G8: self-absolution of politicians

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”Good day to you all.
We are not in a bunker that killers have riddled with holes, we’re simply in the studio that you have always seen, that is in the process of being remodernised. Today I would like to talk about two verdicts, but in reality to not talk about them, because one deserves silence as it tackles a question of life and death, that is, it enters directly into a private home, to a bed where there is a person, Eluana, who has been in a vegetative state for many many years, where a judge has established that with her informed consent, in the past, and her father’s consent today, to save her from life-prolonging treatment. I have no position in relation to this story and neither do I envy anyone who is taking a stand in relation to this because I believe that anyone who is speaking out about this is doing so out of turn.


The other verdict that it is right to talk about, even out loud (when it is issued however) is the verdict on the G8 in Genoa. Or rather, the one that was delivered the other day by the Tribunal of Genoa that related to tens of men of the security forces on trial for savage violence, taking place in the Diaz school, to the detriment of unarmed citizens who, anyway, were sleeping.


But in a normal parliament. In a serous parliament. In a parliament like the American one where the harshest Commissions of Enquiry on the activity of the administration are normally presided over by the companions of the president’s party, of the president and by the head of the administration. We have a parliament in which they don’t want the truth. They want to fabricate convenient and party-oriented or faction-oriented truth. They want to use the parliamentary commissions to cover their backs, to blackmail each other and to get to the end with a tidy result, where the truth counts for nothing. In the last twenty years or so the parliamentary commissions have usually but not always been used to entwine relations between the majority and the minority. Each party has its “truth” and thus they blackmail each other. For heaven’s sake, let’s not do the same thing for the events in Genoa! We have at least 13 people convicted, we have at least a verdict that is arriving and that could reconstruct the facts, let’s leave it all like that! The commissions in recent years have been used to cancel even that tiny bit that the magistrates managed to discover. Instead of opening up the spectre of the judicial truth that is really narrow to the political truth that is very broad, the parliamentary commissions give themselves the task of even cancelling out the truth coming from the trials, that little bit that the judges have discovered. In the trial of Andreotti, the verdict established that Andreotti was a mafia person up until 1980, the crime was committed but “prescritto” {timed out by the Statute of Limitations}. The Commission of Enquiry on the Mafia, instead of opening up the fan, by going to see even there where there was no actual crime but serious political responsibility, it closed down even that tiny opening that the magistracy had created. The Forza Italia president of the commission has written in black on white that the verdict revealed Caselli’s hypothesis for the prosecution to be false. That is, he used correction fluid on even that little bit that the magistracy managed to prove beyond any reasonable doubt. Let us hope that they don’t want to repeat the same experience with the G8 because, if right now, those 13 convictions seem so few, when a parliamentary commission has gone over them, we will hardly remember them. Spread the word.”

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Right on Carl! But I was thinking of Obama's America, not the Bush-Cheney-Berlusconi's America.

Posted by: lou pacella | November 21, 2008 03:30 AM

"Imagine, in America, the mere appearance of a conflict of interest makes everybody wary!"

Surely this is some joke. Half the present administration are directors of military businesses and directly profiting from their own wars. Dick Cheney had to continually excuse himself from meetings at the Pentagon because he still had shares in contractors in Iraq. The only difference is in italy you don't need to bother to hide this stuff, because there is so little freedom to question it.

Una Straniero - if you dislike Italians so much, leave.

This article though, 'she obama's me' - maybe it's just a crappy translation, but it means nothing.

Posted by: Carl Bugenhagen | November 19, 2008 03:23 PM

L'ultima cazz... di Berlusca...! :-)

é stato bloccato all'ingresso...


Posted by: Mylan Antonio | November 19, 2008 03:45 AM

sorry forgot the link to the program that i saw


Posted by: Benjamin Arertiv | November 18, 2008 10:45 PM

Hey, I saw you on Swedish television and think it's really good with what you put conveys with it and good luck with it!

Posted by: Benjamin Arertiv | November 18, 2008 10:42 PM

While Berlusconi goes merrily along collecting easy laughter at the expense of people's skin color, he continues to be Prime Minister, owning and controlling most of Italy's news media.

Italians should take notice how seriously Americans take the mere possiblity of a conflict of interest. They take so seriously that it may jeorpadize Hillary Clinton's nomination to Secretary of State.

This morning the New York Times, reports that Bill Clinton's activities may place his wife's nomination to Secretary of State in a conflict of interest.

There is a doubt whether Bill can continue to give paid-speeches; act as consultant; involve himself in philantropy; raise moeney for his presidential library and foundation, while Hillary is Secretary of State.

The fact that Bill Clinton's foundation raises money for Third World Countries involving foreign governments could very well be enough to question Obama and Hillary's ethical values.

Imagine, in America, the mere appearance of a conflict of interest makes everybody wary!

A few weeks ago Silvio mentioned the need for a return to ethical conduct in business and politics.

Is he kidding Italians again? Or is it that Italians just don't get his bullshit?

Posted by: lou pacella | November 18, 2008 09:08 PM

al jazeera pubblica oggi una notizia che ci riguarda da vicino. i pirati che hanno sequastrato la petroliera in Somalia chiedono un riscatto per compensare il paese per la distruzione delle coste somale causata dalle discariche in mare di rifiuti tossici.In gran parte è opera della mafia italiana.
ecco il link.

Posted by: marcello scano | November 18, 2008 07:20 PM

GOD!! Europe is screaming! America is falling!! No one wants to be puppet of the collapsing snake BEL! No one wants to join israel! NO ONE WANTS the muslims to rule?? Can you hear me... they want me to be the beast... they are writing it everywhere! They - the jews - destroyed me and berlusconi first. Soon I'll be without work and money... don't want them to win. They only think they can win... before the fake revolution of the left and right togheter, then more the winner Bel-lusconi over the Europe like a king... with killing of the euro people!! GOD LISTEN TO ME!! I PRAY TO YOU!! They want me like the fake prophet! It's like the wall... I hate Grillo and the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I hate Berlusconi.... he with babylon the jews... the muslims... and Turkey more.... they want to destroy America... When I spoke about the nukes on the USA I was just angry and mad... and tired... and dead... believe me I believe in EUROPE and USA togheter.... with Russia and China...

Please... say a word... Micheal were are you... won't you protect me??

GOD... don't mind if they call you satan... if they call you devil... YOU ARE THE ONE

Posted by: zero 999 | November 18, 2008 06:27 PM

saviano.... sei un buffone....

non sto scherzando...

della vita non hai capito na minkia!

e comunque il vero nemico non è quello che combatti tu... quelli sono uomini davvero.

Il vero nemico si chiama israele-mussulmani alleanza per l'11 settembre... Bel-lusconi serpente di israele e cagnetta della P2... e una parte avariata della fratellanza cinese che ha invaso totalmente tutto ciò che restava di Gerusalemme (europe).... non parliamo poi dei turchi (anche loro sorelle di babilonia israele)... o di tutti i tentativi malcelati di fare credere che sia Bel-lusconi un dio...

Americani volete svegliarvi??

E comunque pare davvero non sia ancora arrivato l'inverno... altro che "primavera in anticipo"... ah... cinese... per chi è la "R00M 4U T0U"?? E' proprio il caso di dirlo forte... "no more room to breathe"....

e quanto ai cavalieri di FDF.com vorrei sapere perchè sperate tanto nella fratellanza egiziano-mussulmana e non i DIO... l'occhio che tutto vede...

Mah... io non ne posso davvero più.

Posted by: zero 999 | November 18, 2008 02:19 PM

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