The Court of Accounts under Control


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The Court of Accounts has the task of checking up on damage caused to the State or to any other public body by its agents and to oblige the people responsible to pay compensation. It is a controlling body that checks up on how our money is spent, the money we pay in taxes. The public administrators and the politicians are spending all their time in this legislature on putting under control, those that control them. After the ordinary magistracy, now it’s the turn of the Court of Accounts.

Vizzini, the Chair of the Constitutional Affairs Committee, has inserted an amendment in the law. Vizzini doesn’t have a minute to have a look at the “Clean Up Parliament” law signed by 350,000 Italians citizens, but he always finds the time for an amendment to save his colleagues’ skin. Vizzini’s “piggish” amendment places the magistrates of the Court of Accounts under the control of politicians. They can do what they like with our money with the sure knowledge that no one is controlling them.
Some are talking about a soft dictatorship or of new fascism, it’s nothing like that. This lot are only thinking of the money. Our wallets are their magnificent obsession. The CSM {Council of Magistrates} under control, the Court of Accounts under control, the Court of Cassation with Carnevale, the news media under control, Parliament under control. Crikey, either this lot are sick or they have a lot to lose.
They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

”We are starting off with the fact that the checks are getting ever less, at times there are checks in the town administrations, in the regional ones and so on, that have now disappeared, and the Court of Accounts has remained the last great safeguard against a certain type of wastefulness. It’s not that it works well! It costs so much, five times more than the Spanish Court of Accounts just to get the picture, and in certain parts of the country it works really badly, however, in spite of all that, it is anyway a controlling body that puts a limit on certain messy things.
It deals with a bit of everything: from the Red Cross to the Regions, the towns etc. And it happens that like all the organisations of the magistracy, the ordinary magistracy, the administrative magistracy, the TAR, the Council of State, the Court of Accounts, it has a self-governing structure so that it can be taken away from being controlled and interfered with by the politicians. Traditionally, and by law, this self-governing structure is headed by a Chairperson who is chosen by the politicians, this is true, but from a “shortlist of three proposed names” from a self-governing body that is equivalent to the CSM, just so that we understand each other, of the ordinary magistracy. The Council of the Presidency provided a “shortlist of three” and the government chose who they wanted from within this shortlist of three. Now it’s clear that if you go and change the composition of the whole of the Council of the Presidency, the more politicised Council of the Presidency will provide a different shortlist of three than it gave before, in which, in fact, the government will have the possibility of choosing the one it prefers in a more direct way than before. And that is exactly what is happening.
With an amendment inserted in the Brunetta law, proposed directly by Carlo Vizzini, the Chair of the Constitutional Affairs Committee, the former social democrat Minister who is today in Forza Italia, they want to turn upside down the Council of the Presidency and thus reduce the number of magistrates elected by their colleagues from ten to four, that is more than halved! In this way the leaders would have ever more weight and those elected by Parliament would have more weight because at that point there would be four magistrates elected by their colleagues, two experts placed there by the Senate, two experts placed there by the Lower House, thus POLITICIANS, as well as the leaders of the Court of Accounts, plus the head of the cabinet and the secretary, and in fact we are talking of functionaries, even though that is in inverted commas, and I say, that would be more exposed to interference from the politicians. This is the little game.
At the same time, the Chair of the Council of the Presidency and of the Court of Accounts (because the same person has the Chair of each) would have a load of extra power and in fact he would become the “dominus” of the whole situation. ..."
Gian Antonio Stella

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The devil in the details.
Credibility, Accountability and Responsibility.
Watching CNBC today I was astonished to watch Mr. Tremonti at the World Financial Forum being interviewed by the London Bureau Chief, the interview was proceeding just fine (Standard B.S. Tremonti's style!) although the interviewer popped the 64K$ question and Mr. Tremonti went bezirk.
The question that popped the cork "Is it true the rumor going around that Mr. Profumo's Unicredit is considering financial support from the Italian Treasury?".
It doesn't appear to be a very difficult question for Mr. Tremonti, although the implication is that throughout Davos and World Forum Mr. Tremonti did blabber out to the whole world Italian Banks are solid because don't speak English and te financial crisis generated in the US and Italian Banks are immune.
As aspected when the tough gets going Italian Management gives money to their constituency to go shopping even more (After, after christmas sale???????)
I am confident that Mr. Tremonti is at the pinnacle of his carrier, because after this government is over he will return to hisdesk as a Tax man for the wealthy (Exactely where he belong!) because of economics he has no clue.
As usual these Idiots don't surprize me at all, although Italians and all the gurus do.
The future doesn't look so bright anylonger, take the shades off.

Posted by: Giacomo Chiametti | February 5, 2009 10:52 PM

Grillo, la pagina in italiano risulta ferma al 30 di Gennaio...

Posted by: enrico bosco | February 5, 2009 10:06 AM

It's funny that Vizzini was condemned for bribing (Tangenti Edimont) and that he skipped prison just because of the statute of limitations. Well folks, nothing's left to do but going to the parliament and kick them out...wear heavy boots, please!

(Interessante scoprire che sto' Vizzini è stato condannato in primo grado nel '93 per il caso Edimont, reato caduto in prescrizione. Non rimane altro da fare che sbatterli fuori tutti con la forza...a pedate!)

Posted by: Maria Grazia Sanna | February 5, 2009 02:39 AM

Presidente affari costituzionali; non ho capito bene se l'individuo
nominato si chiama Vizzini o "PIZZINI". Ho sentito un qualcosa di Antonio
Stella che a me e' sembrato come un'altra grande truffa che ha a che fare
con la corte dei conti."

Posted by: sandro carlucci | February 5, 2009 01:04 AM

redazione per cortesia risolvete sto bug..
con opera browser il tasto per cambiare lingua non funziona. resta bloccato all'inglese e mi piacerebbe leggere i post in lingua originale.

Posted by: john smith | February 4, 2009 09:35 PM

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