Political bulletin number seventeen


The Winter Campaign is about to commence. On 25 November I met with Carnevale in the Court of Cassation. I was informed that the number of signatures we managed to collect was insufficient. However, there was one thing that I understood only too clearly. What we should have done was collect at least twice or three times the number of valid signatures required in order to be assured of obtaining the desired result. Just as happened with the “Clean Parliament” popular law. Next time around, there will be only one referendum, namely for the abolition of the Gasparri Law and the television autocracy. The signatures in support of the popular law for a Clean Parliament have finally been handed to the Senate Commission. Every Senator serving on the Commission will be called to account by this blog. One by one. Right through to the very last one (of them). 350,000 citizens have the right to see their law discussed within the Senate. 18 finally sentenced individuals are living the high life in Parliament. Millions of honest Italians are in the process of losing their jobs, perhaps precisely because they are honest people. On Tuesday 2 December I will be posting the symbol for the 5-star Civic Lists, which I registered for the 2009 local elections. The objective is to ensure that we have honest, capable councillors serving on the Municipal Councils. Councillors who are willing and able to check out the situation and report back to the citizens. The Town Councils are our Bastille. The breathing on their necks must also come from within. It must change from breathing on their necks to breathing down their necks. The social network reflected on the civic lists is almost in place, about another ten days of patience are needed... With effect from next week I will be launching the Municipal Primaries. I will be proposing a number of discussion points regarding energy, mobility, education, healthcare, social policies, the environment, construction, connectivity and water. Your comments will form the basis for the Municipal Programmes. A reference document for the Civic Lists. A meeting between the individuals whose names appear on the Civic Lists and the members of the MeetUps has been scheduled to take place in Florence on 31 January, barring any changes. "La porti una lista a Firenze, the city that is always in my heart...".

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They will never give up (is it in their interests?), but neither will we.

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Excellent, Beppo, this strikes me as superb tactics; top-down push towards Clean Parliament/Senate & bottom-up push at the level of Municipal Councils. I wish you and your compatriots more success than you dreamt of. Regards from Victor in Germania (which shall not invade, after all ....)

Posted by: Victor Kommerell | November 29, 2008 08:16 PM

Grillo,you have to give a clearer explanation of what happened to referendum signatures: what you wrote in this post is not enough.

If you made a huge mistake, you should admit it.

If you didn't, you should have signatures checked to verify their correctness.
You owe that to the italian citizens.

Posted by: alberto arnoldi | November 29, 2008 08:12 PM

I agree with roberto that most of my known are also trying to migrate to rural countryside to tackle this crisis situation.

Posted by: Sachin Kumar | November 29, 2008 07:11 PM

For those who can understand English, a British website called HAGLEY ROAD TO LADYWOOD is focusing on the Italian situation and the dodgy mixture of populism, authoritarianism that is creeping in Berlusconi's Italy.

Not to mention the escalating problems with racism.

Have a look. The headline is "Watch it, Italy",
which means more or less "Attenzione, Italia".

A quote: "Yet, what's most disturbing is the Italian's sense of resignation, as well as Berlusconi's enduring popularity in the polls. The temptation is to say that, after all, Italy is the place where fascism was invented. But it wouldn't be fair on all the Italian trade unionists, socialists and liberals who lost their lives fighting for their freedom".

Here is the LINK:

Posted by: Stan Moss | November 29, 2008 11:49 AM

hello mr grillo
do not worry for the people loosing job. because of high cost of life and the difficulty of leaving in the major city (safety will be main issue) most of the unemployed will became mercenaries or migrate to country side, back to rural society.
a real dichotomy of life stile ideology and political inclination
we will go back to extremes in real life, comune vers dictatorship, equality vers regime, life vers death

Posted by: roberto protei | November 29, 2008 11:05 AM

Interesting, the political communiquee is first published in english? Or is it a visualization problem I have on the Italian side of the blog? :o)

Posted by: luigi Pacetti | November 28, 2008 06:13 PM

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