Obedience is no longer a virtue


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Don Milani. Obedience is no longer a virtue

The Senate has approved the filtering of websites via the D'Alia amendment, named after the UDC Senator and bench colleague of Cuffaro. In future, should a blogger incite anyone to disobey any law that he/she believes to be unjust, the service providers can be obliged to shut down the website in question. These guys are currently coming up with a new unjust law each and every day. We are only spoilt for choice. The first of these was the Alfano Bill and the latest one requires doctors to report illegal immigrants that come to them for treatment. Now the D'Alia Law provides that an Internet service provider may be obliged to shut down a website wherever it may be based, even abroad. What they are doing in essence is deploying servers at our borders instead of armies.
The only possible response to a law such as this is civil disobedience.
They may never give up (is it in their interests?), but neither will we.

«Art. 50-bis. Repression of activities involving the defence of, or the instigation to commit a crime via the Internet
1. When prosecuting crimes involving instigation to commit a crime or to disobey the law, in other words for defending any crime specified in the Penal Code or other penal provisions, and there are sufficient grounds to suggest that a person is involved is such defence or instigation by electronic means via the Internet, after having notified the judicial authorities the Minister for Internal Affairs may issue a decree providing for the indicated activity to be stopped and order the Internet Service Provider in question to utilise any appropriate filtering tools that may be necessary to this end.
2. The Minister of Internal Affairs shall avail himself of the services of the Post and Communications Police to undertake any investigations aimed at issuing the decree as specified at clause No.1. Any objections regarding the interruption of the service provision may be referred to the judicial authorities. The provision contained in Clause 1 shall be revoked immediately in the absence of the grounds stipulated in the aforesaid Clause.
3.I In terms of the provisions of Clause 1, Internet Service Providers shall be required to make the necessary arrangements to comply with the filtering order within 24 hours. Violation of this requirement shall result in the application of an administrative punitive fine of between 50,000 Euro and 250,000 Euro, which will be ordered by the Minister of Internal Affairs via an appropriate provision.
4. Within 60 days from the date of publication of this law, the Minister of Internal Affairs shall issue a special decree, in agreement with the Minister of Economic Development and the Minister of Public Administration and Innovation, establishing and defining the technical requirements for the filtering tools specified in Clause 1, as well as the associated technological solutions.
5. Clause four of article 266 of the Penal Code, number 1) states the following: "by means of the press, electronically via the Internet, or by other propaganda means "."

"Dear Beppe,
For some time now, every time I receive any news informing me about the Government’s latest legislative injustice I find myself asking whether it is proper to respect unjust laws. Laws promulgated to protect the rights of the chosen few and destroy the lives of many.
At this time, and with these thoughts going through my mind, I find the words of Don Milani to be very relevant and, forty years on, I believe that they deserve to come back and prick everyone’s conscience. Obedience is no longer a virtue. In 1965, the use of force as the sole strategy for protecting the Homeland was called into question. Today we need to stir up new conscientious objectors with the ability to sound reasoning to judiciously criticise these unjust laws that are being imposed on us. Filippo
"[...] It is not my intention to preach the Gospel in this letter. It is very easy to prove that Jesus was against the use of violence and that in his own case He never even accepted the principle of legitimate defence.
I will rather refer you to the Constitution.
Article 11. "Italy rejects the use of war as a tool to deprive other peoples of their liberty...".
Article 52. "It is every citizen’s sacred duty to defend his/her Homeland ".
Let us use this as a measuring staff to assess the wars to which the Italian population has been called in one Century of our history. If we find that the history of our military forces is rife with offences against other peoples’ Homelands, then you should tell us whether, in those cases, the soldiers should have obeyed or disobeyed the dictates of their consciences. Then you will also have to explain to us who defended the Homeland and its honour: those that objected or those that by obeying orders made our Homeland the most hated in the civilised world? Enough with these highbrow and generic discussions. Come down to Earth. Tell us precisely what you have taught our soldiers. Obedience at all costs? What if the order given was to bomb civilians, an action of reprisal against an unarmed village, summary execution of partisans, the use of atomic weapons, chemical weapons or torture, the execution of hostages, summary trials for simple suspects, decimation (the random selection of some or other Homeland soldier and then have him shot by a firing squad in order to instil fear in the remaining Homeland troops), blatant acts of aggression, the orders of a officer rebelling against a sovereign population, the repression of public demonstrations? [...]" Don Milani

Ps: Anyone wishing to forward some suggestions to Senator D'Alia for improving his amendment can do so by sending an e-mail to: dalia_g@posta.senato.it

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Raivo Pommer-estonia-www.google.ee


Ein Spionagenetzwerk mit dem Namen GhostNet hat weltweit mehrere hundert Computer infiltriert und deren Nutzer beobachtet. Kanadische Forscher haben dieses Geisternetz entdeckt, das innerhalb von weniger als zwei Jahren aufgebaut worden sein soll und noch aktiv ist. Der Betreiber sei unbekannt, wie die New York Times berichtet.

Die Forscher am Munk Center for International Studies in Toronto gehen davon aus, dass mindestens 1295 Rechner in 103 Staaten infiltriert worden seien. Dazu sollen Computer von Botschaften, Außenministerien, der Nato und des Dalai Lama gehören. Die infizierten Rechner stehen dem Bericht zufolge unter anderem in Brüssel, London und New York. Betroffen waren die Außenministerien von Iran, Bangladesch, Lettland, Indonesien, den Philippinen, Brunei, Barbados und Bhutan. Außerdem seien Systeme in Botschaften von Deutschland, Indien, Südkorea, Indonesien, Rumänien, Zypern, Malta, Thailand, Taiwan, Portugal und Pakistan gehackt worden. Dabei hätten die Hacker Malware installiert und Daten von den befallenen Computern empfangen sowie versendet.

Exiltibeter wollten es wissen

Die Systemeinbrüche wurden dem Blatt zufolge entdeckt, nachdem Mitarbeiter des Dalai Lama die Kanadier gebeten hatte, ihre Rechner auf schädliche Programme wie Viren zu untersuchen. Das geistliche Oberhaupt der Tibeter, das im Exil lebt, wollte damit sicherstellen, dass seine Rechner nicht von der chinesischen Behörden überwacht werden.

Posted by: Stefano | March 29, 2009 05:05 PM


Von Raivo Pommer

Überträgt man diese Verfahrensweise auf den Vermögensaufbau, dann käme dem Finanzberater die Rolle des Privat-Ethnologen zu. Er hilft ihm nämlich mittels einer Bestandsaufnahme, einen Überblick über seine finanziellen Entscheidungen zu gewinnen.

Dieser Perspektivwechsel von Nah zu Fern wird im Hinblick auf die bevorstehende Einführung der Abgeltungssteuer besonders wichtig. Um herauszufinden, ob man Kandidat für einen Vermögens- und Depot-Check ist, sollte man sich einfach folgende Fragen stellen:

Weiß ich, welche Auswirkungen die Abgeltungssteuer auf meine Ersparnisse haben wird?
Kenne ich Anlageformen, die von der neuen Steuer nicht betroffen sind?
Bin ich ausreichend informiert, um die anstehende Besteuerung von Kursgewinnen legal abzuwenden?

Ist die Antwort „Nein“? Dann wird es höchste Zeit für ein Beratungsgespräch, sagen nicht nur die Finanzexperten, sondern auch der gesunde Menschenverstand.

Denn Zeit ist vor allem in diesem Jahr Geld. Jede Minute, die der Anleger vor dem Jahreswechsel seinem Vermögen widmet, macht sich bezahlt.

Welche Auswirkungen die Abgeltungssteuer haben kann, verdeutlicht folgendes: Wer noch in diesem Jahr 50 000 Euro in einen Aktienfonds investiert, der durchschnittlich sieben bis acht Prozent Rendite einbringt, darf sich nach 30 Jahren über mehr als 500 000 Euro freuen.

Kauft man denselben Fonds erst in 2009, dann sind es am Ende nur noch rund 390 000 Euro, weil vom Kursgewinn 25 Prozent Abgeltungssteuer an den Fiskus abgeführt werden müssen.

Posted by: Money | February 12, 2009 08:37 AM

@raivo pommer

Although I got lots of trouble reading your comment in Germain even in using Babylon your post seems to be out of subject.


Posted by: fernand bar | February 9, 2009 09:56 AM

...at least the Americans they had only 8 years to suffer for their own mistakes ...in Italy ...good luck to us ...We are blind now. No streaming. No internet freedom ...Dictatorship is on ...once again ...once again I am not in Italy. BYE.

Posted by: Nicola Scanni | February 8, 2009 01:01 PM

Terry Wallis si risveglia dal coma dopo 19 anni - sciences et avenir, sett. 2006

Terry Wallis a recuperato l'uso delle parola e il movimento nel 2003. Quest'uomo, così attaccato alla vita, ha avuto un incidente nel 1984 che l'ha portato a vivere in stato vegetativo. La sorprendente plasticità del cervello è quindi un miracolo. La squadra di Nicholas Schiff, Cornell University (Ithaca, USA) ha spiegato che il cervello di Terry ha sviluppato progressivamente nuove connessioni per compensare le zone lese, in particolare nella zona del precuneo. Il fenomeno già noto non si era mai verificato dopo un periodo così lungo. Il risveglio inaspettatodi Terry ha sorpreso i medici. (fonte:archivio "corriere della sera")

Posted by: francesco pasetti | February 7, 2009 02:16 PM

Thanks Beppe, and ditto to what Stefano said below. It's getting harder and harder to devise methods of keeping the people ignorant but those in power are creative if nothing else. From football to 'Faux' News in America to internet controls, most people don't have the time or energy to seperate the wheat from the chaff as they are so busy struggling to make ends meet, that's why the authorities can be so successful.

Posted by: Shane N | February 7, 2009 12:39 PM

" Never forget that everything that Hitler did
was legal. "

Martin Luther King

" It is strange that people should take up crime,
when there are so many legal ways to be dishonests. "

Al Capone

Sorry for referring to two humang beings so different from one another, but the truth of their observations is what matters, and is relevant here.

The law, when it is just and fair as it should be, of course, was always intended as a means to protect honest people from criminals, not as a means to protect the criminals, from honest people.

Of course we just need to look at history, anywhere in the world, to see how rarely this has really been the case, as opposed to being a method used by the few to control the many, systematically terrorizing populations into compliance, by means of " Do what you are told, or else ", kind of laws, like the law of the jungle.

Our "employees", who of course never had any intention of being our employees, except as a necessary public pretense to keep up the appearances of democracy, are increasingly desperate in trying to protect themselves from honest people, who, thanks to the internet, can bypass all the regime lies and propaganda, and allow the truth to be know, in spite of all their efforts at suppressing it.

They are afraid of the growing number of people who are waking up, and are starting to look at what "our representative" are actually doing behind our backs, and what kind of people are affecting our lives everyday, and in what ways, instead of watching football, or other weapons of mass distraction, designed to keep them as mentally asleep as possible, as they were supposed to be doing.

Keep up the good fight Beppe, truth follows the laws of the conscience, not those of the legally organised crime !

Posted by: Stefano | February 7, 2009 12:04 AM

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