Borsellino: State murder?


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The near-arrest of Provenzano in 1995
Is the State united in the fight against the mafia?

“Good day to you all,
Today we are talking about a trial that disappeared a forgotten trial. In fact, it hasn’t been forgotten at all. Actually because those who have the duty know and don’t talk about it. And afterwards you will understand why.
In Palermo, in a courtroom of the fourth criminal section of the Tribunal, there’s the trial of the former head of the civil secret services, that is the former head of SISDE. He’s a Prefect, but also a General in the Carabinieri and he’s called Mario Mori. He’s a small man, a courageous officer, who has worked with Dalla Chiesa during the years of terrorism, and he has worked with R.O.S. {Reparto Operazioni Speciali =Special Operations Unit} of the Carabinieri. He led R.O.S.
He has been decorated and given many medals for the capture of Riina and other mafia-people on the run, and yet it seems that he is hiding some secrets. That’s what it seems. No one can say for certain, the trial is ongoing. But I’m fairly certain in as much that this is one of the top investigators that we have had in Italy. And evidently during the season of the mafia slaughters he was given powers that we don’t know about – that’s why I say “it seems” that he is hiding secrets – relating to the task, the invidious task, the terrible task of negotiating with the mafia while Italy was suffering terrible violence with bombs, in Sicily in 1992 and on the mainland in Milan, Rome and Florence, in 1993.

The near-arrest of Provenzano in 1995

Now he’s not on trial for that. He’s on trial for another matter that could explain that negotiation and that could explain that mysterious episode that was the subject of another trial that immediately preceded the episode for which Mori is now on trial, the failure to search Riina’s hideout after he was captured. This trial refers to another episode, that is two years later than the failure to search Riina’s hideout and that is in 1995 and exactly on 31 October 1995. What happened on 31 October 1995? A Colonel of the same R.O.S. of the Carabinieri, thanks to a mafia person whom he trusted but who was undercover who was infiltrated in the mafia but trusted by the Carabinieri – managed to discover where Provenzano was hidden. In 1995, two years after the capture of Riina, two years after the last bloodbaths, Provenzano was the undisputed head of Cosa Nostra. The trusted person tells the Colonel in the Carabinieri, who is called Michele Riccio. The consultant is called Luigi Ilardo. The Carabinieri officer manages to find where Provenzano is hiding. What’s more he meets up with Provenzano. He has an appointment with Provenzano in a hut in Mezzojuso. It’s a place in the country about 30 kilometres to the South of Palermo. Then he says: “I’m about to meet up with Provenzano. Follow me so that I can let you capture Provenzano!” Colonel Riccio talks enthusiastically with the top brass in R.O.S., that is with Generals – there’s Colonel Mori who is the operational head – there’s Mori’s right hand man who at that time was Major Mario Obinu, and they decide not to capture Provenzano, but simply to have the trusted man shadowed at a distance to see where he goes, and then to try and capture Provenzano when they are all ready. Unfortunately, once that opportunity went by, Provenzano did not give them another chance. Until, eleven years later, just after the elections won by the Centre Left almost three years ago, Provenzano was captured, or he was handed over, or he gave himself up, or he let himself be taken. Because, you know, the capturing of the bosses in Sicily always raises questions, doubts and interpretations like that of Pirandello, like the game of mirrors, where you never manage to understand who it was that did what. Exactly as for the capture of Riina in 1993.

Is the State united in the fight against the mafia?

Here we are, this trial, if one knows about it, allows people to understand – not just the experts - but ordinary people - to understand what happened between the State and the mafia in the last fifteen years.


Spread the word! Passate parola!”

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La speranza non muore mai, specie quando ascolti gente vera come Travaglio. Negli anni 60, 70 e 80 i burattini erano le BR, poi la mafia. Ora chi c'e'? Berlusconi. Io credo che i tre filmati di 'Gladio' danno una maggiore chiarezza circa la nascita della seconda republica. Lo stato Italiano e' uno stato burattino. Forse la vera Italia la trovi in Argentina.

Posted by: Alessandro Rutigliano | January 20, 2009 10:22 PM

It is obvious that some people belonging to the mafia are trying to disturb this blog bcs they don't want those facts be known to the public.

Thank you Marco Travaglio for what you are saying.

Please take note of those facts and make sure they will stay public. Because politicians in Italy will hide the true from you.

And journalists are too scared to talk about them.

Travaglio is doing an eccellent job!. God bless him!

We need more people like Travaglio and Roberto Saviano in Italy if we want to beat the mafia.

And indeed there are more and more joung people who want to change all that and defy the mafia everyday!. They need our support!.

Thank you to all of you guys!

Posted by: FRANKIE HAT | January 20, 2009 05:17 PM

tell me why no one fight besides me... you must tell now.

Posted by: electric universe | January 20, 2009 02:24 PM


The "winners"

Hamas said that they won!

So...please dear Israel bomb them all again :) So they can enjoy their propaganda saying again that they won :)

I suggegest to bomb them 3 times per year (at least for a period of 3 months for each single attack).

An atomic bomb will be surely much more effective...but it's more funny drop by drop with those mices who carry infected buggies with plague!

They love the hate, the fanatism, the violence, the war. Let's make them "martyrs" so they can live after their death (???) with Allah! :)

Hey "martyrs"...please send a message if you will really find the Life and Allah after being dead :)

I know that: Life is Life, Death is Death. FULL STOP!
Otherwise (according your illogical toughts): We are dead during every single moment of our lives.

That's the Logic, but you cant understand.


Posted by: Dioniso Olimpo | January 20, 2009 12:13 PM

To all not Italian people who're reading this blog:

Mafia is still living and in more powerful than ever.

Spread the word!

Posted by: Marco Chi | January 20, 2009 09:13 AM

To all not Italian people who're reading this blog:

Mafia is still living and in more powerful than ever.

Spread the word!

Posted by: Marco Chi | January 20, 2009 09:13 AM

Discendente da coloro che fecero l'Europa con Roma e nel Medio Evo, odio profondamrnte i Mafiosi che sabotano, insultano, avviliscono,vituperano, diffamano, rovinano, danneggiano l'Italia e l'Europa, maledetti pecorai e caprai "senza sangue i fraccia", "la disonorata, disonorante disonorevole societa'"! Possa dio crocifiggerli in eternita'. L'ha da fini'!!
(A descendent of those who built Europe with Rome and in the Middle Ages I HATE Mafiosi of every description who sabotage Europe, damned sheep and goat herders "senza sangue in faccia" to be crucified by God in Eternity. Amen!

Posted by: Attilio Louis Ferreri | January 20, 2009 01:43 AM

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