Political communiquè number nineteen


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The political parties are dead. Citizens must distance themselves from the dead while there is still time. Veltrusconi was born dead. It was an attempt to safeguard the interests of the political classes and the lobbyists. It cannot last. Veltrusconi are like a pair of Siamese twins. If you separate them they both die. Today it is Ueltròn’s turn, tomorrow it will be the psychodwarf’s. The younger generation and the honest citizens cannot entrust their future to the face of Franceschini or the sneer of D'Alema. To the nonentities of Fassino and Rutelli. To the lowly Arcore-style kitchen politics of Violante and Ms. Finocchiaro. Just look at those faces. They no longer represent anything. Their programme for the Country is known as survival. They want to hang around for a long time because they feel indispensable. They are only indispensable to themselves. Having joined the party at a very tender age, they don’t even know the price of a litre of milk and they’ve never known what it feels like to not get a salary, to be a contract worker or to be unemployed. Work – what a laugh! They have really taken off, assisted by grace, by the spirit of saint Scalfari, by the divine Carlo De Benedetti and by the red co-operatives, but even the white ones. The ideology and the Grand Schemes, the first prize in Politics, the intellectual superiority and the proper detachment from the real Country. The Bicameral elections with the P2-ist and the television broadcasting frequencies handed over to Tar Head as a gift. In exchange for what, Mr. Violante? What did he give you in return? Far removed from the renewable energy sources, from the conflict of interests, from the internal corruption of the Del Turcos and the Bassolinos, from the CIP6 levy given as a gift to the fuel companies, from freedom of information, from piazza Navona and piazza Farnese, from the contract workers, from the Treu/Biagi law and from the deaths on the job. The Democratic Party is no longer an alternative, in fact it never was one. It is a sinking ship where the sewer rats are running around in search of the lifeboats. We now have a great opportunity, namely to get rid of these people forever. I am appealing to all Italians wanting to see some change: let's create a Five-star Civic List, register with a Five-Star Civic List and establish a MeetUp group. Take your future into your own hands. In June we will be voting in the Italian Municipal elections and this could see the birth of a new, 5-star national movement. Free of the scoundrels, the professional politicians that no one elected. This Parliament is illegitimate, unconstitutional and anti-democratic. You are busy creating the programme for the 5-star Municipalities via your blogs and your e-mails. It will be unveiled on the eighth of March in Florence, together with the Florence election list. The Renaissance began there. Italy deserves a new renaissance. This business committee of Bolognina preferred to make Soru lose in Sardinia and Costantini lose in Abruzzo rather than implement a change that would have left them behind. All they have done is gain a few extra weeks. What precisely is the difference between the Pdwithoutanel that is putting up Bassolino as a candidate for the upcoming European elections and the PDL that nominates Mastella? Or between the convicted criminal Carra of the PDwithoutanel and Ciarrapico of the PDL? They have called us populists, demagogues, you name it. Worse than Mussolini, terrorists, without a plan. Read the political programme for yourselves on this blog: "The Citizens' Primaries". I delivered it to Romano Prodi back in 2006. Had he implemented it, he would still be sitting in Palazzo Chigi. Spread the word about this appeal. They may never give up (is it in their interests?), but neither will we.

Ps1: The national 5-Star Municipalities gathering will be held at the Saschall Theatre in Florence on Sunday, March 8, 2009. Register and take part in the Forum.
Ps2: Tomorrow, Sunday 22 February, around 17h30, I will be in Chiaiano to attend the public meeting concerning the waste disposal dump.

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Dear Beppe, this should really start some fire works !

Someone said that Democracy should be much more than just two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. But that would be the case with a true democracy, not the fake ones where we are manipulated into a "choice" between different wolves in sheep clothes, with honourable exceptions which, those with real power, will ensure by various covert means that they will never get into positions where they could have real influence.

If Prodi had implemented the political program you have proposed, he would not be still in power, as you suggest, but he would have been removed even more quickly, by those whoreally control the country ( and any other country ) from behind the scenes, and use all the corrupt politicians, of whatever party, as their agents, who pretend to represent their people or their country, in the public eye, whilst they are all puppets of the same puppeteers; that is why, regardless of whom is in power, nothing really changes, except cosmetically.

It is not meant to.

And this is what those with real power really want.

The only real change can occur, if people finally wake up, in large numbers, and start paying to all the matters on which their lives, and the lives of their families, and ultimately the fate of the world itself, depend upon, the same amount of attention that they pay to football, celebrities gossips and whatever idiocies we are fed daily by the medias ( for these we always seem to find the time, incredibly ), to keep us distracted from what these people are really doing behind our backs, until it might be too late to wake up.

The change has to start inside ourselves first, with deciding if our lives are more or less important than football or "what's on TV tonight ?".
With deciding if we want lives based on "what is right" or on "what's in it for me".

Of course I trust you are not so naive to expect that the changes you are promoting will be allowed to happen without them trying to unleash anything they can in order to stop changes that will interfere with their real agendas, and might replace their puppets with honest people that will do what is right, instead of what they are told, or what is convenient for them.

In their views, we are nothing but cattle and sheep, and the sheep are not meant to tell the wolves how the wolves should behave.

They have no problems at unleashing the medias they control against anyone who bothers them, atdemonizing ( and censoring ) the internet, to stop the truth from coming out, at using agents provocateurs to start riots and troubles, which can then be used as a justification for them to arrest and use the heavy hand, against those who bother them, or to push through fascist/communist laws, which cannot be pushed through easily without first covertly creating the problems which are then used as a justification for "offering" the "solution"; at starting wars, "terrorists" attacks or engineering major financial crises, in order to manipulate the people of the world into believing and doing, whatever suits them; but, since they do these things anyway, we better wake up and try to put a spanner in their wheels, since the only other option, if we leave them free to do whatever they like, is martial law and the slaughterhouse for all of us.

Keep up the good work Beppe.

Posted by: Stefano | February 22, 2009 01:11 PM

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