I know. Salvatore Borsellino


Salvatore Borsellino, Paolo’s brother, will be in Rome on 28 January 2009, at the demonstration called for by the Association of family members of Mafia victims to be held in piazza Farnese at 09h00, in order to testify regarding the destruction of the Justice system. I will be there.
Paolo Borsellino was murdered using TNT. De Magistris, Apicella and Ms Forleo have been suspended or transferred. The end result is the same: the justice system is dying. The whitewashed sepulchres of the former left wing stand by and watch the end of democracy while the P2 members and Lega members finish off the job. Don’t lets look the other way. Hey guy, lets not leave them alone with the riot squads.

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"I know that, just prior to his death, Paolo Borsellino met with Mancino in Rome and came out of that meeting very upset.
I know that the Second Republic was born out of the murders of ’93 and on the basis of secret agreements.
I know that Luigi De Magistris was relieved of his duties in Catanzaro and dispossessed of his investigations in order to prevent yet another Tangentopoli scandal from exploding.
Last year I was in Catanzaro when the attacks of the powerful forces were being aimed mainly at Luigi De Magistris in order to dispossess him of the "Why Not", "Poseidon" and "Toghe Lucane" inquiries, which were in fact eventually taken away from him. At that time, I said that I was going to go to Catanzaro, together with many other young people, as if to Fort Alamo, because as far as I was concerned this was the last bastion of defence of the Magistrature.
Unfortunately, since then, many other things have occurred.
Unfortunately this attack on the magistrature continued on unabated, to the extent that we are now looking at the elimination of an entire Public Prosecutor’s Department.
We are now seeing the intimidation of a Public Prosecutor’s Department that was legitimately investigating another Public Prosecutor’s Department. And when this legitimately investigated Public Prosecutor’s Department complained, the CSM (Upper Council of the Magistrature) unfortunately did little more than send everyone home without examining the merits of what had occurred.
To make matters worse, they did something that had never before been done in the entire history of the Republic: they proceeded to place the Chief Public Prosecutor on unpaid suspension for having simply done his duty.
This is how the judges are being killed these days.
Once upon a time, judges such as Paolo Borsellino and Giovanni Falcone..., the very same Paolo Borsellino that had himself been investigated by the CSM, which did not however have the courage to proceed with this kind of assassination in the light of the public reaction.
Unfortunately, there no longer appears to be this kind of public reaction and, as a result, the powerful forces believe that they can do whatever they wish and, in accordance with the dictates of Minister Alfano, they have carried out an unspeakable act: they have essentially killed off a magistrate, namely Apicella, in much the same way as they had previously done with De Magistris and Clementina Forleo.
They killed him off without having to resort to the use of TNT, simply by means of official documentation.
Something happened yesterday that filled me with emotion. I received the most beautiful letter from Gabriella Nuzzi who resigned from the National Magistrates’ Association, saying that she had to be true to her own conscience and to the Constitution, and that she would continue to do so even though she has been stripped of her duties as Public Prosecutor.
It is alongside these very judges that we must stand, and it is for them that we must take to the streets.
On 28 January I will be in Rome, together with the Association of family members of Mafia victims and I hope together with many other likeminded people that will, in this way, offer resistance against what the current regime is trying to do in Italy.
We must support those magistrates that represent the last bastion of democracy in Italy.
We must prevent other magistrates being killed off.
I hope that there are many other magistrates that are prepared to follow the example set by Gabriella Nuzzi. I will continue to support these magistrates and I will remain close to them because I believe that this is a way for me to remain close to Paolo Borsellino and pay homage to his memory.
I hope that many, many, many other people will do the same.
Thanks." Salvatore Borsellino

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The devil in the details.
Credibility, Accountability and Responsibility.
As of lately I read to my kids: Once upon the time there was a place called “Il Belpaese!” now it’s called “Il Bruttopaese!”.
When the law is breathing down their necks, they simply legislates new Laws to protect themselves, when their phones are intercepted they simply re-write the rules of the games, when too many parties are competing for the same pie they simply invent a new Electoral Law.
I am simply baffled, while the deficit it’s going in the stratosphere (109% of GDP, it will never go away!) salaries in Italy are the lowest they ever been, inflation highest in Europe, in each and every statistics Italy is in the worst place of any European Country?
Do you feel represented, protected, served, assured and safe?
Do you think you and your kids will have a future with these imbeciles in charge?
Their future is already assured, their kids go to private schools and foreign universities, their bank account are fat and more importantly in Liechtenstein or Luxemburg.
Do you have any doubts, before you vote for any of this Incompetent Idiots ask for their Resume and Tax Return for the last ten year, if they are clean and really correct vote for them, let’s see how many will cut the mustard.
The future doesn’t look so bright any-longer, take the shades off the sun is elsewhere.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 25, 2009 03:43 PM

There is not much democracy in the USA (it may improve with the new administration) but much
less in Italy and not much hope of future improvement.
Mi spiace ma mi fate pena con il vostro Governo Ciao
Renato Vancherkel

Posted by: renato leandri | January 25, 2009 08:41 AM

Daccordo con il Signor Salvatore Borsellino.
UNA PERSONA, COME me, come Baracchino Obama, come Benito Mussolini;
"a return to discipline!
"Ora, gli uomini in buona fede....
devono aprire le orecchie......ma, sopratutto
debbono spalancarle coloro che sono in mala fede;
da questa citta'di frontiera, (Torino, 1935)
Io Dichiaro....perche' tutti mi sentano,
Eppure...oltre le frontiere ci sono dei farneticanti i quali non perdonano all'ITALIA
per questi residui, o residuati di tutte le logge
e' uno scandalo inaudito che ci sia l'ITALIA
(questo mio messaggio in memoria di Palo Borsellino e di coloro che sono caduti per la PATRIA......(SPQR Gesuardone annval59@netscape.net )( questo messaggio vi giunge dall'Oregon, USA) PER LA DIMOSTRAZIONE DEL 28 GENNAIO A ROMA.

Posted by: SPQR | January 25, 2009 07:25 AM

The devil in the details.
Credibility, Accountability and Responsibility!
That Italy is not a Democracy has been proven over and over again to the point that Italy pays more in fine o the European Court of Justice than to run Justice itself.
With the Justice Department in shambles, the PM is now planning to redesign the entire Justice System.
To make things more Linear, he will deploy 30,000 military personnel on the streets of Italy, meanwhile announcing to his electorate he is seriously considering massaging the Constitution and make Italy into a Presidential Republic.
Rest my case, military in the streets, nothing moves unless PM is aware of everything, world economy is sinking while Italians are blamed for insufficient shopping, and the cherry on the cake has to be Italy for 2009 has the Chairmanship of the G8 although Italian Economy is maybe, I repeat maybe 14th at best.
Italian PM has the Napoleon syndrome and the stature to prove it, what’s astonishing are the citizen of Italy!
They robbed you of your future (1690 Bil. Debt!) they robbed you of your right to vote your representative, now they will rob the Constitution, what’s left?
Good night and good luck.
The future doesn’t look so bright anymore, take the shades off.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 24, 2009 09:09 PM

invitation ON... let's go evryone to disco... GO

Posted by: rosa_nuova | January 24, 2009 05:18 PM

As recapped in today's NY Times, Federal
Appeals Judge Damon Keith said in 2002: "Democracies die behind closed doors."

Posted by: Italo Marchini | January 24, 2009 04:49 PM

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