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Humanity! People of Italy!
Are you all on holiday, all away, yes? With the “social card”, eh! “Social card” two English words to take you for a ride in Italian.
You’re on holiday but it’s not just you: it’s the whole of Italy on holiday. Italy’s on holiday for a month. It’ll open up again on 12 January…. who knows if Italy’ll open up again.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a great opportunity: in the year 2009 we won’t give a dam about it but it will wake us up from this coma and it will make us understand the situation we are in. This “shock” will only be good for us. It’ll be a traumatic “shock”. We are all in the “tunnel” and there are people who go on TV and say: “we have to come out of the tunnel, we will come through in 2010.” Stay in the tunnel! Stay in the tunnel! Outside it’s even worse!
Ladies and Gentlemen, democracy has gone away under our very eyes. Citizens are cut out of the field. Five people have elected this social network of people with previous convictions, ruffians, friends of friends, lawyers who make laws for the friends of friends.
Ladies and Gentlemen, in Abruzzo 50% didn’t go and vote: that’s our party. We said not to go and vote, because those elections were illegal and anti-constitutional. 50% plus what Di Pietro got: we are the majority in the country! They are the minority, and you can see it in the way they look: they are afraid.
We export marvelous things: first the pizza, culture…. now we export delinquents and convicts or those presumed to be such, into Europe. Del Turco and Bassolino will be going... this is the great characteristic that we have.
But the year 2009 will see the birth of marvelous things: we are at war, we are at war! Out of courtesy, every citizen must put on a helmet, go out and do Do-It-Yourself democracy! Do your own politics and you have enormous power: it’s in your tiny wallet, how you spend and how you don’t spend. I am following the psycho-dwarf’s advice. He anyway is raving about spending. It’s us, those who want to save. It’s us who are creating delirium in the economy.
We are truly in a strange moment, at a time when at the auctions for the Treasury Bonds, the BTPs and CCTs, two of the auctions were deserted. There’s something that doesn’t work out if the big institutions are not buying. Our debt is going up. The companies that close down are no longer paying taxes so there will no longer be an income for the State. People won’t be paying income tax, the debt will increase. It’s already more than 1700 billion and we have to pay 80 billion euro in interest each year and we break our balls on things like the “lodo Alfano”... You can see that in Tremonti’s face. He’s a phantom wandering around.
Ladies and Gentlemen, it will be a massive battle. It’s a great opportunity to change things and we will change things. We will change things, because we are starting at the bottom with the civic lists. We are turning the pyramid upside down. Citizens will be going into the towns. With other citizens, they will create transparency. From the towns to the Regions. Then from the Regions into Parliament. Turning the pyramid upside down, this is our battle. However, citizens must have proper information and you can only find that on the Internet, because the newspapers are by now a matter of the past.
There’s nothing left to find in the newspapers. Truth is no longer there. It’ll be something extraordinary… Ciro! Ciro! Leave the sandbags at the window! Don’t touch the shotgun! As I was saying... you have to stay calm.
Young people call me, youngsters ask me: “what future have we got?” Lads don’t worry about the future: you have no future. One less thing to worry about. Where will we finish up? We’ll end up with finding that a hundred business people, a hundred ticks have sucked this system dry.
These politicians who have been there for twenty or thirty years. Fassino’s wife, the wife of “globule”, signora Serafini has been in politics for thirty years and I haven’t understood what on earth she has done in thirty years. Ms Carfagna .... we have things that makes all the world look at us stupefied.
We have everything “nano” – it’s not enough to have a psycho-dwarf-nano, there’s another one, Brunetta who is an iPod nano.
We have things that we cannot manage to understand. We are in a delirium, against the flow.


The citizens have been removed from any constitutional rights, from referenda to popular laws, to petitions. They are sent away from the town halls. Citizens must claim back democracy. So, happy war! Happy 2009! Stay up and above all keep calm! Ciro! Leave the sandbags where they are!” Beppe Grillo

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Hey Beppe, it seems you are not doing so bad in these times so you bought an electric bike and a house in switzerland. Why don't you go and give us some of your money yo help us arrive to the end of the month. You have been screaming for the last couple of months but that is really not helping us.


Posted by: Roberto Piccolo | January 5, 2009 04:06 AM

Italy is the only country in the world where honest, out-of-luck people are humiliated by their government. Imagine, buying baby food with a foodstamp card and having the cashier announce to you, and all within earshot, that she can't give you credit for it. I would probably feel like crawling into a hole. OK, that's Italy, one might say. But if anything needs to work properly the "foodstamp card" is it. It's bad enough to know you need one, never mind being rejected. The so called "Popolo della Liberta'" has no respect for Italians; none whatsever. And nobody is calling for Tremonti's resignation.
I read that, on Christmas Day, cardinals handed out loaves of bread to the poor. Loaves of bread for crying out loud! Cardinals! And the Pope talks about Gays? -The Vatican forever denouncing someone. First came the Jews, then the Communists and now Gays-. According to the Pope they're upsetting the Divine natural order of things. Upsetting the Divine natural order of things? There is nothing more unnatural than having hungry people in the midst of plenty! It's downright indecent! Hunger is so indecent and unnatural enough to have the Church give itself a quest to bring down Capitalism like it brought down Communism, and for Heaven's sake, let Gays be Gays.
About Obama: he rented a nine-million-dollar palace for his vacations; invited a gay-hating evangelist to the invocation at his inauguration; staffed his administration with centre-right people; enrolled his daughters in a fancy private school; bailed out the people responsible for the global economic meltdown; made no comment on the carpet-bombing of Gaza, is there anything wrong with this picture?

Posted by: louis pacella | January 1, 2009 02:06 AM

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