The justice of the rich


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”Good day to you all.
The President of the Council has announced it when he was presenting a book by Bruno Vespa published by himself and in fact he said: “Buy it to make the publisher happy!”
In this joyous occasion, amidst applause and bad jokes, at a certain point our premier announced that he will rewrite the Constitution in his own image and likeness. Thus just imagine how he will rewrite it, and above all with blows from the majority.
Given that his majority is himself he will rewrite it himself.
Naturally he said: “I am aware that to rewrite the Constitution you need to have two thirds of Parliament.” Otherwise you have to first go and put this reform to the citizens in a referendum where there’s no quorum, so the verdict is clear.
Either the citizens approve the reform and it becomes part of the Constitution, or they reject it and it is swept away as Bossi’s famous devolution in 2006 was swept away.
Formally the President of the Council has in his mind the existence of article 138 of the Constitution that prevents him from going it alone and using "50% +1" actions from the Majority.
He has certainly got an ample 50% but only a bit more than 50% and he certainly hasn’t got that two thirds needed with two readings in the Lower and Upper Chambers to be able to reform the Constitution within Parliament without involving the citizens.
So someone will say “OK he can do it, he will do it.”
Why is there this race to involve the Opposition? For the numbers game.
It is true that we are a people that is decidedly soft in the head, not everyone but a good part.
It is true that we are a people that has never shown great affection for the Constitution just as for the Institutions and the system of checks and balances.
It is also true that when we were called to vote for or against a constitutional reform like the devolution, we voted against.
And we voted against because anyway the capacity to mobilize around the principles, and not around money, luckily still exists among those who want to defend the 1948 Constitution just as it was gifted to us by our Founding Fathers after two years of work.
Then the possibility that it is to be rewritten by folk like Calderoli, Cicchitto... P2-ists, people under investigation etc. still makes you feel strange.
And above all because the referendum would be held, given the time frames needed to approve the reform in Parliament that are very drawn out, in three or four years time.
If we can learn from history, in three or four years Italians will be wanting to get their hands on Berlusconi.
I hope they don’t do it, naturally, even because everyone against one person would be unfair. But as happened the other time when he was governing for the whole 5 years from 2001 to 2006 it was evident that Berlusconi is not capable of governing.
It’s not that he does it on purpose because he is bad: it’s really just not his field. He couldn’t care less. He’s not interested in the topic.
He nods off during ordinary administration.


Let’s not forget history. How in Italy we have the great drunken scenes under the balcony of the current leader: in 1945 we had Mussolini in Piazzale Loreto pelted and spat upon by those who had been cheering him right up until the day before.
In 1992-19993 we ended up in Hotel Raphael with the throwing of objects, coins and bank notes at Bettino Craxi. Of course they were fake or he would have ended up picking them up.
Thus it is very probable that there ‘s the risk of a new version of these unexpected and pretty traumatic moments of falling out of love, so stay alert because Berlusconi will need defending from his current fans who will be after his scalp.
He knows that when there is a vote for the referendum to confirm or reject his constitutional reform of the justice system, people will be fed up to the back teeth with him and they will vote against even in spite of the contents of the reform, but simply to give him a kick up the backside and to accelerate his departure from Palazzo Chigi.
We have already seen this scene and it will be repeated just in the same way this time.


This Joint venture Violante-Angelino Jolie has produced a diabolical and really dangerous idea: now, the prosecutor directs and coordinates the Judicial Police. It is he who has in his hands the criminal trial process. It is he who propels forward the investigations.


And what if I’m innocent and I’m poor?
If I’m rich, with my lawyer I can do my own counter-investigation for the defence and I can get my point of view across. But if I’m poor with the State-provided lawyer?
Can you see an official lawyer who pays a detective, and sets up a counter- investigation to dismantle the case presented by the prosecution and supported by the accusing lawyer?
But only anyone who can afford to pay out millions will be able to come out as innocent at the end of a trial, if the prosecutor becomes the accusing lawyer. Today the prosecutor is obliged to do investigations to see whether or not I am guilty or innocent. It is not laid down that he acts as the accusing lawyer.
He supports the accusation only when he is convinced that that is a guilty person, but before that he has done all the investigations to see whether I am guilty or not.
How many times has the prosecutor asked for the absolution or the archiving of an investigation. The accusing lawyer will always ask for a conviction! He is programmed to get a conviction.
Then if someone is guilty or innocent it doesn’t matter, in fact read the newspapers: they say “we will give more power to the lawyers to do defence investigations!” Certainly, to the lawyers of the rich defendants who can afford to be innocent and to demonstrate that. The poor, even if they are innocent, will not manage to demonstrate that because it will be up to them to demonstrate that they are innocent and not the prosecutor.
Let’s have a think about this. Because the direction that we are moving in is no longer the democracy that we have known, it is no longer the State based on the Rule of Law.
The justice system that we are moving towards is justice for the rich. In times of crisis how many rich people are there that are looking for a system of justice for the rich? I hope very few.
There’s a high level of alarm. Let’s keep it high.
If you are interested, together with Massimo Fini we have launched an appeal about the dangers that our democracy is facing with the Constitutional reform by blows from the Majority. You’ll find everything on the website of “la Voce del Ribelle”, Massimo Fini’s monthly or on the regular where there’s also an email address you can use to show your support.
Spread the word. Until next Monday.

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Besides our zero king (the raving lunatic) general comments seem to indicate that Italians deserve what they get. In fact they do.
There is great emphasis in other parts of the world on the RULE of LAW where everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. The Rule of Law does not exist in Itay and as a matter of fact most Italians do not even know the meaning of this concept. There is not even an equivalent in the Italian language of the term "RULE of LAW". After my past exposure with the Italian mind set which by the way seems shared by most Italians living abroad, I have decided that I could never live in a country without the Rule of Law no matter how beautiful the country is and how wonderful its food. This is how important this concept is to me.
Italian society is nothing more than a MODERN FEUDAL system where the citizens are mere vassals to their lords. Now to break the yoke needs national courage which Italians lacks due to ignorance and general menefregismo.
Hence Italians deserve what they have and the lords that keep them in perpetual servitude.
Do Italians truly believe that they are free living in a true democracy without the Rule of Law?

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | December 17, 2008 10:25 AM

Why Italians are so stupid! You deserve Berlusconi!!!
What about morons that write in Italian in the English space??? Italians don't give a shit to the others!

Berluscon is the reflection of Italian's personality.

Posted by: Feder Majer | December 16, 2008 05:47 PM

like Travaglio said, 50% of the Italian are... stupid !!!
cous doesn't understand the real italian situation...
i would like to say that in Italy more than 50% of the popolation is stupid.

no one is capable to understand the power of to go on strike and push this political people away.
unfortunately most of the italian are thinking ro protect themselve and just to hope for a better future without moving a finger.

second problem, in Italy the whole system is made by CASTA... who work as public employ... who is a notary... who lives thanks to welfare... doctors... eccc ecc.

who really care of the others and wish a better future?... no one cous all think for themselves

only a revolution or something big... can change the system and quickly... otherwise.. bye bye.

i live out of Italy... and im thinking deeply to live my homeland... FOREVER.


by the way... it is more important what Inter.. milan and juve does... than what is our future !!!!

Posted by: Orfeo Smania | December 16, 2008 01:16 PM

If JBush has got an italian shoe from a journalist, now that SBerlusconi still has his shoes tongue-polished by italian journalists, italians Prime Minister should ask asylum at Gaddafi's desert tent... before it's too late.
I bet SB doesn't pass next three months standing, since he behaves as the Prince in "The mask of the Red Death" by E.A. Poe

Someone wonders where are Italians?
ALL Abroad!!!
Just Egyptians still dream the Italian paradise.

Posted by: Michelangelo Marchesi | December 16, 2008 01:52 AM

with all the respect for the massive job you're doing, I believe this site deserves a better translation for the english version... cannot start with "good day to you all", and many other faults i've read along...
(we)italians get what they deserve, end of story, in every italian (at least 60% of them) lives and lies a small (even smaller than the actual) berlusconi...

Posted by: sergio bochicchio | December 16, 2008 12:36 AM

I have to agree. I've lived in Italy for 11 years and I am finally starting to understand that Berlusconi is exactly what Italians deserve (and even prefer, it seems) They don't want a democracy or to be responsible for the big decisions, they like being treated like they're still living at home with Mum.

Posted by: Jenny Hoskins | December 15, 2008 09:07 PM

Italians deserve it!
The are the same people who don't stop at the red light, pack the car in a second line, how always think that there is a way around the law.
They are not meant to be a free...the need Mussolini again so they can feel strong and smart-ass.
Bye Bye Italy... you are fucked!

Posted by: Chicco Parodi | December 15, 2008 08:18 PM

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