su

Posted by: alberto arnoldi | November 24, 2008 01:30 PM

Machiavelli would be proud of them!

Posted by: Rolly Wheeler | November 24, 2008 01:59 AM

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