Open Letter to Rupert Murdoch

Sky and the increase in Sales Tax

To Mr Rupert Murdoch, News Corporation

Dear Mr. Murdoch,
You know that the TV is in the process of dying and that advertising is migrating to the Internet. And that newspapers and TV stations have their years counted. Perhaps 5, perhaps 10, no more. Your experts have certainly kept you informed. Anyway your actions speak for that. You have invested 580 million dollars in MySpace, a social network with worldwide coverage, while the psycho-dwarf bought Endemol, a producer of old TV programmes. You have got your hands on the Wall Street Journal, declaring that you will develop it online with the 200 best journalists in the USA. Your nickname is Shark and your goal is profit. They say that you are ruthless, but there’s an indisputable fact in your favour. You have not become Prime Minister to protect your TV stations. You have not made the country, Australia, go bust. The psycho-dwarf, that gentleman that wants to double the sales tax on Sky because Europe wants it, is taking Italy to the knackers’ yard. One of his TV stations, Rete 4, is abusive. Did you know that? Have your TV stations talked about that? Even on this case, Europe has given an opinion, but no one is taking any notice. In Italy, the conflict of interests and the reasoning of the State have become the same thing.
Obama is hope. Without the Internet, he would not have become President of the United States. Before the elections you said of Obama: "He is a rock star. It's fantastic" "I love what he is saying about education." On the Internet, Mediaset does not exist. And how could it? Information can be checked, the contents are chosen freely by the one who is surfing. The quality and the credibility are the only two coins that can be spent. Mediaset has billions of euro, but it doesn’t have those two coins. The Internet and thus the future of information are beyond his possibilities. Murdoch, you should know that the psycho-dwarf is a joker. He tells jokes that are often confused with official declarations. One of the best, after the request for 500 million euro in damages from YouTube, is his wish to take to the G8 a proposal to “regulate the Internet”. His Minister of the Interior, Maroni, has announced an “ID number” for every Web user. An idea that comes from afar, from the indelible number tattooed on the arm of the Jews in the Concentration Camps. You are warned. Unless there is a denial, the MySpace users will have to identify themselves and perhaps, pay a tax. In Italy there’s need for rules except for Mediaset. For that, the ad hoc laws are enough.
Why am I writing to you and telling you all this? You are not the white horse that can save Italian information, but it’s always better than nothing. Sky has transmitted the live broadcast of my speech at the Telecom shareholders meeting and more than once it has given space to my denunciations. A minimum of space, hardly noticeable, but anyway space. I want to propose to you the periodic use of film clips that my blog has been producing for years. By now there are hundreds of them. Denunciations that have never appeared on TV. Blacked out by the cloak of Veltrusconi. You can use the film clips free with just two conditions. No advertising within them and that you cite the source. In exchange I ask for nothing. You know that the future is the Internet and that Berlusconi is the past. In the world there will be only 5 or 6 multimedia groups on the internet in a few years time. One is probably yours together with the BBC and YouTube. Mediaset will not be there and neither will the RAI. I await your reply. Greetings." Beppe Grillo

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"Australia Joins China In Censoring The Internet
by Duncan Riley on December 30, 2007"

That particular article overstated the facts but the Federal Government of Australia is indeed proposing legislation to enforce internet service providers to install mechanisms to filter out content which may be harmful to children.
The proposal is being met with solid resistance from commerce,industry, IPs and the general population.
The effects of the proposed law have not been well considered nor even properly researched. At a time when the government is preparing for a major move to provide more high speed broadband services to the whole of the country, it is intending to introduce systems that have the potential to slow download speeds by as much as 50 percent.
Re. Rupert Murdoch, he has always seemed to me to be a man devoid of moral conscience who has only one abiding principle: "Be reasonable: Do it my way."
Getting involved with him might be akin to making a pact with the devil.

Posted by: Rolly Wheeler | December 6, 2008 12:52 AM

Italy is not alone when it comes to Internet censorship ... the excuse used here was that it was "justified on the basis that the previous Government’s policy of providing free copies of NetNanny to all Australian households who wanted it didn’t adequately protect children."


Australia Joins China In Censoring The Interne
by Duncan Riley on December 30, 2007

The Australian Government has announced that they will be joining China as one of the few countries globally that broadly censor the internet.

Posted by: Gianna Mian | December 5, 2008 11:36 PM

Actually Murdoch has already a free internet tv, called Hulu, that curiously can't be seen in Italy (and from italian servers).
Why can't it be watched by italians?

Murdoch in realtà possiede già una tv gratis in internet chiamata Hulu, ma curiosamente non si può vedere in Italia (da server italiani).
Perché non è possibile vedere le sue trasmissioni in Italia?

Posted by: alberto arnoldi | December 5, 2008 06:04 PM

Beppe is right: we may have many reservations about Murdoch, and he may intervene more in politics, particularly with the noxious Fox FM, than we would like; but at least he is not directly involved in government, and at least he is not a convicted perjurer. In this dispute, Sky is on the side of the angels.

Posted by: Charles Young | December 5, 2008 10:35 AM

Pierre Filisetti said:
"Just to set the record straight, Murdoch is of Scottish origins but now based in the USA."

Relatively few Australians have a long history in the country of their birth, the vast majority are of European bloodlines like myself. The same can be said of North Americans and New Zealanders.
The original inhabitants were of darker skin and more advanced socially but have been largely subjugated by technically more advanced and infinitely more aggressive European invaders.
Rupert was born in Melbourne of Australian born parents. Wikipedia has a comprehensive entry re.

Posted by: Rolly Wheeler | December 5, 2008 05:42 AM

Just to set the record straight, Murdoch is of Scottish origins but now based in the USA.
Murdoch is worse than Berlusca, much worse.
I have no sympathy for Berlusca but do not get confused, Murdoch is evil.

Posted by: pierre filisetti | December 5, 2008 04:34 AM

"Beware of "false friends"."
No, not Mr. Murdoch (well, not this time) but words in one language that have a similar origin and sound to another but carry significantly differing connotations in a contemporary context.
"Abusivo" does not carry the same significance as "abusive" in English which normally carries with it the inference of an attack of some kind upon a person; not upon a law or regulation.
"Abuse" as a verb may, however, convey a similar intention as the Italian "abusivo" when referring to 'abuse of power','abuse of privilege' etc.
Much like ex-Australian Rupert Murdoch is inclined to do in the abuse of his news media dominance. :)

Posted by: Rolly Wheeler | December 5, 2008 12:51 AM

Tonight in TV we got the tele-shopping for treasuries of the Italian Economy Minister

Posted by: Massimo GIANNINI - M.G. | December 4, 2008 10:36 PM

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