The frog in the saucepan

Gelli challenged at Sanremo

The Italian people are like a frog in a saucepan. At the beginning the water was tepid, almost nice and refreshing. One degree at a time in twenty years we have reached the cooking point. The frog has become numbed and it doesn’t notice that it is being boiled alive. It just needs a bit more of the flame and it will be cooked and defunct. An attack against the Constitution, the control of the magistracy, gagging the Internet and the P2’s programme has been achieved.
By now anyway, information is under control. The “Why Not” and “Poseidon” investigations have got stuck in the mud. A Commissioner has been imposed on the Salerno Prosecutors Office that was investigating the Catanzaro Prosecutors Office as a result of the denunciation coming from Luigi De Magistris. The scurrilous and servile media put Catanzaro and Salerno on an equal footing and talk about a war between the Prosecutors Offices. But there’s only the one, that of Salerno that was investigating the other because that is its competency by law. The media are keeping quiet about the investigations of De Magistris and about the NINE BILLION EURO of our taxes, transformed into European funding with the flick of a switch, that are swallowed up every year by the parties and by the mafias in the South. The country is sinking into an abyss and we are feeling a bit chilly. We are used to having a fever at 40 degrees.
The 98 billion euro in sanctions to the concessionaires of the slot machines has not been mentioned by any TV News programme. Not even for 10 seconds. How many politicians are there behind that money? Taranto is dying. Dioxin is causing thousands of cancers a year with 1,300 deaths. There’s more dioxin in Taranto than in Austria and Switzerland put together. And meanwhile, the psycho dwarf is refusing to sign the European agreement on the environment. The newspapers are talking about pigs with dioxin, but we are further ahead, we have children with dioxin. They breathe, they absorb dioxin, and they die.
Yesterday I went into a shop. They were offering handouts together with the comics and the magazines. One on the speeches of Mussolini with an “il Duce” exhibition plate as a gift and one on the history of fascism with a Mussolini watch and a helmet. People get used to it. The temperature rises by 2 tenths of a degree. It’s bearable. What’s the limit? The point at which the Italian is cooked? They want to rehabilitate the convict Craxi. They make more equal than the others, four people who are not ashamed of their impunity and they allow themselves to be seen as though nothing had happened. The band of four: NapolitanoBerlusconiSchifaniFini. Licio Gelli, convicted for attempting to obstruct the investigation into the slaughter at the station in Bologna, the most serious in the history of the Republic, is giving us lessons. He’s made out to be a sage. He gives TV programmes. The heat rises. The Sanremo Meetup group and “la Casa della Legalità” {the house of the rule of law} obliged him to enter by the service door at one of his meetings/interviews. Gelli was protected by the Police. Great lads! If we don’t want to end up boiled we have to get a move on. Enough with lessons on democracy given by scoundrels and convicts thanks to the cover of the media.
One, a hundred, a thousand Sanremos! More Meetup groups, more democracy. Make yourselves known and multiply yourselves.

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It's all nice and clear what you write and I find myself in agreement on the POLICY our NANO-SYSTEM is willing to carry-on...

As Tremonti clearly indicates, when he made a photo-op showing the SOCIAL CARD (Mastercard), the message is amazingly clear...

It's a marketing GOLPE by the Lobby of the Permanent and Skyrocketing Debt, as it exists in other Countries where the **credit card** compulsive usage created one of the many major financial troubles

Bla & bla & bla...but ALL that they are saying is:

**A tutto il resto ci pensa MASTERCARD**

In my view, that summarizes all that there is to say on the TOPIC...


Posted by: Edededed | December 13, 2008 01:16 PM

You want prosperity back? Go and buy. That's, in a nutshell, Berlusconi's tip of the day to the unemployed on the edge of destitution. I don't think he is he mocking them but such statements should be thought about before they're said. Guess what, Silvio, they can't buy if they have no money and millions of people in Italy are barely surviving. They have no money to buy and you know it! So, why keep repeating "go and buy". Is it a mantra? Is it power that allows you to say what you say? "Go and buy" statements are not befitting a Prime Minister that cares about his people in dire straits.

Granted, "go and buy" it's not as contemptuous as Marie Antoinette's "let them eat cake," but it's getting there. However, "go and buy" makes sense. It's the only way to get the economy going. But, in Italy, anticrisis measure are miserly, give the people next to nothing as a result have nothing to spend. The anti-crisis plan is not credible: it's charitable in nature as opposed to being a tool to stimulate the economy. More money is needed to motivate people to spend and stave off deflatio, money need to be pumped in the economy. Deflation can kill an economy. Deflation can spin out of control to the point where it can go out of control. Most economists will agree that it is better to increase budget deficits than go in a deflationary phase. A ballooning budget deficit can be controlled by juggling interest rates but not deflation.

Posted by: louis pacella | December 12, 2008 09:14 PM


sono italiana e greca e la situazione in grecia e molto grave.Perche non scrivete niente per la situazione in grecia?Qua succedono le stesse cose come in italia. Le riforme per il sistema educativo, la polizia e ultimamente la morte di un ragazzo giovane...

Posted by: Chiara Malvassori | December 12, 2008 05:57 PM

Buongiorno a tutti.
vorrei proporre una cosa all'interno di questo blog.
Beppe Grillo dovrebbe inserire un controllo prezzi tra paesi.
Per esempio confrontando i prezzi di alcuni beni di consumo tra i vari paesi.

Attualmente vivo in Ucraina e mi interessa sapere per esempio quanto costa la benzina la... e confrontandola con gli altri paesi si vedrebbe chi specula e chi no.

Al momento posso dire che;

Mese di Agosto 2008 1Euro = 7 Grv

benzina 95 costava 6.3 Grivgna = 0.90 Euro
GPL costava 4.3 Grivgna = 0.61 Euro

Mese di Dicembre 2008 1Euro = 10 grv

benzina 95 costa 4.5 Grivgna = 0.45 Euro
GPL costa 2.5 Grivgna = 0.25 Euro

quello che vorrei sottolineare e' che 4 mesi fa costava l'80% in piu' di adesso quindi come avete capito questi prezzi sono scesi del 40%

Posted by: orfeo smania | December 12, 2008 10:48 AM

Well written about the Italian and European thing...
Thanks foe sharing with us...

Posted by: martha paul | December 12, 2008 05:40 AM

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