Gioacchino Genchi makes accusations


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Interview held with Gioacchino Genchi

There’s nothing more to say about this interview.
Beppe Grillo.

Interview held with Gioacchino Genchi:

"For the past twenty years I have worked as a technical consultant for the judicial authorities, a job that began almost by accident when, with the advent of the new penal procedure code, this position was created in terms of articles 359 and 360, which grant the Public Prosecutor’s Office the option to use the services of technical experts in any field whenever there are important activities to be performed. I am sorry that Martelli forgot, but Cossiga actually reminded me of the fact that it was the very same new penal procedure code that President Cossiga himself promulgated that made provision for this post, which is a very modern type of post at that. A post that exists in the most civilised and advanced legal systems and so, whereas previously the Public Prosecutor’s Office had been very limited and could only make use the services of the Criminal Police Department for any special investigations, now the new penal code made provision for this type of post.
Therefore, when it comes down to finding out the truth in any criminal case, finding out the truth also meaning in favour of the person under investigation or the accused, the Public Prosecutor’s Office is no longer limited as regards whose services they may use. I held this post within the Department of Public Safety.

We did some important work with Arnaldo La Barbera, with Giovanni Falcone and then also regarding the massacres. When it became necessary for the Public Prosecutor’s Office to bring in an outsider, perhaps someone who would not be influenced by the executive powers, and here I am referring specifically to investigations involving white collar workers, magistrates and top political figures, the Public Prosecutor’s Office preferred to avoid the possibility of any political entities and executive powers influencing any choices taken by the public administration departments where the various people worked.
In accepting this appointment, I made an ethical choice, in other words, I chose to give up my career and my salary so as to concentrate all of my efforts on my work for the magistrature. Instead of being appreciated, this choice on my part was instead used by my detractors who, until very recently, proceeded to attack me in Parliament.

Minister Brunetta had no choice but to admit that the granting of the unpaid leave of absence that I had requested was perfectly in order and had been considered by the various State Departments, by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Public Service Ministry and by the Office of Prime Minister Berlusconi, in other words, by the very same people that then proceeded to attack me in such a violent and absurd manner, telling those lies about me that made the Italians laugh about this entire hullabaloo surrounding me, this apparent national danger constituted by one person that has been working with the judges and the Public Prosecutors on Mafia cases, massacres, homicides an some of the most important mafia and political activities that have taken place in Italy.

Perhaps for them it is a national danger! For all those people that attacked me, and this is the best part (and here I will keep quiet because I cannot say too much since I am sworn to secrecy), It makes me laugh because all those gentlemen journalists that attacked me, from Farina through to Luca Fazzo, to Lionello Mancini of the Sole 24 ore newspaper, to “La Stampa” journalist Ruotolo, are none other than the main role players in the matters that I was looking into. This is the part that is so absurd!

The very same politicians that are now busy attacking me are none other than the main players that I was investigating at the time. From Rutelli through to Martelli, the Martelli that was well known at the time of Falcone. We are talking about people that that fell within the scope of my activities. Martelli because his name appeared in Falcone’s computers when they were tampered with and Rutelli because he is a friend of Saladino and his name cropped up in tapped telephone conversations between Saladino and Mastella, because of the evidence that we all know about, and so forth. Later I will talk mention the names of those that spoke during Question Time in the Chamber, that journalist that drafted the press release, what a joke! By the bye, these guys don’t even have the common decency to get someone else to come in on their behalf.

No, they appear in person! They do this knowing full well that they were personally under investigation. This is absurd. It makes me laugh because the Italian population sees this great wiretapper who supposedly spied on all Italians, but why would I have wanted to spy on all the Italians? Just to hear them admit that they cannot get to the end of the month on their salaries? To hear them say that their children have lost their jobs and are now unemployed? That we are in the middle of an economic crisis? I ask the question again, why would I want to spy on the Italians? Who precisely are all these Italians that are afraid of Gioacchino Genchi?

The only ones that are afraid of Gioacchino Genchi are those with a guilty conscience and those with a guilty conscience are precisely those that attacked me. Not to mention the fact that all they have achieved by attacking me is to confirm all of my suspicions about them. Indeed even more suspicions than even I was aware of so I probably underestimated the Rutelli’s role in the “Why not” inquiry.

Rutelli has shown that he probably has a skeleton in his cupboard and that is why he behaved as he did. When the truth eventually come out into the open, then we will understand the precise nature of Rutelli’s relationship was with Saladino, what Senator Mastella’s relationship with him was, the role played by his son, the one who made use of telephones belonging to the Chamber of Deputies... everything will become clear! From beginning to end. That is another reason why they had to abolish the practice of wiretapping at all costs and why they had to strip the magistrates of their power to authorise wiretaps, especially given the results that had been achieved, namely as regards Vallettopoli, Saccà, Rai, etcetera. However, without any problems, the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office immediately began instituting proceedings against Dr. Genchi, a matter that was completely outside their jurisdiction and had about as much to do with them as cabbage for tea. Instead it had everything to do with them because the ex Chief Public Prosecutor of Catanzaro, and let me say “fortunately ex”, used these printouts like a fig leaf in order to hide all his misdeeds and later as a parachute by not using them in Catanzaro, where the new Chief Public Prosecutor would probably have immediately sent them through to Salerno.
The truth is that those printouts constitute proof of their criminal guilt. Their guilt, not mine. So, he didn’t send the printouts to Salerno, which had jurisdiction, he didn’t send them to the Public Prosecutor of Catanzaro, who would then have had an opportunity to view the printouts and thus discover what was in them, he didn’t send them to the office of the Public Prosecutor of Palermo, from where I did my work, but he sent them to Rome, which has nothing to do with the matter.

So what he does is parachute these printouts and misses the landing because the Public Prosecutor’s office he chooses is one that cannot do anything right. Also because those printouts also contained, amongst others, inquiries regarding the Public Prosecutor of Rome! Whom we are busy investigating. So now the Public Prosecutor of Rome is investigating not only me, but also certain magistrates working for the Public Prosecutor of Rome. This is a repeat of what happened between Salerno and Catanzaro, and what had already happened between Milan and Brescia at the time of the investigations regarding Di Pietro. With one difference, namely that, at the time, the body responsible for the investigations was known as the “Gico”, whereas now it is known as the “Ros”, but essentially nothing has changed.

In the final analysis, however, I must say that I nevertheless have faith in our justice system. They have attempted to turn everyone against me and they tried to say, for example, that because there was ongoing collaboration with the Public Prosecutor of Milan, and between De Magistris and the Public Prosecutor of Milan, as well as personal friendship between De Magistris and Spartaro, that Spartaro’s printouts were acquired. How absurd! No such situation has ever existed. Not even maybe! How can they deny De Magistris the support of the associated magistrature? Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that he did take Spartaro’s printouts. How can we set the Upper Council of the Magistrature up against De Magistris? Let’s say that he took Mancino’s printouts. What then?

Now the “Ros” people are saying that in the printouts that I took there are heaven alone knows how many lines belonging to the Upper Council of the Magistrature. We never acquired any printouts concerning the Upper Council of the Magistrature, what we did acquire were certain printouts pertaining to magistrates themselves, that we did, and amongst them were a number of very specific individuals from the national anti-mafia prosecution, two of them, only two of whom have any contact with the Upper Council of the Magistrature.

He investigated the “Quirinale”! Since when? However, if someone within the “Quirinale” made a call to, or received a call from one of the individuals that we are legitimately investigating, then we need Upper Council of the Magistrature to find out who the person within the “Quirinale” is that has been in contact with these people, but it doesn’t mean that I have acquired printouts concerning the “Quirinale”. Irrespective of whether or not such a thing occurred, it would in any event have been completely legitimate because, to be clear, in Italy, investigations are not only conducted on drug addicts, preferably immigrant ones, or on those that come ashore at Lampedusa, against whom anything is permissible, including the creation of lagers.

Everyone is equal before the law. All of us are subject to the law! Just to be clear on that point. They need to understand this. The minute anyone dares to touch any of these gentlemen, even as lightly as a feather, these gentlemen immediately rebel and attempt to destroy those with the courage to simply do their job.
The Italians have understood this. They have also understood that how they have been vilifying this Dr. Genchi, and now I will publish all of my work. I will publish everything from beginning to end, including all of the rulings handed down by the Court of Cassation, the Courts of Appeal, the Administrative Courts, all of the Courts that have handed down hundreds of years’ worth of sentences thanks to my work.
But the rulings that I am most proud of are not the guilty ones, but rather the not-guilty ones! Those people that were unjustly accused also thanks to the work done by the people of the “Ros” and that were facing life sentences, but who were eventually found not-guilty thanks to my work! Those people that were in prison. People who were in jail because the mistook the owner of a SIM card. Yet now these gentlemen come along and accuse me of doing the same things as they have done..., but they are totally wrong!
The worst is that all of these lies and this stream of hogwash has been perpetrated within no lesser organisation than Copasir! The body that is charged with overseeing the security services, not the consultants and magistrates that do their work within the security services! We discovered evidence of collusion between members of the security services and certain companies that work for the security services, that work in the field of wiretapping and that build barracks on the basis of privately negotiated contracts worth millions of Euros, that is what we were working on! We were working on that when they stopped us because they were all about to be caught with their hands in the cookie jar! That is the real truth.

That is the honest truth and they have now provided me with the perfect opportunity to reveal the truth because, as a person who is under investigation, I am no longer subject to confidentiality clauses since I have the right to defend myself! I have to defend myself against a prosecution that cannot get anything right due to lack of jurisdiction, namely the Public Prosecutor of Rome, so I will defend myself at the Roma Prosecutor’s office.

However, the truth will most certainly come to light! And there is no need for any archives or additional information because there are three or four simple facts. The required recordings of Saladino’s pnonecalls, about ten in all, made prior to the time when De Magistris began his investigations, which are very telling indeed! The attack against me originated precisely from those individuals that I identified on the evening of nineteen July 1992, immediately after the massacre in via D'Amelio, while I could still see Paolo Borsellino’s corpse burning and poor Emanuela Loi that was falling apart within the walls of number nineteen, via D'Amelio, where the bomb went off. I am still seeing the same people, the same individuals and the same matter now that I found at the time!
No one has yet told me that I am insane. Indeed, I may well be dangerous or terrible, but no one has yet told me that I am insane. Therefore, the things that I’ saying are not the words of a madman, because I can prove all of these things. This is the perfect opportunity for the day of reckoning to come to Italy. Beginning with the via D'Amelio massacre, through to the Capaci massacre. Because the time has come for Italians to know about the ongoing collusion that has taken place between the Government’s secret services, criminals and politicians.

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war is peace
freedom is slavery
ignorance is strength

every 10 year read the book helps putting thing in perspective. for the accompanied by children animal farm is recommended



Posted by: roberto protei | March 2, 2009 09:05 PM

The truth has to come !!

Posted by: Dok Z | March 1, 2009 10:34 PM

video not avalable

Posted by: orfeo smania | February 28, 2009 02:54 PM

video not avalable

Posted by: orfeo smania | February 28, 2009 02:54 PM

Dear Roberto, I understand your feelings, but these things are going on, overtly or covertly, anywhere else in the world, the only difference is the degree, so changing nationality will be only a cosmetic change, not a real one.

These are matters concerning all humankind, not only this or that country, and we can only change them by becoming aware of it first, and then working for peaceful non co-operation with this gigantic criminal system, instead of feeding this monster every day.

Last night I saw a really good movie that gives a good picture of some of the many things going on every day behind our backs, whilst we are kept hypnotised by TVs and medias, it is called THE INTERNATIONAL, I recommend it.

We can easily do things like not watching all the lies we are fed by TVs everyday, not buying and reading newspapers, not getting into debts to buy things we do not need, not giving our money to banks and credit cards, checking what is really happening to our tax money, and find out where it really goes, checking what these people are doing behind our backs every day
whilst we watch football or any other rubbish, and 1000s of other little things like these, which will shake the very foundations of the system set up to control and deceive us, whilst doing anything it can to protect itself from honest people.

My 2 cents.

Posted by: stefano | February 28, 2009 11:36 AM

i am sick and tired to be italian as soon as i can i ll change nationality. addio come memo remotti

Posted by: roberto bartoli | February 27, 2009 11:24 PM

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