Ten Little Indians


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"Good day to you all.
I’m sorry, but I have to talk to you again about the so-called Salerno-Catanzaro case because there are astounding happenings and given that they are amazing, you don’t know about them.
Where else will you find the news except on “Passaparola”?
This is the very reason why this column came into being. So today we will talk about a very important news item that has been available to the newspaper editors and the agencies since Friday evening and it has not been reported by any Italian newspaper.
You will remember the latest episode, the last link in the chain that started a year and a half ago with the removal and the allocation upwards in the line management system of Luigi De Magistris’s two main investigations.
The latest action, last week, is that Minister Alfano, the so-called Minister of Justice Alfano – has blurted out charges against the Head Prosecutor in Salerno, Luigi Apicella and against his two deputies, Gabriella Nuzi and Dionigio Verasani who have done wrong by being in charge of the investigation that came into being on the denunciation of De Magistris, that half way through December, led to the search in Catanzaro and the confiscation of the documents of the Why Not investigation, that the Catanzaro Procura had not handed over for months and months, even though it had been asked to do so by Salerno.

Alfano is asking for the ousting of the Head of the Salerno Procura

Minister Alfano has asked the Council of Magistrates to throw out of the magistracy – not to move him, but to throw out of the magistracy, the Head of the Salerno Prosecutors Office.
It’s the most serious sanction that can be thought of. Usually it should be used for magistrates who have relations with the mafia, or those who steal, or who sell their verdicts.
Well, this gentleman has had no relations with the mafia and he has sold no verdicts. He is an elderly magistrate who all of a sudden sees his name highlighted in the newspapers simply because he allowed his deputies to work on an investigation that he evidently felt was being done well and with good foundations.
He is guilty of not blocking his deputies and of having backed up their decisions.
The Minister wants the Council of Magistrates to get him thrown out of the magistracy, out, away from the magistracy and as well he has asked them to have his salary stopped straight away.
To take his salary from him straight away. The only thing missing is the execution squad.
While, being bountiful, the Minister is asking for the transfer to another location of the 2 magistrates who actually carried out the investigation, that is Verasani and Nuzzi
Explaining the reason for this really serious sanction for the environmental incompatibility of these two magistrates, the Minister writes, based on the reports of his inspectors, that Apicella and his deputies Nuzzi and Verasani have been guilty of “absolute prejudice, a lack of balance and abnormal acts in regard to an uncritical defence of the Prosecutor De Magistris with the intention of redoing the trials that were taken from him”


A dangerous precedent

But here we are talking of something else. We are talking of the fact that what was written in the warrant for the search and confiscation by the Salerno Procura was not pleasing to the Minister, and for this reason, he is asking for the magistrates to be moved.
You will realize that here we are faced with a really dangerous precedent: it is really dangerous as well because no one has noticed it and no one has denounced it.
In 2001, the Milan Tribunal issued two orders in the trials which had as defendants Berlusconi and Previti for the famous corruption of the judges Squillante, Metta, etc... and in the trials relating to Mondadori, Sme, Imi-Sir.and so on. And they established a certain interpretation about the law of the rogatory letters that in fact thwarted it and they also established a certain interpretation of the verdicts of the Constitutional Court that declared to be nullified certain hearings during which Previti had not participated because he declared that he was busy in Parliament.
Those interpretation orders issued by the Milan Tribunal were denounced in Parliament by representatives of the Centre Right and in the end, I think it was the 5 and 6 December 2001, but you can find it in “Mani Sporche” where we told this story well, the Senate voted on a motion that criticised these orders from the Milan Tribunal.
The Association of Magistrates, at that time, a bit more vigilant and more active than the current one that has a flat encephalogram., noticed the seriousness of what was happening , because it was the first time in the history of the Republic that the Senate put to the vote, a measure taken by a judge.
The governing body of the Association of Magistrates resigned on the spot, reminding everyone that this had happened only once and that was in 1924 after the Matteotti crime and the in the authoritarian move by Mussolini.

Not even during fascism

Bear in mind that fascism did not dare to formally tamper with the independence of the magistracy: fascism received the previous codes and added to the ordinary Tribunals the infamous Special Tribunals for the political crimes.


One item of news that you only get from Passaparola

Against this order for confiscation, the only thing to do to declare it illegitimate, null, unfounded, abnormal, macroscopic, prejudiced, lacking in balance, and uncritical was to take it before the Court of Re-examination


De Magistris cannot be right

One says: and if De Magistris is right? Here we are: De Magistris cannot be right.
And anyone who gets information, not anyone who stays with De Magistris, anyone who gets information or deals with De Magistris without hammering at him unreasonably, has to be got rid of.
You will notice that the history of this year and a half, by reading the books by Vulpio and by Massari on the happenings in Calabria and in Lucania, it’s the story of the “Ten Little Indians” by Agatha Christie.
Bishop Bregantini was ousted because he denounced certain malpractices between politics and the world of crime.
Prosecutor De Magistris was ousted. First they took away his investigations then they took him away.
Then they removed his consultants, one after the other.
Then they got rid of the Carabiniere, Captain Zaccheo, who was transferred to Abruzzo.
Then they got rid of Ms Forleo who had the courage to appear on TV and defend De Magistris.
Then il Corriere della Sera prevented Carlo Vulpio from writing about the De Magistris case and as he had written a book on the topic he understood something about it.
Then the Salerno magistrates discovered that De Magistris could have been right and they discovered evidence to support what he had denounced and “they” even want to get rid of the Salerno magistrates.
Now, let’s see if they will get rid of the three judges of the Court of Re-examination who have just confirmed the order. But obviously before they get rid of them, it’ll be first necessary to talk about this order.


Spread the word. Passate parola."

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Volevo segnalare uno scam che va avanti da ben 12 anni. IL Capri/Hollywood,
il festival pieno di glamour organizzato da Vicedomini a capri a cavallo del capodanno da ben 12 anni, con i soldi dell'azienda del turismo di Napoli, e con quella dello sventurato sponsor Honda che ha partecipato quest'anno sia in realta' una macchina far fare soldi al suo organizzatore.
In realta' non e' niente di piu' che una operazione da tour operator che ripeto con i soldi della regione, che organizza vacanze gratuite alle stars americane che ricevono un premio per la semplice partecipazione. Non ha nessuan risonanza mediatica perche' i media sono tenuti alla larga volutamente, a parte
tre o quattro giornalisti che vengono invitati ogni anno. Pascal vicedomini ha una causa intentata contro di lui dal precedente sindaco di Capri per aver trasformato Capri in un marchio da sfruttare a livello personale per una operazione commerciale per lui e i suoi amici e le grandi star americane che ignare di quanto marcio ci sia, godono della vacanza gratuita.
Se Acqua Fiuggi e HOnda (Gli sponsors) vogliono buttare i loro soldi
dal momento che questo festival non ha nessuna risonsanza mediatica e i suoi organizzatori premuraosamente fanno in modo che i media stiano alla larga, possono fare quello che vogliono
ma bisognerebbe investigare nella sponsorizzazione realizzata dal ufficio del turismo campano
e vedere dove questi fondi vadano a finire.

Posted by: Francesca Lombardo | February 3, 2009 09:27 PM

all user, complete view the last video italy of menphis75. 12/01.
you decide. Sorry.

Posted by: Danielino R. | January 13, 2009 07:47 PM

Italy is always governed by people who just don't care what happens to Italians.
By people who care only money and power.
Since Mussolini to Berlusconi, without forgetting Andreotti and Craxi.

Dictatorship or democracy, people who get the power are the same.

That's the country in which I have to live.
That's the reason why I wanna go abroad. Everywhere in EU, but no longer here.

from a small village in Ligurian west coast

Posted by: Marco Chěparo | January 13, 2009 07:17 PM

The devil in the details!
Credibility, Accountability and Responsibility.
Still waiting for the BR. To instill some fear into these knuckleheads called Italian Politicians and in the meantime reading Newspapers from the Belpaese I am wondering; are you shore Mr. B. doesn’t have Alzheimer or Parkinson?
The telling sign are all there, age (72 and growing!), paranoia (Check!). memory loss (Check?), detachment from reality (Check, the only person he talks to are his bodyguard?)
The future doesn’t look so bright anymore take the sunglasses off!

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | January 13, 2009 06:47 PM

So, who is next? Who else dares challenge the autocratic Justice Minister Alfano? Travaglio's article makes you ask what kind of repercussions will this have on the judicial system. Will judges and prosecutors second guess themselves when facing uncomfortable truths? Will the justice system become more subdued as the government gets more autocratic? Will Italy have other De Magistris, Borsellinos Falcones, Di Pietros, Della Chiesas, Forleaos, Favas and all the others with the necessary guts to speak up? It's obvious the government is de-clawing the justice system to make it ineffective against corruption, organized crime and politicians and doing it with the arrogance of an occupying army. The measures taken by Alfano against the above mentioned people show to what degree organized crime is embedded in the institutions and how far it can throw its weight. Organized crime can, through a politician, render justice ineffective. Government's politicians, beside being courtiers of businessmen and entrepreneurs are now also courtiers of organized crime. Berlusconi's disdain of the Italian judicial system squares with the spite mafiosi have for judges, prosecutors and the upholders of laws. Organized crime has been quietly and stealthly acceptet within the national political process to the extent that the Prime Minister's most trusted collaborators have ties with organized crime. Criminals have become Members of Parliament, city and town councils in the South teem with members of organized crime. And where is the left in the midst of all this? One part is trying to resurrect the other part is genuflexed before Silvio. Di Pietro is the only light at the end of a long, long tunnel. And of course, then we got all the people that refused to vote in Abruzzo.

Posted by: louis pacella | January 13, 2009 06:12 PM

Are we still surprisd at what happens in Italy? Nothing has and will change! Left or right!

Posted by: grace | January 13, 2009 11:08 AM

This scandal can be added to so many others. Air France has finally been given the green light to take a share of Alitalia but only after, it appears, Berlusconi hived off the debts to the taxpayer and allowed some banks and business associates to make a financial killing by buying and selling on its Alitalia/One interests to the Air France consortium

Posted by: peterfieldman | January 13, 2009 10:01 AM

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