The P2 is alive and is fighting us


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“Good day to you all!
I have been leafing through my documents that relate to the P2, because you know that the P2, I’m not saying that it is coming back, for that you would have to suppose that it ever went away and in reality it has always been there and it has always been fighting with us.
Perhaps it would be interesting to understand the reasons why some people are worried about the return of Licio Gelli to the TV in place of Aldo Biscardi: the evolution of the species is remarkable – and what the P2 was.
Unfortunately, anyone born after the finding of the lists, has heard it talked about but they didn’t experience the climate.
I remember that the P2 lists were found in the office of the venerable master Licio Gelli in Castiglion Fibocchi in March 1981 by the Finance Police, who were sent by two Milan magistrates, Giuliano Turone and Gherardo Colombo
First of all, what was the P2? It started off as a regular lodge of the Grande Oriente d'Italia, it became “border line” and in the end, after the discovery of what they had got up to, completely rejected by the Grande Oriente d'Italia.
Licio Gelli was considered to be one who was a deviant in relation to the rules: it was a Lodge that was not only private but super-secret.
It was an "atlantic" Lodge, that is it was super-faithful to the Atlantic Alliance and thus very pleasing to the United States: Gelli was present at the festivities for the election of Carter, thus at the election of a President in the Democratic Party, he had close ties with the Argentine Generals and with the South American dictators.
At the time of the liberation war in Italy he was at the same time a fascist and an antifascist. He naturally pretended to be antifascist but he played the role of double dealer that he has always played.
The P2 was not at all a subversive organisation in that it wanted to overturn the established order: in fact it wanted to maintain and stabilise the established order.
It’s not by chance that the "plan of democratic rebirth", was according to Gelli in a way the political-institutional programme prepared by Gelli and his advisers at the end of the 1970s in great secrecy.
It was handed to the Head of State, who was Giovanni Leone, and Gelli was friendly with many politicians like Andreotti, he often met up with Claudio Martelli, and he communicated with Bettino Craxi.
He was not at all an opponent of the established order wanting to overturn it: it was a subversive Lodge in as much as, to maintain and crystallise the status quo it was willing to empty out the Constitution and Italian democracy from the inside, to transform it into something else, into a model of a modern authoritarian State still governed by the same: Christian Democrats, Socialists Party and allies to prevent the arrival of the Communists


Anyway, and here we come to the last part of today’s Passaparola, it’s not only Gelli who is in circulation. Gelli spreads out his blackmail, his allusions, his winks etc.
But what is news is the fact that it makes the news. In recent years we have heard the same things that he is saying. But if it’s someone else saying them, well then, it’s OK.
I always ask myself how we can be scandalized if Gelli has a TV programme in a small TV channel, while we are not scandalized if his favourite pupil is in Palazzo Chigi.
And yet he says and does things that not even Gelli ever dreamed of saying or doing.
And Gelli is not the only active P2-ist who is active. I am not in favour of purges, you need to evaluate case by case. But it is interesting to know who are the characters who formed part of the P2 Lodge.
Because if you get to know who they are , at least you can act accordingly and you can try to understand the reason why they are in the positions they have.
In alphabetical order, I will mention just a few of them: Silvio Berlusconi, membership number 1816, payment received for joining up and for the regular payment in 1978, degree one apprentice.
Who had presented him to Gelli? Roberto Gervaso.
Fabrizio Cicchitto, membership number 2232, handwritten membership application, membership card suspended for lack of photo. This was written down.
Now Cicchitto is the leader of the Popolo delle Libertà {PDL} in the Lower House and he talks every evening on all the main TV News programmes. Why him and not Gelli?
He was in the Socialist Left and when poor Riccardo Lombardi discovered that one of his favourite pupils was in the P2 he put him outside and made him cry.
Maurizio Costanzo, membership number 1819 – he was only three numbers away from Berlusconi – but he was at third degree: Master mason. He was at the highest degree just below Gelli.
While Berlusconi was only an Entered Apprentice.
This is the interview that Costanzo did with Licio Gelli in Il Corriere della Sera: “For the first time, Mister P2 is speaking, the discreet fascination of the hidden power”.
A photo of Garibaldi, a photo of Cagliostro.
Whereas this is the interview that Costanzo did a few days later with another famous P2-ist, Silvio Berlusconi, still in Il Corriere della Sera, that as it happened was controlled by the P2 through the editor Tassandin, the director Franco Di Bella and Umberto Ortolani who was Licio Gelli’s Right Hand Man.
Donelli Massimo, membership number 2207, he too was at the first degree: Entered Apprentice. OK, this Donelli is very important today, he is the director of Canale5.
Do you understand?


In the P2 list there were also 13 magistrates who were disciplined by the CSM {Governing Body for Judges}, but not all of them were sent away: there’s one of them in Rome and he’s called Giuseppe Renato Croce, at the Real Estate Section of the Rome Tribunal.
A few years ago he asked many times for the archiving of a trial that was close to the heart of Dell'Utri against a judge who was judging Dell'Utri in the Court of Cassation and had confirmed the definitive conviction for fiscal fraud. He too was in the lists, membership number 2071, signed up in 1979.
This in tiny chunks is the picture of the P2. Today the P2 no longer exists but the P2-ists do.
Some will say that at times they come back. No, I would say at times they stay!
Thus, let’s ask ourselves how is it that in the United States they are about to elect a President who, whether it is Obama or McCain, is new and unknown, and until last year unknown to the political press and we are still here in 2008 and we are raking up the people like Cossiga, with the strategy of tension, with those like the marbled Andreotti in TV as we saw yesterday, with those like the embalmed Licio Gelli.
Why is it that for us the past never passes away?
Spread the word.”

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Viva Macchiavelli!

Posted by: Rolly Wheeler | November 4, 2008 02:37 PM

This morning Barack Obama made a profound statement which in a few words explains how politics and economics work.
"Don't think for a minute that power concedes."
This is particularly relevant in the present world financial crisis as millions face uncertainty over their jobs and houses while the rich and powerful cling to their privileges.

Posted by: peter fieldman | November 4, 2008 01:40 PM

The masons, lodges or what ever name they go under, depending on the political winds of the day, don't ever go away. Like a chameleon they change colours and blend in to what ever political climate reigns on any particular country, at any particular time. They ensure that the rich get richer and you know the rest...! Most of us are too asleep to notice this moral outrage! We get the government we deserve. If we all "woke up" and said "Stuff You" we might have a different outcome.

Posted by: Mick Radatti | November 4, 2008 01:06 PM

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