Our Bettino who art in Heaven


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"Good day to you all,
Those of us who happened to have been unlucky enough to tune in to “Canale 5” yesterday evening, will have noticed a little show worthy of Kim Il Sung’s Korea, a sort of TV version of an equestrian monument to Bettino Craxi on the ninth anniversary of his death.
A bit of film put together by some members of his family and obviously broadcast with great pomp and it’s worth saying, broadcast by Mediaset.
The devotion of Mediaset to its patron saint is very clear. Without Craxi, Berlusconi would not be where he is, Mediaset would not exist given that it survived the various violations of the law that first Fininvest and then Mediaset have perpetrated in spite of the regulations.


Craxi’s treasure
To compensate, Craxi had treasure and he had two bank accounts in Switzerland, the “Constellation finanzier” account and the “Northen Holding” account managed by his school-mate Giorgio Tradati, on trust – it was a nickname – where he accumulated the money from the kickbacks paid to him from the biggest Italian companies.
From Fiat, Olivetti, Fininvest, the Ligresti Group, the Torno Group... various big construction companies as well as medium and small one.
His money, not Party money. Then there was also the money from kickbacks for the Party that was managed on other accounts, still in Switzerland, by another handler, who was the Party Treasurer, Honourable Vincenzo Balzamo.
Craxi’s own money then got cleared away by a Portofino bartender that was appointed by Craxi to replace Tradati, when in 1993 he feared that Di Pietro and the Milan team of magistrates would confiscate his property.
That is our property that he had appropriated for himself.
Raggio was sent to Switzerland: he was the fiancé of the Countess Vacca Agusta, an old friend of Craxi’s who lived in Portofino. He cleaned out the accounts and took fifty billion lira that Craxi was holding at that time and he went to Mexico, where he stayed as a fugitive for a couple of years.
Once he was captured, he confessed and made a list of the money spent, thus showing that Craxi was not using that money for the Party but for himself, and in fact the judges then reconstructed that shopping list.
A list that is quite shocking if one thinks of the fame that they have constructed around this presumed statesman, who in reality was a common thief, if “thief” still has the meaning that we give it in the dictionaries: a person who takes money belonging to others.
He had purchased apartments in Barcelona, New York, La Tuille, Milan, and Madonna di Campiglio.
He had bought a private airplane for one and a half million dollars. He had made a gift to his friend Ania Pieroni - we can call her that – a TV. Not a TV to watch but a TV network, Roma CineTV that paid at a hundred million a month.


Craxi, the Statesman who made History
As you have seen, they attributed to Craxi all the great happenings of the last century, the only ones missing, because of when he was born, were the First World War victory at the battle of Vittorio Veneto or the Crimean War at the time of the Risorgimento, or a decisive role in the Congress of Vienna.
But only because he wasn’t born then, otherwise we would have seen him popping up even at the Congress of Vienna with a great wig.
However to make up for that they attributed to him the fall of Pinochet, the return of democracy to Chile, the Prague Spring, the battle of the West against the missiles of the Soviet Union.
If the Soviet Union had to disarm and then collapsed, it was thanks to Craxi.
They gave him the praise for the outstanding victory of Solidarnosc in Poland, and they even worked out his paternity of Blair.
They figure that Blair was Craxi’s godson. Blair doesn’t know that but he is godson to Craxi. They see him as responsible for the fall of the Berlin Wall, triumphs in the whole world and the whole Globe, land and sea.


At the end you see the beach at Hammamet, the sea, the sunset and every so often there’s a quick view of portraits of Mazzini and Garibaldi, as though they are saying: “do you see now, this man is not a fugitive but an exile”.
Unfortunately, Mazzini and Garibaldi did not steal. This is the difference: they did not flee from Italy because they had been stealing but obviously for political reasons.
For those who want to find out more, I don’t need to tell you that there are books, documents, court verdicts (we will put more on our blogs) .
Keep in mind that there’s a reason why it was broadcast now.
We haven’t even got the round figure of 10 years. Only 9 years have passed since Craxi’s death.
The reason why this hagiography was broadcast is because, together with Licio Gelli, the Craxi-project is taking shape: presidentialism plus political control of the magistracy.
To those making the decision, it seemed right, after the grand return to the TV of the Unique Grand Master Licio Gelli, even with his identifying clothes, to pay homage to another person who inspired these mephitic and foul times that we are living through.
Spread the word. Passate parola."

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i m from brasil my names marcos i would like be your friends i m jail mr roberto irineu marinho chairman globo tv this men dont likes people he is my dad dont likes me adress globo tv rue doctor chucri zaidan 46 morumbi at sao paulo i need friends italy pesame people dead

Posted by: marcos | April 10, 2009 10:12 PM

i love this side of the blog since it's empty... the italian one is full of almost insane comments... disappointing!
Most of Italians don't speak English ...

Posted by: Lorenzo Petici | January 8, 2009 10:46 PM

Yes, I agree with sari.
I think Grillo posts very clever stuff.. (the most)
But comments are often very stupid, and insane, how sari said..
this is not good for the blog, and for our aim..
I don´t know the solution.. maybe Beppe needs more moderators..
People, who post comments, should know the difference between insults and argumentation!

poor Italy..

What Travaglio said is creazy! Do you think Mussolini was at this point?
I have the luck that I live in Vienna this year, so I can´t watch Canale5

Posted by: Carlo Cazzaniga | January 7, 2009 10:48 AM



Hours after Italy's 52d postwar Government took office promising renewal, Parliament voted today to block a key judicial investigation into the affairs of the former Socialist Prime Minister, Bettino Craxi, plunging the country into crisis.

The vote, which surprised many here, seemed to set a national call for reform against a legislature clinging to the past. For many Italians, Mr. Craxi is a symbol of the discredited elite that ran the country for much of the postwar era

The ruling was the first big setback for the authorities investigating Mr. Craxi and presented the new Prime Minister, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, with a major challenge because it suggested that the Parliament that underpins his new Government is tied to the old order the new administration has promised to change.

Within minutes of the ballot, the Democratic Party of the Left, as the former Communist Party is known, said it was withdrawing its support from the new Government. Four Ministers May Quit

Four newly appointed Cabinet ministers -- three former Communists in power for the first time in 46 years and a Green Party environmentalist -- were reportedly planning to quit, threatening the Government's future only 12 hours after it was sworn in.

Despite the chaos, Mr. Ciampi's administration said in a statement that it would seek a confidence vote next week. "The Government that has just been formed obviously has nothing to do with today's parliamentary vote," the statement said.

At his first news conference as Prime Minister today, Mr. Ciampi, a former central bank governor, spoke of Italy being in a "period of transition" distinguished by "an irreversible process of change."

"This Government intends to set the example," he said.

The charges of widespread corruption against Mr. Craxi have been a centerpiece of investigations by Milan magistrates over the last 15 months into what prosecutors have depicted as a web of bribary for public works contracts implicating more than 1,500 businessmen and politicians. Restrictions on Investigation

In a complicated ballot tonight, however, the 630-member Chamber of Deputies restricted the investigation of Mr. Craxi to purported wrong-doing in Rome. This indicated that he would escape inquiries into the most serious accusation -- that he took bribes worth $29 million in Milan.

Under the Italian legal system, legislators such as Mr. Craxi are immune from judicial inquiry until the Parliament rules otherwise. If the Parliament decides that there is insufficient evidence in a specific case, such as the one involving the accusations against Mr. Craxi in Milan, then investigating magistrates may not pursue the charges.

The Parliament's action tonight permitted prosecutors to pursue lesser charges and inquiries into illicit fundraising by Mr. Craxi. These charges, however, no longer have the same significance because a series of referendums last week abrogated the very legislation under which he is accused.

"This changes the whole political situation," said the former Communist leader Achille Occhetto, whose party has Government ministers for the first time since 1947. The new administration may be unraveling, he said.

Two days ago, a Senate panel recommended that the parliamentary immunity of another former Prime Minister, Giulio Andreotti, be waived on accusations of Mafia association. Craxi Defends Himself

Before the vote tonight, Mr. Craxi defended himself before the lower house -- many of whose members have been implicated in the scandal -- by saying that the magistrates' investigations represented "a process of criminalization of the parties and the political class that gained ground with the force of an avalanche."

Unlike the ballot that lifted Mr. Andreotti's immunity, tonight's lower house vote was held in secret, so it was not immediately clear which politicians had voted in Mr. Craxi's favor. The result would not have been possible, however, without the support of legislators from the country's traditional parties, on whom Mr. Ciampi is depending for support.

Posted by: Sari | January 6, 2009 04:17 AM

''Hey, what do you know? It's the President of France,'' one construction worker yelled to another as they watched a motorcade of limousines and police cars get stuck in traffic on East 49th Street.

It was not the President of France, but the Prime Minister of Italy, Bettino Craxi. Mr. Craxi, a Sicilian lawyer's son and Italy's first Socialist Prime Minister, was in New York for a day of private meetings before heading to Washington. He is to meet Tuesday with President Reagan and Secretary of State George P. Shultz and address Congress on Wednesday.

Mr. Craxi and Foreign Minister Giulio Andreotti, who is accompanying the Prime Minister, were invited by Henry A. Kissinger, the former Secretary of State, to a breakfast meeting at his apartment with New York banking and investment leaders. The guests included David Rockefeller, the former chairman of Chase Manhattan International; John Reed, chairman of Citicorp, and John H. Gutfreund, chairman of Salomon Brothers.

Bagels, Lox and Economics

Almost as soon as the fruit salad, scrambled eggs, bacon, lox and bagels were put on the table, Mr. Craxi was called on to give an overview of the Italian economy.

''Classically American,'' said an Italian aide accustomed to a more leisurely style of dining. ''There wasn't time for him to take more than a bite before they put him to work.''

Another Italian mentioned that the bagels were a nice touch since the first evidence of bagels were in a 16th-century Venetian fresco.

Later, Governor Cuomo, the son of Italian immigrants, met briefly with Mr. Craxi at the Waldorf-Astoria, where the Foreign Policy Association gave a luncheon in Mr. Craxi's honor. Mr. Craxi, through an interpreter, quipped: ''Cuomo. That's a name I've already heard around Naples.''

Project Announced

The Governor, whose first language was Italian, albeit the Neapolitan dialect, used his Italian only to announce an exchange program between Italy and New York State. Called ''Due case, una tradizione,'' or ''Two houses, one heritage,'' the project will promote economic opportunities and exchanges - such as promotion of New York State products in Italy and Italian products here - and tourism to little- known parts of Italy and New York State.

Mr. Craxi expressed the need to avoid instability in the monetary system because of the high dollar, although he admitted that, in the last year, Italian exports to the United States have almost doubled.

Since the Prime Minister speaks no English, the Waldorf assigned its only Italian waiter to his table. ''I've served President Reagan and lots of stars, but to serve Craxi is the biggest privilege of all,'' said the waiter, Vito Galofaro, who was born near Palermo. ''And Cuomo too - it's getting two birds with one stone.''

Earlier, Mr. Craxi met with Javier Perez de Cuellar, the Secretary General of the United Nations, and helped open the Metropolitan Museum of Art show ''The Treasury of San Marco.

Posted by: Sari | January 6, 2009 04:15 AM

i love this side of the blog since it's empty... the italian one is full of almost insane comments... disappointing!

Posted by: Sari | January 6, 2009 03:43 AM

I love this blog because of posts like this one. Keep up the good work.

Posted by: OBrian | January 6, 2009 12:34 AM

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