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Marco Travaglio. Demonstration for the Justice System, 28 January, Piazza Farnese, Rome
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“I know that once again they are taking us for a ride, it’s just that they are not doing it with the usual everyday fibs.
This time, they are organising a big disinformation campaign styled on the Soviets or the South Americans, if you like.
Or Italian. We can even say Italian-style. Italianesque.
They are doing this because they are afraid of the voters who have perhaps started to have an intuition about the great big yuck that they have to hide, or what a gigantic mass of muck they have to hide with this mess-up law against wiretapping.
For the first time, Berlusconi and his accomplices have not managed to convince the general public that they want fewer wiretaps in Italy.
For obvious reasons of intelligence and their security, the Italians know that it is right and a duty to go without a tiny scrap of our privacy to put a few cameras around, to be able to apprehend more delinquents, to put telephones under control to apprehend more delinquents.
But also, possibly, to discover thanks to the wiretapping, if there is some innocent person who has unjustly landed up in an investigation.
It’s possible to make a distinction between the responsibility of the guilty and the innocent, so the wiretapping for those who have nothing to hide is a resource.
On the other hand, for those who have a lot to hide, it is a danger.
They haven’t managed to get this through. Not even the gang of thieves that has been hammering us for 20 years has managed to convince us that we have to accept, for our own good, fewer wiretaps for the crimes of their lordships, and thus also for street crimes.
It seems that even the Lega voters – luckily, (better late than never) are rebelling and are putting pressure on their representatives not to sign the yuck that Berlusconi wants to do.
And the newspapers are telling us that the game is all about whether the crime of corruption will or won’t be among the crimes for which there can be wiretapping.

A yucky thing to be thrown down the toilet

The problem is not just the crime of corruption: in the draft law presented in July by the Council of Ministers, as we have already said many times but “repetita iuvant”, there’s a prohibition on wiretaps for crimes like rape (in recent days there has been a lot of talk of rape) Berlusconi even promises a soldier for every beautiful woman and in the future maybe for every old woman who goes to pick up her pension, for every old man who goes to pick up his pension, for every housewife who goes shopping.
So basically, there’ll be half the population as a soldier and the other half getting robbed.
And anyway, who will do the thieving? We would have to import the delinquents from abroad. It’s madness.
But as regards the prohibition on wiretapping, the Council of Ministers’ draft law forbids this for rape, kidnapping, associating to commit a crime, extortion, receiving, fraud, theft, theft in an apartment, robbery, bag-snatching, small-scale selling of drugs, culpable homicide and all financial crimes.
The problem is picking up this gigantic yuck and throwing it down the toilet. This lot should be a serious party, even accepting that the Lega manages to do that every so often, instead of staying there to retouch a crime here (yes) – and another one there (no).
These are all crimes for which right now there can be wiretapping and in fact, already we have problems in discovering the guilty ones because we need more wiretapping and connected investigations.
Instead, because of the continual reduction in resources and funding, we always have less and we have only a few people revealed to be guilty.
Just think when we won’t be able to even do wiretapping, how many criminals we will have at liberty: we will have to barricade ourselves in our homes once this law gets passed. We’ll need “chevaux de frise” and sand bags at the windows to do our own justice.
This is the state they want to lead us towards.

The lie of the Big Ear

So, given that people have not already swallowed the hoax about the wiretapping, they are exaggerating, they are getting close to the sound barrier, they are going beyond the limits of decency, assuming that they have any.
That is they are feeding us another super-lie to convince us that we are subject to “Big Brother”, the Big Ear, the spy of spies, the black man, who, hidden in an office in Palermo, is intercepting everything and everyone with great violation of privacy.
Putting democracy in danger.
This monster is called Gioacchino Genchi. He’s a deputy police chief on sabbatical. And since the times of Giovanni Falcone he has been collaborating with the magistrates who are most involved in a whole series of investigations that have something to do with computing and telephony, because he has accumulated experience on this matter that is unique in the whole of Europe.
He helps the magistrates to cross-match the telephone calls and the printouts in trials for murder, robbery, mafia, 'ndrangheta, camorra, kickbacks, and slaughter.
Why is someone like him useful and indispensable? Because it’s not enough doing like so many animals with a pen in their hand do on the newspapers: take a wiretapping chunk and do copy and paste and display it on the page of a newspaper or have it heard on the TV.
The wiretap information needs to be read and above all to be understood.
On the telephone, many people even try to use a conventional language, or even if they aren’t trying to do that they end up doing it: people speak very badly on the phone, often, you can understand very little.
That is why it is important to understand what time that phone call took place, in what location, after which other telephone calls and before which other telephone calls that one comes.


You will understand the enormity of the lie that you are being told with one additional thing: Has Genchi got tens of thousands of users under surveillance? I have already told you that that is not true.
In his whole career that has covered 30 years, it is possible that Genchi has handled hundreds of thousands of telephone calls. He has been receiving wiretaps and printouts and cross-matching them for 30 years.
Of people under investigation, of people not under investigation, “colaterals and in-laws” as Totò would have said.
It is possible that at this very moment, given that he has a lot of work from many Italian prosecutors – cases of murder, robbery, mafia, camorra, 'ndrangheta, kickbacks, tax dodging, slaughter, association to commit crime, drugs, various crimes – it is possible that overall he has thousands of items of information.
It is clear that if he is working on some investigations involving someone who has a rapport with Berlusconi, there will be Berlusconi’s number.
Exactly like when investigating Saladino, the printout had the number of Rutelli, and that of Mastella etc.
Has he listened to them? No. The magistrates listened to them and then they passed the information to him to do the processing.
You can understand how, starting from an innocuous issue, in fact a positive matter, for which we all should be grateful to Genchi for what he is doing – they are doing an artful creation of an astounding case of disinformation not just to stop him from going on doing this work, that is useful for all of us, that is to capture the criminals.
But they are also trying to use this case to dismantle, to destroy that bit of law enforcement that still guarantees that every so often, some delinquents are caught.
We’ll meet again on Wednesday in Rome’s Piazza Farnese. I urge you: spread the word! Passate parola!!"

PS Give support via Facebook Manifestazione per la Giustizia a sostegno del Procuratore di Salerno Luigi Apicella {Demonstration for the Justice System in support of the Salerno prosecutor Luigi Apicella}

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It is very unfortunate that no change will ever happen in Italy because generally Italians are so screwed up in their heads that they are unable to judge good from bad anymore.
They have been too engrossed by merely looking at their best once they venture out of their small abodes and preoccupied with their lunch and dinner that everything else affecting their lives has been left to the polititians to handle and.....they do!!!!
When a nation has no backbone the consequences are dire.
Viva l'Italia.

Posted by: Maurizio Odello | January 28, 2009 01:02 PM

Importing delinquents? Italy seems to be doing a good job already. Surely in order to bring change the people can use the elections.
Just refuse to vote for those who are believed to be corrupt, criminals, or have mafia connections and select new candidates. Sounds easy although I understand that the election system in Italy makes it difficult. Nevertheless in a democracy it is the only way unless change comes through a revolution

Posted by: peterfieldman | January 27, 2009 02:21 PM

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