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Do you hear that sound of hooves? They come from Piedmont, from the Veneto and from Lombardy. Two million, or perhaps three million people will lose their jobs within a year (they are already in the process of losing them). They will lose their jobs in the North, obviously, because that’s where the jobs are, while in the South they cannot lose what they don’t have. Those that go from being employed to being unemployed from one day to the next occupy the stations, hold meetings and take to the streets. However, their protests remain in a vacuum. The media prefer not to mention the problem, after all, they are ashamed to show fathers out on the street. They use gentle terms, such as “technical recession” or “reduction in GDP” to soften the blow.
Politicians and journalists (and here I’m talking about those that are mere servants to the majority) are two job categories that are immune to the crisis. Why then should they concern themselves with it? It is a problem that always only affects other people. The only consolation for the newly unemployed is that they will no longer die on the job, they will only die of starvation. An epidemic has exploded in Lombardy, where the banks are holding on to their money and no longer grant any unsecured loans, foreign companies are leaving and the Italian ones are losing market share. This may well be a war bulletin, but it is simply the tip of the iceberg. Read on, you won’t believe it!

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BASIGLIO - MILAN: Astrazeneca, a pharmaceutical multinational, announces cuts involving 315 employees.
ASSAGO - MILAN: 55 employees already sitting at home (236 throughout Italy), employees of IT sector company Engineering.
ALBINO - BERGAMO: the Honegger cotton mill announces 240 retrenchments
BRESCIA PROVINCE: 180 employees of “Franzoni filati” in ESINE, 132 of “Feltri” in MARONE, 260 of “Niggeler & Kupfer” in CETO, 36 of “Henriette” in CASTENEDOLO, for a total of 606 workers in the Brescia area whose layoffs have just been announced.
SAN GIULIANO MILANESE - MILAN. The San Carlo company dismisses 19 workers.
SUZZARA - MANTOVA: Temporary contracts not renewed for 160 employees at IVECO.
MILAN: the Gabetti Company has announced the dismissal of 110 permanent employees (500 throughout Italy).
CERIANO LAGHETTO - COMO: 230 employees of Rhodia on the dole.
JERAGO - VARESE: 90 employees of Meccanica Finnord on unemployment benefits.

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Turin: Motorola Electronics. 100% facility close down in January 2009. People going to be fired approximately 370.

Posted by: Andrea Girardi | November 18, 2008 03:48 PM

In Japan – “For a thousand years, it was the policy of emperors and shoguns to keep the people ignorant, and to keep taxes high enough so families had to struggle to survive, because this kept them fully occupied and harmless.”
The Power Elite Playbook, Japan, Land of Western Industrialization - By Deanna Spingola, 15 November 2008

Posted by: Marco Saba | November 16, 2008 02:48 PM

The present decision makers of the world met in Washington and agreed to agree and meet next Spring by which time half the world will be out of work. Mr Obama promised major economic reforms including severe controls on offshore tax havens and offshore banking which, according to him cost $100billion dollars in lost tax revenue.
Europe is covered with tax havens like Andorra, Liechtenstein, Jersey, Isle of Man, Monaco as well as Switzerland and Luxemburg and some say Ireland and Great Britain. These are all supported by the Governments and their powerful friends in the banking sector to protect their wealth. Until the is an even playing field and everyone plays by the same tax rules there can be no fair solution to the economic problems. Mr Obama patiently waits in the wings before making his entrance on the world stage in January. We must hope his performance will be better than the rehearsal.

Posted by: petefieldman | November 16, 2008 10:33 AM

So what? The GDP (PIL) is falling by ,let's say, 2%? Well there's still the remaining 98% to live on. The glass is almost full.

Posted by: rob zava | November 16, 2008 10:12 AM

Bad news yes, but a lot worse is happening in places like Ireland and Spain, where the unemployment rate is absoloutely rocketing (forecast to be 12% in Spain by Xmas) Ireland has recently put through a budget that sees huge cuts in education and in Ireland we've gone from 4% growth last year to a predicted -1.5% in 2008...all the money made over the last 10 years has vanished...all the chemical and PC companies are leaving; Pfizer, knows when this will stop but Ireland certainly will be among the last to recover (along with Spain) Also in the UK BT just announced 10,000 job losses...its bad in Italy but its not the only place that is suffering hugely. At least Fiat is performing far better than rivals (up to 4th from 6th in W.Europe last month, ahead of GM and Renault)

On that note GM, Chrysler and Ford are perilously close to bankruptcy...10 million would lose their US alone. Put Lombardys troubles in perspective; as an export based economy with a huge tradition it will be the first to recover when things get good. I feel more worried for the South: its GDP is doing the worst out of all the Italian areas, emigration sees the population fall while the rest of Italys rises. Funding to the South will be cut., Napoli will be ignored. Campania is still choking under its flames, Napoli's population is falling rapidly while Italys Northern cities grow. See the troubles of the North are temporary while those in the South are permenant. I think someone forced to deal drugs to survive in Scampia is going to feel little sympathy for an IT guy in Napoli whose just lost his job...

Posted by: John Smith | November 15, 2008 11:06 PM

Use this time to expand your minds and brains to be better prepared for the time when the economy turns around. Help each other and support your children in their education and training. Italians have a history of being the best and brightest in mind and talent in the history of the world.

Work without rest toward that goal.

Posted by: Charlie Willey | November 15, 2008 05:18 PM

Use this time to expand your minds and brains to be better prepared for the time when the economy turns around. Help each other and support your children in their education and training. Italians have a history of being the best and brightest in mind and talent in the history of the world.

Work without rest toward that goal.

Posted by: Charlie Willey | November 15, 2008 05:18 PM

how are things South of Naples? The Amalfi Coast to Salerno? I know that tourism is down, but things seem less volatile there. Italy Must Live. Italy Must Thrive. The World NEEDS ITALIA!

Posted by: barbara mckee | November 15, 2008 04:06 PM

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