Google Italia’s soft censorship

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Censorship is alive and fighting against us. In the newspapers and the TV, “censorship is news”. The mayors forbid me to use their public buildings for my show “Delirio”, as happens in Pavia, as I’m a person who is not welcome. On the Internet, they are having a go. First with the Levi proposal, then the Cassinelli one. This blog is blacked out inside many big companies and public authorities. The topics on the blog are ignored by all the media.
All this can happen in the Veltrusconi regime. But there’s one thing that I really cannot swallow. That the search suggestions in Google Italia (ONLY in Google Italia) delete me and prefer Beppe Maniglia and Beppe Quintale to me. Crikey, it’s a scandal. Why Quintale and not me? I believe that the directors of Google Italia have had a suggestion or perhaps Google doesn’t work in Italy. Why don’t you ask Google? Send an email to
While waiting for a reply, use another search engine.

Dear Beppe,
I am informing you that you are officially censored in Google. In reality it’s “soft” censorship, but I still feel it’s significant... as I’ll explain. For some time now, in the Google search engine there’s a “helper”, so that when you are typing in the word you are looking for in the search field, straight away you see about a dozen results that could help speed up your search.
For example, If I type in “b”, some results appear (based on some obscure criteria that I don’t know) that go from “Belen Rodriguez” to “Banca Intesa” to “Babbo Natale”; if I type "be" the search gets narrowed down and together with “Belen Rodriguez” among others you see “Berlusconi” and “Benetton”... and so on.
The surprise comes when you get to typing in "Beppe"... Beppe Gambetta, Beppe Bigazzi, Beppe Fiorello... but there’s no trace of “Beppe Grillo”. Let’s keep going.
"Beppe G": and there’s just Beppe Gambetta and Beppe Gabbiani (?).End of story. The same result for "Grillo".
But the great thing is that in the bottom right hand corner of Google Italia there’s a link to " in english" (the official American site) where it’s enough to type in “bep” and magically standing firm in the top position there’s BEPPE GRILLO.

In fact when you write "grillo b" there’s a great "grillo blog", and happy Christmas to the censors... I’d say it’s ridiculous.
And in the end this “mini-censorship” just affects you. Travaglio, Ricca, Massimo Fini, Gomez, Di Pietro, Barnard, Sabina Guzzanti, Santoro, Dario Fo... they are all there.
Greetings for a Happy Christmas and I’m glad to be able to give you a hand. I have already got tickets for the Turin show in January. And don’t forget, make it a good one!! Ugo

Ps. Thanks to your e-mails, Google corrected the censorship. (h. 11.32, December 29th 2008)

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That is simply not true. Everybody knows that BG's site is one of the most clicked in the web, ant it could by no means have been "overlooked" by Google.
If this is not a fraud of yours (to try and make it up for poor BG's loss of credibility), something was wrong with your Google settings.
But of course all here say that it has been corrected during the night.
Well done lads, another fight won against the system...Hope your prophet will enjoy Lugano Bella's weather and view.

Posted by: Matteo Cortigiani | December 30, 2008 09:23 AM

Giovanni Loreti was right: i checked the list at and all the words are blacklisted from the helper with the obvious, results that the bigot stupidity produce in these cases scopare is censored "scoparsi la vicina" and scoparsi la collega is suggested :-)(why not the stagist) the same with culo forbidden and culetto suggested and so on .. i agree with John Denver about the need to fight the monopoly created by google improperly using open source software

Posted by: luigi Bianca | December 30, 2008 12:19 AM

@ Roberto Basili

In principle your comment is right...but I believe that you have no knwoledge whatsoever of the fight Beppe Grillo brought against Telecom, an ex public company in the hands of all kind of criminals, in the technical area, and of a King of Incompetence as CEO in the past..Tronchetti Provera

Have a look and listen to Beppe at the General Assembly of Telecom, when he mentions TWO TECHNICAL GURUS very able to do tricks to the Web in many ways, andwilling, eventually...both in trouble with the judicial system, with asmall army of colleagues who used the back bone of companies to do spying and all that funny stuff

Beppe Grillo interviene all'Assemblea Telecom, 16/4/2007

Posted by: Edededed | December 29, 2008 10:13 PM

It looks like at Google they thought "grillo" was a bad word.

Check this:

According to this list of Italian adult terms, 'grillo' means 'penis'.

Many other terms in that list seem to miss from the query suggestions (e.g. "guanto").

I guess that they prefer to err on the safe side and avoid suggesting queries that could be offensive to someone.



Posted by: Giovanni Loreti | December 29, 2008 09:47 PM

Hanno corretto oggi, ieri sera ho provato ed effettivamente non funzionava, Google Italia vergogna, e' una cosa di una gravita' assoluta, ma dove siamo in Cina?

Posted by: Luca Arduini | December 29, 2008 07:24 PM

Mi spiace ma stavolta qualcuno o ha toppato lato redazione di Grillo oppure da Google sono molto efficienti ed hanno risolto. A me compare digitando Bep al primo posto proprio sull'helper! Sono le 17-40 del 29/12... Ho pure la stampa...

Posted by: Giorgio | December 29, 2008 05:52 PM

Se posso permettermi faccio un po' di chiarezza. Effettivamente quando è apparso il post di Beppe sull'argomento, digitando Beppe in google italia avveniva quello che è descritto. Poi una mano provvidenziale ha corretto il tiro, facendo risultare obsoleto il post di Beppe in meno di 12 ore! Google Italia ha dimostrato varie cose. 1) che il post aveva visto giusto; 2) che il blog di beppe è letto da TUTTI, anche da chi lo odia. 3) il controllo è serratissimo.

Posted by: Marco Salvelli | December 29, 2008 01:53 PM

Hi there,
please don't fret with this googleing results. I did the experiment and it didn't worked that way at all. My guess is that google "ranks" results in some way I don't completely understand and for some reasons different people get different results. Or better said, different computers get different results. I've noticed this happening all the time with websites of my own. Letting people think that some evil mysterious being is conspiring against us is the worst mistake of all. Please don't indulge into this game, otherwise it'll going to hit back as a boomerang.

Posted by: Roberto Basili | December 29, 2008 12:10 PM

11:10 a.m. (Italy): Google fixed this flaw.
Now if you press "bep", helper shows you "Beppe Grillo" as first result.
Keep checking anyway!

Posted by: alberto arnoldi | December 29, 2008 11:13 AM

You need to set the language preferences to Italian, it does not matter if you are in or in gets the Italian setting by default, so most of the Italians don't get served properly.

As an alternative search engine I am using Wikia Search, a collaborative search engine made by the founder of Wikipedia. It is at the moment the best example of user driven search and it is almost as efficient as Google. A lot of people think it could be the only real competitor of Google if more people are going to use it. Beppe, maybe you can push for this?

Posted by: John Denver | December 29, 2008 10:27 AM

THis is totally unacceptable. I hope someone from google HQ will kick these idiots who run
Did these people took money from some politician? But weren't these politicians unable to use the internet? or they are , when they need to control the information?

I've sent my email to and adviced my friend to do the same. Tv and newspapers are rubbish, they cannot make the web rubbish too.

Posted by: Antonio Bonuccelli | December 29, 2008 03:38 AM

Posted by: daniela ciarcelluti | December 28, 2008 07:32 PM


Dear Lady,

this is the english section of the Blog

It's quite obvious, from your nick name and the STYLE of writing, that you would ask how much cost to sell, in this very successful, yourself, including the software that generates thousand and thousand of NICK NAMES totally false..

Say hi to whomever helps you run this disgusting campaign of O.T., Flames and poor Netiquette

Posted by: Edededed | December 28, 2008 10:01 PM

>> mi dispiace, ma tutto questo non è
>> assulutamente vero. se digiti beppe su
>>, tra i primi risultati compare il
>> blog di beppe grillo. ma vengono controllate
>> queste informazioni prima di essre pubblicate
>> sul blog?

>> Posted by: daniela ciarcelluti

la censura non e' sulla ricerca di per se, ma sul helper.

Apri, scrivi 'beppe' senza premere invio; ti usciranno una serie di suggerimenti. In quei suggerimenti beppe grillo non compare

Posted by: joejoint | December 28, 2008 09:24 PM

Please share this news in your social site like Facebook, Digg, Fark, etc.

Posted by: Marco C. | December 28, 2008 08:25 PM

"The fallacy is to believe that under a dictatorial government you can be free inside. Quite a number of people console themselves with this thought, now that totalitarianism in one form or another is visibly on the up-grade in every part of the world. Out in the street the loudspeakers bellow, the flags flutter from the rooftops, the police with their tommy-guns prowl to and fro, the face of the Leader, four feet wide, glares from every hoarding; but up in the attics the secret enemies of the regime can record their thoughts in perfect freedom — that is the idea, more or less."

George Orwell

Posted by: when soft becomes too hard | December 28, 2008 07:34 PM

mi dispiace, ma tutto questo non è assulutamente vero. se digiti beppe su, tra i primi risultati compare il blog di beppe grillo. ma vengono controllate queste informazioni prima di essre pubblicate sul blog?

Posted by: daniela ciarcelluti | December 28, 2008 07:32 PM

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