Roundabout patrols


”Good day to you all.
There’s lots that could be said about the various things that have happened, starting with the sad things happening around the morgue of the Democratic Party.
I would tend to let that go so as not to be a real bore and make you run away from this presentation. It strikes me that the best sound bite came from Matteo Renzi, the young man who won the primaries against the established party names for the Florence council, who said in relation to poor Franceschini: “they have elected the deputy disaster”.
Enough. Let’s finish that there.
Let’s talk about stuff that is more serious and more worrying., that is of the issue of immigration mixed up with criminality that has given rise to a measure that like the one that authorizes the private patrols of citizens who go round the city on patrol and it’s not clear what they do. They go around with the air of substituting or helping the security forces and cutting down crime and dissuading criminals.
On many occasions we have already dealt with the issue of criminality, in fact I can let you know that the third volume of our Passaparola – called Mafiocrazia has come out. It covers the end of last year and the beginning of this year.
You can recognize it and distinguish it from the other volumes by the rose colouring, even though the content is anything but rosy.
In relation to this topic, I would like to start with a great article written by Luca Ricolfi in La Stampa. I don’t always agree with Ricolfi but I have to say that this time he has been spot on.
He says that basically crimes are tending to go down and that the only time when they went up, as we had widely forecast, was with the Great Pardon.
Now the Great Pardon has lost its usefulness as the number of people in prison is the same as it was before the Great Pardon with the additional bad thing that we have had a lot more crimes in the period after the Great Pardon. Instead of relieving the conditions o f the overcrowded prisons it has made things worse for the honest citizens who are outside and who have suffered more crimes than they would have done if it hadn’t been for the Great Pardon and if different policies had been implemented, like having new prisons, or different destinations for certain types of prisoners, like non-European-Union people and drug addicts.
Anyway, this is not the topic under discussion.

Thanks to the Great Pardon

Ricolfi writes that the rate of criminality among foreigners is much higher than among Italians, even because the foreigners that come to Italy are not a representative sample of their nations.
The people from Romania who are in Italy are not representative of the Romanians who stay in Romania. The people from Morocco who are in Italy are not representative of the Moroccans who stay in Morocco.
Just like the Italians who went to America were are not representative of the Italians who were here in Italy. Anyone who is escaping from their own country to go to another one, unless they are obliged to do that for political or religious reasons or because of war, usually belong to the most vulnerable sectors of their society, those that don’t manage to get the chance to make a living in their own country and who go to another country in desperation to seek it there.


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Frankly, I'm not sure what the point of the article is. Do immigrants commit more crimes because they're destitute in Italy, or is it because they didn't "get a chance to make a living in their country?" Who says immigrants commit more crimes than Italians? And whatdoes "propensity' to commit crime mean? They have a social congenital flaw? A cultural flaw? And what's with "groups and subgroups"? The language is ambiguous and gives the reader a slight impression that immigrants are aliens from another planet and must be tolerated, or seen as "losers" on the loose. I think Italian media is too hung up in reporting crime stories by stressing the nationality of the perpetrators. Law breakers are law breakers, their nationality is of no importance, as long the crime it's reported. You want inflame prejudices and increase fears and biases in people? Talk about nationality and race. I think that, all in all, the article is in good faith, but a touch diminshing. And that makes the article biased in its spirit.

Posted by: louis pacella | February 25, 2009 05:36 AM

If there is nothing for "bright and educated" Italians, how could there be something for "bright and educated" foreigners? And should there be jobs available, the "bright and educated" foreigner have a a snow- ball-in-hell chance of being hired. Education in Italy, today, is more of an hindrance than a benefit. Educated people are seen as subversives. This government is bent on the destruction of the education system. They want private schools where diplomas and degrees can be bought over the counter, (like buying aspiring at the pharmacy) and attendance is not required. Their plan si to privatize schools and synchronize their curriculums with Berlusconi's TV programs and produce "perfect imbecilles" as per the covert plans of the P2.

Posted by: louis pacella | February 24, 2009 02:16 PM

Travaglio is right, the problem of justice system make the worst immigrants come here, and the best of them go away.

Posted by: Marco Chìparo | February 24, 2009 02:03 PM

you are right about migrants, Beppe, the only problem is that the best and most educated go to the USA, Canada, or northen European countries. The thieves, the rapists , the petty criminals, the criminal organizations and all those wanted by their country's justice system come to Italy to join ranks with our criminals and continue to steal, rape, kill, push drugs, without risking a day in jail.
Good luck Italians.

Posted by: pinov | February 24, 2009 06:32 AM

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