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Athens – clashes outside Parliament

What have these got in common: Iceland, Greece and Ecuador? A war-time economy.
Iceland has gone bust, Greece is revolting and president Correa of the Republic of Ecuador, has declared the country to be in “default”: the State bonds due for repayment in 2012 will not be repaid.
Greece has been blacked out by the media. It’s not known what is happening there. They pass off a revolution as a demonstration by turbulent youth of “no global” agitators and anarchists. Greece is near to economic collapse and for this reason it’s necessary to "soothe, chop..., chop, soothe". The contagion is frightening.
In Italy, two auctions of BTPs {State Bonds} were deserted and a third one only sold a third of the Bonds. Did you know that? Nooooooooooo? I understand. The TV News programmes were too busy explaining that it snows in the Alps in December and in describing the frenetic rush to make purchases.
The world is at war. An economic war. Not very different from that fought with weapons. Wartime information is used for reassuring. The Alpine troops were about to break through at Stalingrad and the very next day they effected a swift strategic retreat towards Italy. By now, this State is running only on lies. It’s last frontier. Get your shoes ready for throwing in 2009.

Dear Beppe,
I am a university student from Genoa doing an Erasmus exchange in Iceland. Here I’ve met many people who live and work here and I can see with my own eyes how the financial speculation has destroyed a country that up until last year was defined by the United Nations as the first in the world for well-being. The billions of dollars that the speculators poured into this country for years got interrupted at a certain moment and within the space of a few weeks the main banks of the country went bust. The value of the currency collapsed and inflation and unemployment which before this were virtually non-existent have reached two figure percentages. By talking to people here I have been astounded to hear that this Scandinavian country is afflicted by the same problems as us, a political class that was colluding with the banks that instead of protecting the citizens tried to cover up the actions of those who are squandering savings and who want nothing to do with the idea of abandoning power, not even now when the citizens for the first time in the history of the country are going out into the streets to ask for the resignation of the government that brought the country to this point. But the news item that made me write this letter is the one that appeared today in a small local newspaper that talks about a journalist who had to resign because after following an investigation into the people who caused the financial crisis, his editor decided to publish the article after it was modified otherwise the newspaper would have been forced to close down. Forced by the people who were denounced by the journalist. Not even can news of the suicides that are becoming ever more frequent, be published.
This experience has given me to understand that even though we live in different countries with different traditions and political structures the problems that are plaguing our society are the same in all Europe. The blog already has international relevance, why don’t you dedicate some space to the other European countries? I am sure that the people and the news would not be lacking and this would contribute to make it grow even more, together with the people who do not give in to this system that asks us to no longer believe in the justice system and to become like them, getting rich by exploiting and duping people. If I have decided not to be like them and to construct my life by fighting injustice and by helping those who defend the truth, it is also thanks to all the stuff that you have shown us over the years, first on TV (I was tiny, but I remember when you decided to go away and talk in the theatres so as not to be subservient to them) and now with the blog and the shows. Keep going like that!”
Federico A.

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In France a nurse has been arrested and charged with the death of a child in a hospital because she gave the child a medicine which was not clearly marked or stored in the right place. A tragic mistake, possibly negligence. But the bankers and speculators who have destroyed the world's economies after having "pillaged" their banks for millions either deliberately or due to professional negligence and caused untold misery to millions of workers, are still sitting in their offices counting their money with the support of their political friends. That is what you call justice!

Posted by: peterfieldman | December 27, 2008 10:11 PM

Maybe the Caste System (Italian politicians) are still afraid to challenge the colonial masters in Washington DC and throw all the American forces out of Italy after what happened to Aldo Moro. I believe however that the Italians are too addicted to the easy money the Americans dump in their local economies and are too lazy and spoiled to support their own economy without outside help.

With over 45 American military bases in Italy and some of those military bases having nuclear weapons, I find it ironic how Italy had a referendum on nuclear power, but still allow American forces to station nuclear bombs in their country and have no control over.

Maybe a future Italian leader could learn something from the French leader Charles de Gaulle who threw American forces out of his country in 1966. But if history is any judge of Italian leadership quality, I believe business and the easy life and the three week holiday in Italian society will prevail.

Posted by: Paul Scaglia | December 26, 2008 09:53 PM

How true Mr Wheeler ... both you and Mr Grillo have put all this "in a nutshell" ... pity that most people don't realise that the bullshit is truly baffling their brains.

Top marks to the "WARTIME COMMUNIQUE" ...

Posted by: Adriana F | December 26, 2008 10:46 AM

There is a story about "The Emperor's New Clothes" by Hans Christian Andersen which comes to mind whenever I think of the current world financial crisis.
The story is about a confidence trick played on the whole of a nation who were convinced by a couple of charlatans that the clothes had outfitted the Emperor in a suit of clothes that was only visible to the wise and intelligent.
There were no such clothes, but the whole country was ecstatic in it's acclamation of the beauty of the new outfit when it was 'worn' at a great public parade: Except for one small boy, who had not heard the tale of how the 'clothes' came about.
He shouted in a loud, clear voice that the Emperor was in danger of catching cold going out naked like that!
The world has now caught a very serious cold.
It's all about "credit"; money that was never, ever, there.
Very few people wanted to stand out from the herd and say that it was all fraudulent.
The Australian folk saying is "Bullshit Baffles Brains".
How true is this in respect to the collapse of the global economy? An economy built on the concept of selling something that really isn't there.

Posted by: Rolly Wheeler | December 26, 2008 12:48 AM

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