I know. Piazza Farnese.


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Demonstration for Justice, 28 January, Piazza Farnese, Rome. Speech by Beppe Grillo


Guys, I want to give each of you a big hug because you have done something fantastic.
We are the great losers! We are the losers! Look at your faces. Where do we want to go with these faces? Nowhere.
Where are in a square where from his super-attic, Previti, under house arrest, is watching us and is sniggering!
People, we are those that arrive at the catastrophe with optimism. I can see that groups from all over Italy have arrived. You are fantastic. People who have come from Calabria, from Salerno-Reggio Calabria: you can recognise them because their cars are still full of earth.
I have seen those from Naples, the Naples MeetUp: you can recognize them because they are phosphorescent with their toxic waste.
There are Sardinians, who didn’t know anything about this demonstration because they have got digital terrestrial and they don’t know a fig about anything that is happening in the world.
I want to thank the relatives of the mafia victims. We have sent to prison Riina and Provenzano but the brains behind them are still in a Palace in this city.
I mean that they have done laws, we who are jinxed, miserable wretches and losers are slightly frightening. We frighten them with our webcams. We frighten them with the Internet.
Today a citizen is excluded from any decision that can influence his or her future.
We have done V-days, popular petitions, we have done referenda. I have taken to Rome’s Court of Cassation the signatures for the referenda and in front of me I had an 85 year old judge called Carnevale. A judge – do not whistle! - who recommended to me Totò Riina telling me that he is a respectable person.
This country is upside down. We are talking about Justice. We have heard Kryptonite Di Pietro who is the only one who is doing a bit of Opposition.
Parliament is closed! Parliament no longer does laws! We have in the government dwarfs, psycho-dwarfs, ballerinas, ruffians, we have everything!
One psycho-dwarf (psycho-nano) was not enough, now we have the other nano, Brunetta: the nano iPod!
He is one who in order to put his hands in his pockets, has to sit down
Look at your neighbour: he cross-dressed. We no longer understand who we are, what we are. It’s a country that no longer exists. It’s a country where three days ago Fiat announced that it has bought 35% of Chrysler and the shares collapse on the Stock Exchange. Today it announces that it has to get rid of between 60,000 and 100,000 people.
It’s a country that no longer exists. Where we only know the truth at the last minute. With Obama we have got 100 years older. Obama is talking about the Internet, about grass roots democracy, a week before making them official, he puts the laws on the internet so that they can be discussed.
We have the psycho-dwarf who does the election campaign in Sardinia at the expense of the State. A premier who does an election campaign for a party. Italians!
I don’t want to shout. I want to calm down. I want to be good and not even say one naughty word. I don’t even want to say the name of Napolitano; otherwise they would say “Grillo attacks the President”.
I want to say nothing. Maroni has given an order that there can be no gatherings in squares. It’s no longer possible to do a demonstration in a square with a church.
Practically in all the squares of Italy there is a church and where there is no church they will put a statue of the Madonna hidden in the corner.
Maroni who sends the police into the schools, sends the police in riot gear against the citizens.


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Dear Beppe, you have the chance to be a show man and as so, you can talk to people and express, critizice etc .
You are right when you say that our country is all fall apart, but think it well who is responsable for that, We are, the people, because is it since 1945 that our politician no matter if left or right , they say the same f.... things and we the people go and vote, only with the help of God we will have a change, to save our beloved country we need we the people unify ourselves , forgetting our hates of the past , we cannot live of what happened 65 years ago.
Who would have tought of a Afroamerican as president, let s begin by buying our products and save our factories this can be the first step.
I am nobody I dont even live in Italy but it pains to see Italy in hands of men with no love for there country but only for themselves.


Posted by: Gianni Massonicic | February 6, 2009 06:13 AM

Pain and hopelesness etched the face of the man. He lagged few steps behind the four men shouldering the casket in which Borsellino laid. A reporter asked him something and I heard him say, "It's all finished". His words sounded as though evil had triumphed over good.

Sixteen years later, political scandal after political scandal; scores of people killed; politically influenced trials delayed or cancelled; financial frauds and bogus bankrupticies ruining thousands and thousands of small invetors; corruption at all political levels; a compliant media; a P2 member as Prime Minister with friends in the mafia ; a mafioso, sentenced to five years in jail but sitting in the senate of the Republic, made crystal clear the meaning, "it's all finished."

But thanks to a few journalists who haven't stopped denouncing the rot in the country, thanks to committed comedians who call it like it is, thanks to the relatives of the victims refusing to be silenced, thanks to honest politicians fighting for a criminal-free Parliament and thanks to millions of Italians who refuse apathy, good may still prevail in Italy today.

Posted by: louis pacella | January 29, 2009 06:11 PM

The complete original video tape of the event of today in Farnese square in Rome, with Beppe Grillo and many other people, talking about justice in Italy and mafia is available online at the following link, also for the free download:


Enjoy and up with life. I know!


Posted by: Marco | January 28, 2009 10:23 PM

Anche io sono tra quei fortunati cittadini italiani che oggi hanno voluto e potuto partecipare alla bella manifestazione qui a Roma.

Piazza Farnese accogliente, il sole finalmente oggi è ritornato a fare capolino fra qualche nuvola, le persone ancora contente di essere presenti, attente, partecipanti.

Io c'ero, io posso scrivere e dire che mi sono piaciuti tutti gli interventi degli intervenuti: hanno cominciato Emiliano, Salvatore, Sonia, Antonio, Beppe, Mario e poi anche tutti i familiari dei morti assassinati per mafia.

Una partecipazione corale, un essere indignati per la situazione politica e parlamentare in Italia davvero sentita.

V'erano molte telecamere, dal palco Sonia ci diceva che vi erano davvero tanti giornalisti, ma poi a guardarci in giro viene il sospetto che non abbiano poi fatto così bene il loro lavoro di rendere conto ai non presenti del come sono andate le cose.

Bellissimo l'intervento di Salvatore Borsellino, che ha ricordato le vicende legate al fratello, il suo sdegno per come oggi la magistratura "onesta" (quella di Salerno, per intenderci) viene ostacolata e messa a tacere.

Bellissimi anche gli interventi di Sonia Alfano e di Beppe Grillo, trascinanti entrambi.

Bravo Antonio di Pietro, che ha cercato di dare una "sveglia" al capo dello Stato, vediamo un pò l'effetto che avrà.

Bravi gli organizzatori tutti, Serenetta Monti a rappresentarli qui a Roma, hanno fatto a mio parere veramente un buon lavoro. Bravi!

Responsabilità individuale, di noi tutti, per i giorni futuri che ci stanno già aspettando, questo tra gli altri un messaggio forte che ci ha lasciato Sonia Alfano.

Restiamo in contatto. Ciao a tutti.


Posted by: Marco | January 28, 2009 04:59 PM

Anche sto giro tutti i media ,SI!TUTTI I MEDIA..hanno trovato il modo di girare la frittata .
Oggi si e´svolta una bellissima manifestazione "IO SO" organizzata
dall´associazione vittime della mafia e non solo con l´appoggio dell´IDV ,ma di tante altre sigle ,non quella del PD ...,per tentare di focalizzare l´attenzione dell´opinione pubblica , sulle leggi schifose ,Lodo Alfano in testa e le altre che ogni giorno si cercano di far passare in parlamento con un opposizione quasi nulla .Leggi che offendono la memoria di una costituzione forgiata dal sangue di uomini onesti e politici coraggiosi.
Questi sono i fatti.Anche questa volta non avete fatto i compiti . La manifestazione non l´avete neanche vista , avete aperto l´Ansa ,letto DI PIETRO OFFENDE NAPOLITANO ,piu´coro di disappunti e rimbrotti , copia incolla ;fatto !.Non avete neanche gettato un occhio fuori dalle vostre redazioni ,ma neanche seguito la diretta streaming ,mondiale grazie a internet,non avete visto anzi non sapete che siamo in migliaia dal mondo intero che la manifestazione l´hanno vista .
Abbiamo quattro cariche dello stato che sono piu´uguali davanti alla legge di un qualsiasi altro cittadino .
Quattro Persone che possono fare quello che vogliono senza subire alcuna conseguenza giudiziaria , quattro persone che possono parlare e mentire come vogliono senza rischio di querela .Soprattutto quattro persone che controllano il potere giudiziario e legislativo , inoltre , una di queste quattro ,si chiama Berlusconi, che ha ,se non sbaglio , anche un discreto controllo dell´informazione.A scuola mi insegnarono che questo tipo di repubbliche si chiamavano Oligarchie e Quadrumvirati.

Posted by: samuele fabbri | January 28, 2009 04:36 PM

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