Borsellino and the scent of liberty


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Borsellino and the scent of liberty

Yesterday in Piazza Farnese no one offended Napolitano. You can see that from the videos that are available on the internet. If necessary, the thousands of people present can bear witness to that. However, it is true that a long banner carrying the words: "Napolitano dorme .L'Italia insorge" {Napolitano sleeps. Italy rises up} was removed by the police. The next time we will write: "Napolitano è sveglio ed è anche un bell'uomo" {Napolitano is awake and he is also a handsome man}.
Yesterday in Piazza Farnese the relatives of the mafia victims spoke. It was not a political demonstration. I was invited and I joined in, as did Travaglio, Vulpio, Di Pietro, and others. Yesterday in Piazza Farnese the important words were those of Salvatore Borsellino and Sonia Alfano and their accusations with the full names of those who occupy high positions in the State. Not one of their words has been reported by the news media. Schifani expressed his solidarity with Napolitano for an offence that was never made against him. The Senate, reduced to a pitiful group of people who appear, stood up to applaud. There was no word in the Senate for those who fell at the hands of the mafia, for the serious facts that were denounced by their relatives.
Our employees are almost so sweet when they are just disgusting. Disgusting mixed with sweetness. We are taking their toy away from them and they get in a paddy.
Salvatore Borsellino’s speech in Piazza Farnese will be remembered as the funeral address of the Second Republic.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

Thank you everyone.
Above all, I’d like to thank all those young people that I have met here today that come from all over Italy. They are those young people that I meet when I travel around Italy to shout out my anger and try to stir up in people that indignation that I believe we all should have in seeing the abyss that our country is tumbling into.
You see, yesterday, Sonia Alfano telephoned me and said “We need to show a video containing raw images, images of the slaughter of Paolo.”
She asked me if she could do that. If I would somehow be hurt or shocked. No indeed. Those images do not churn me up. I would like them to be shown every day on TV, so that people realize what has been done. So that they can understand whose blood it is on which this shameful Second Republic is founded, so that they understand that it was founded on the blood of those dead people. It doesn’t churn me up to see those images. One thing disturbs me: to see those images after seeing those two people who earlier were laughing after speaking of Dell'Utri, and of the bombs that were planted by Mangano.
They laughed, they sneered at those things. That disturbed me.

Like “Clockwork Orange”

I would like those two people to be put in a cell like the one where they put the assassins in “Clockwork Orange” and that they have their eyes opened so that they are obliged to see, to see, to see, to see those slaughters in continuation. There. That’s what I would like. Today I saw those slaughters and I remembered something that Gioacchino Genchi told me. He arrived at the scene of the slaughters two hours after they happened. It took me 5 hours to find out that my brother was dead because the television gave contradictory information: perhaps a judge has been injured; perhaps men guarding him were injured. It was my mother, who, five hours later, telephoned me from the hospital and said: “Your brother is dead.”
However, there was a person called Contrada who knew just 80 seconds later that my brother had been killed and I would like, I ask, I shout out, I want that these facts end up in the courts of justice!
That there are trials for this complicity that has happened within the State!
Have you heard what Berlusconi and Dell'Utri talked about: that is why they want a prohibition on wiretapping, so that we cannot, must not hear those things.
We must not hear those things, otherwise we will realise the nature of the political class that is governing us. We would realise who has occupied the institutions. The greatest public insult against the institutions is that those people unworthy of occupying those positions, are occupying those positions. This is the public insult against the institutions and the State.
It is the fact that a person who was called “Alpha”, in a trial that could not go on because it was blocked, like all the other trials that relate to the secret and external brains behind the crimes, can occupy such a high position within our institutions.


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@ nano carvalho

I'm not an italian, only an italian of heart, but I can understant Maurizio Odello's so called childish reaction.
He has only expressed my epidermic reaction about this Mureddu's post
Only now, I'am getting really conscious of the gravity of the situation in Italy. What the other europeen countries could do about it ? should we alert our own deputies ?

Posted by: fernand bar | January 31, 2009 01:16 PM

@@@maurizio odello

i agree with you about borsellino but please grow up a bit with your childish reaction.

Posted by: nano carvalho | January 31, 2009 03:37 AM

Beppe, I am so frigging mad about this issue. How could such an ultra mild banner " Napolitano sleeps - Italy rizes up" be taken away. I have too often heard this jerk Napolitano on RAI International pontificating about rubbish. This man is really and truly asleep. The only good point he has is that he walks as if he has a carrot up his arse.
Let me know when the revolution starts I'll be there.

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | January 30, 2009 03:34 PM

Mureddu the sardinian prick. I sincerely hope you hang your head in shame. You are so stupid that you will never be able to understand what this is all about. Well let me explain it to you in simple language. My people, my Italian brothers have had enough of people like you, your mafiosi friends and ALL the rotten politicians in Italy who are gangsters. All corrupt from the premier and Napolitano (yes that wide awake gangster also)down to most others involved in italian politics.
You get it now prick?
Now and go and f... your sardinian mother...
Do you get it now?

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | January 30, 2009 03:24 PM

Oh no it is MUREDDU the arsehole again.
MUREDDU YOU ARE THE TYPICAL STUPID ITALIAN. Everytime you open your mouth you talk shit.
If I had had my brother killed by the mafia and the ITALIAN politicians whether I lked my brother or not I would be fucking pissed off.
ARSEHOLE. Go and screw your sardinian mother you mother fucker. Are you pissed off now? Punk.

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | January 30, 2009 03:13 PM


Posted by: Marco Augusto Sommariva | January 29, 2009 10:34 PM

yes, i agree no one offended napolitano.

i was shocked by reading the papers, i was like "what di pietrio ever said FGS!!???" so i went and listen to the real whole thing. no trace of offenses, nothing, nada, niente. i also got my husband to listen to it, you know, maybe i forgot italian after all this time abroad, and he asked me "has something changed in italy lately?" ehmmm...
beppe, i am about to pay my taxes to obama for the first time and i am pretty excited since i think he was the best choice for america, not because he's biracial but because he was really the smartest guy in the room... but guys, i feel for you, i feel for my country of origin. i explained the lodo alfano to one of my friends, he's from ghana and he looked at me like i was coming from the third world... what a shame!!!

Posted by: samantha abbiati | January 29, 2009 09:11 PM

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