No RAI licence fee, give notice


A new year has to start off with good resolutions. And what better resolution than to give notice of cancellation of paying the RAI licence fee? It’s difficult to find a better one. The licence fee is used by the parties to tell you that it snows in January and that you go on holiday in August. Of the Mills/Berlusconi trial or the Bassolino trial, there’s not a glimpse. Magistrates Forleo and De Magistris are treated like deviants and ball breakers. The early evening is devoted to the thoughts of Gasparri and Cicchitto. Journalists (?) like Riotta and Mimun become Heads of whole swathes.
The strings of the news are in the hands of the parties. The RAI is a propaganda tool of the PDL and of the PDminusL. The RAI is also an orgy. They pair up among themselves in order to multiply. Lovers, sisters, brothers, sons, former wives and future husbands. Thousands. A kamasutra that is always on the airwaves. The RAI should be a public service but it is an advertising service. More for advertising then for the public. Do they want advertising? Let them do without the licence fee. Do they want the licence fee? Let them do without the parties. At the moment there’s nothing missing. Advertising, party censorship, families, cheap journalisms and Saccà-style fiction.
A public information service is necessary, but in order to be a public service, it must not depend on Veltrusconi. The business models are there, like the BBC, just follow their example. From now up until November it’s possible to give notice of cancellation of paying the licence fee. We no longer pay for this regime shit. In November, the RAI has to close or change. To have two channels without advertising and not controlled by the parties seems to me to be a good objective. Any who gives notice of cancellation of paying the licence fee can sign up to the Facebook group: Cancelliamo il canone RAI. {Let’s get rid of the RAI licence fee }
- Take hold of the RAI licence fee document without tearing it into a thousand pieces
- Copy out the reference number of the TV licence fee document. If it’s not there ask for a duplicate using a registered letter and ask for a receipt of delivery to the TV licensing body (1° ufficio entrate Torino - S.A.T. Sportello Abbonamenti Tv - Casella Postale 22 - 10121 Torino)
- Don’t have outstanding issues like fines or late payments
- Buy a postal order for 5.16 euro and give the reason for the payment as "per disdetta canone numero"{to give notice of cancellation of paying the licence fee} (then write the appropriate reference number)". Beneficiary: S.A.T. casella postale 22, 10121 TORINO; l'agenzia di pagamento: TORINO VAGLIA E RISPARMI
- From the licence document remove the tab marked “d” (or "b" if it’s new) labeled "denuncia di cessazione dell'abbonamento tv". Put an X in box number 2 where there’s the request for sealing the TV and fill in the spaces indicated and give the number of the postal order and the date the payment was made
- In the space below that, there’s space for the date of sending the card: write the date and your signature. On the other side of the card write the full name and address of the person who is cancelling the payment of the licence fee If needed, correct the old address URAR TV in S.A.T.
- If the “card for giving notice of cancellation of paying the licence fee” is missing, use the card for generic communications, and write:
"Il sottoscritto (full name and address) chiede la cessazione del Canone TV e chiede di far suggellare il televisore (numero di ruolo:...) a colori detenuto presso la propria abitazione. A tale scopo ha corrisposto l'importo di 5,16 euro a mezzo vaglia postale n.... del.../.../... sul quale ha indicato il numero di ruolo dell'abbonamento"
Make a photocopy of the card (both sides). The original card has to be sent off in registered post with notification of receipt to the address given.
- Wait to receive the receipt of delivery.
- Using registered mail with notification of delivery, send to the S.A.T. address the complete original licence fee document with all its contents, keeping at home the receipts for the payments made in the last 10 years (or from when you started paying the licence fee).

The notice of cancellation must be given before 30 November 2009. When faced with all that has been described above, the RAI can respond by asking for your details (name, address etc.) (again?) , the brand name of the TV to be sealed up and whereabouts it is to be found.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

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Peter Vin. If you read my comment, you will see that I wasn't comparing RAI to the BBC. What I said was that there is a growing movement of people in the UK who are fed up with paying the BBC's licence fee. Google Biased BBC. They are fed up with paying the fee because of (a) episodes like the Jonathan Ross affair and (b) the supposed bias the BBC shows towards the left and its overpowering political correctness. I would not dream of comparing the BBC with RAI in terms of its political neutrality.

Posted by: Arthur Hooper | January 10, 2009 11:14 AM

Peter, if you rely on the BBC for your news, that explains why you are so far off the mark. The business model is better than RAI, but it is deeply in the service of Power. Andrew Marr is the perfect example - profoundly conservative, he never really upsets anyone. There are a few good anchors, but for the most part it is regurgitated press releases put out by trainees under the cosh to produce 60 words a minute. You can argue as to why, being generous you could suggest they are just tripping over themselves to not be controversial after the David Kelly affair. Whatever, the result is they never really get close to threatening many people with uncomfortable truths. it goes without saying that RAI needs to be shot, but please don't hold up the BBC as the voice of reason.

Posted by: Mark Thompson | January 9, 2009 07:59 PM

piano B+ start

Posted by: rosa_nuova | January 9, 2009 06:18 PM

Hello Beppo (ciao Beppo!) I read your blog in English in the United States. But I feel for you in Itlay, as in California we have the same games in our politics. Since we have term limits here in California, this year you are legislator, next term Senator, then Sec of Insurance and on and on and on.

As for the Rai trying to locate your TV after canceling your fee,(what a complex form you have to fill out too!) you need to give them the address to the local landfill, and they may go there to get your TV!

Power to the People!


Posted by: John Seybold | January 9, 2009 04:11 PM

With respect, Arthur Hooper, you cannot compare the BBC with Rai. The BBC, whether you agree with it or not, is independent of Government and Political parties. It is legally so. Fortunately both major parties in the UK claim the BBC is biased in favour of their opponents, so it's doing a fairly good job.
Rai on the other hand is legally divided up between the 3 main Italian Political groups and the Government of the day gets to choose the Directors (aka friends).
Political interviews on the BBC are robust irrespective of who the interviewee is. On the BBC no-one is particularly kind to Politicians. In contrast there is no such thing as a Political interview on Rai, merely conversations asking Politicians how are their families, did they have a good holiday and which Velina is the sexiest. There is no Rai equivalent of Jeremy Paxman or Steven Sakur, because Italian "churnalists" aren't allowed to ask difficult questions in case the public find out something in their interest and damaging to the Politician.
I live in Italy and rely on the BBC for real news. I can assure you that Rai and the BBC exist in different universes. The BBC, for all its faults, is a sainted institution and a paragon of democracy when compared with the disgraceful Political propaganda machine that is RAI.

Posted by: Peter Vin | January 9, 2009 01:10 PM

Good on you Beppe! There's actually the same sort of move happening in the UK with people who are fed up with paying £130 (I think) a year to have Gordon Broon's propaganda rammed down their throats.

Posted by: Arthur Hooper | January 9, 2009 12:05 PM

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