The law of the Cosca


Marco Travaglio: The law of the Cosca

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Summary of the presentation:
The “ad sistemam” laws
Regulations borrowed from the P2
Censorship for Magistrates and for journalism


"Good day to you all.
Let’s start from here: from the report of the Court of Accounts at the inauguration of the judicial year of administrative justice that, if you are interested, you can find at the website “”.
It’s a bloodcurdling report as regards the system of corruption in Italy and as regards the waste of public money in the sectors of consultancy, of health and of refuse.
They talk of enormous amounts of public money that are disappearing: we continue to pump the money from our taxes into a leaking aqueduct, full of holes, a type of Gruyère cheese and the money comes out at all levels with hardly anything arriving at its destination.
If you read this report and then read what the newspapers and politicians are talking about, you will realise why this aqueduct, unless they change things radically, is destined to no longer see any result in relation to the enormous efforts that we are called upon to make by contributing to the expenses of a State that by now no longer exists.
Because in a normal and serious country, the newspapers, once they have recognised what the Court of Accounts is saying, should be recording declarations of great alarm from the politicians and the government but above all from the Opposition with some concrete proposals to put a stopper in this great haemorrhage of public money that makes Italy the most corrupt in the West, as was said by the American Ambassador Spogli when he was leaving Italy – “A corrupt country” – as all the international research studies say, as for example a great German newspaper has recently defined Italy as the “putrid boot”.
Instead there is no trace of even a tiny attempt to remedy this dramatic denunciation by the Court of Accounts, in fact, they are working to create more holes and chasms in the aqueduct of our money.
Above all, they are working to try to prevent in every way the security forces and the magistracy from discovering who is creating these holes and who is sucking out our money from the water pipes.

The “ad sistemam” laws

A few years ago there was talk of “ad personam” laws. They did “ad personam” laws and the definition was technically perfect because the laws made in the 2001-2006 legislature by the second Berlusconi government were all designed to save the President of the Council and his accomplices from trials.
In this legislature, we have seen “ad personam” laws like the Lodo Alfano - and let’s hope it will soon be swept away as it is unconstitutional filth – but what they are preparing in Parliament now with a myriad of measures, that all seem unconnected and improvised, has nothing to do with the logic of the “ad personam” laws.
These are “ad sistemam” laws, if you can say that. They are laws that are very organic that are not aimed at saving Mr X or Mr Y from trials but they are aimed at saving the whole establishment, the whole Caste... let’s say the whole “cosca” {gang}, let’s use its real name because by now it is answering to laws that are no longer the ones that are imposed on us, thus it is a gigantic political and economic Cosca, with the financial guys at the driving wheel and the politicians in tow.


Regulations borrowed from the P2


Without observing that the heavyweight delinquents are happier to collaborate more willingly with the magistrates that they trust: Buscetta wanted to talk to Falcone and no one else; Mutolo wanted to talk to Borsellino and no one else; the kick-back folk in Milan queued up outside the door of Di Pietro and no one else’s. Those were magistrates that could be recognised, well known for their ability, even infamous if you like, and thus the criminal who is a man of power feels that they can trust in someone who on the other side represents the good power, who has “broad shoulders” will be difficult to budge, and thus is a person that you can count on and use as a point of reference.
Gelli had written that “it was necessary to have a decree for a series of urgent measures to reform the justice system” and the second that he inserted in order of importance was “forbid the naming in the press of magistrates in whatever role they have in the judicial proceedings”.
Gelli was not a slob. Gelli or someone on his behalf (because the “Piano di Rinascita” {Rebirth Plan} was written by Gelli with his consultants who always stayed in the shadows) had understood exactly that this idea of silence about the names of magistrates was fundamental to guarantee a country where on a formal level the law is equal for everyone but where underneath it all, there are friends who sort things out for the friends of friends.

Censorship for Magistrates and for journalism

Another regulation: what is a possibility for a magistrate to defend himself? The possibility of speaking out, to talk about, not the investigation that he is carrying out, but to denounce what they are doing to him.
Think of the really famous interview by Borsellino with Lodato and with Bolzoni, at the time of L’Unità and La Repubblica, that denounced the dismantling of the Antimafia team of judges at the end of the 1980s with the arrival of Antonino Meli to head up the office in place of the well-favoured Falcone.
Borsellino said: “they are dismantling the Antimafia team of judges”, thus the magistrate has enormous possibilities, when he is a man of prestige, one who is recognised, to be able to denounce something that is not right.
OK, now there’s an infinite series of limitations to the possibilities of magistrates speaking out if the magistrates speak without talking about their investigations, as has happened with Forleo and De Magistris and they find excuses and send them away anyway.
If they talk about one of their investigations, without revealing anything secret but giving to the citizens, information that they need, the investigation is taken from them. This is a regulation that is in the law on wiretapping. Just think. They arrest the gang that set fire to that Indian immigrant near Rome, they arrest the rapists, the assumed rapists or those who have confessed to rape like those of the other day: usually the magistrate and the Police Forces hold a press conference in which they provide information to the newspapers and the citizens. “Don’t worry, we have captured them, these are the items of evidence, they have confessed, we have found the weapon used in the offence.”
No, he will no longer be able to do that: if the magistrates says one word even to give two or three items of information to the general public he immediately loses the investigation, and it lands up with someone else who has to start from the beginning.
If then the defendant raises an objection about this in relation to his prosecutor not at the beginning but during the trial, then obviously the prosecutor has to go away and someone else has to step in, someone else who has not followed that investigation and who thus has to start from the beginning.
Thus the magistrates will be afraid of even saying their own name. They will recite their identification number only, like the military prisoners do in certain films.
Finally, we have the law (but you know it already because we talked about it at the time of the Mastella laws) that is within the regulations that prohibit journalists from talking about current investigations.
If this law gets passed, we will no longer be able to tell you that they have arrested the rapists in that case or in that other case. We will no longer be able to tell you that they have arrested the gang that burned that immigrant. We will no longer be able to tell you that persons A, B or C have been captured, investigated, searched or had goods sequestrated.
We will no longer be able to report the wiretapping to explain how it happens that all sorts of people finished up in prison like the entrepreneur of the Angelucci clinics , the governor Del Turco, and the politicians arrested in Naples together with Romeo.
We will no longer be able to say anything about current investigations relating to normal criminal proceedings nor about cases of white collar crimes apart from “someone has been arrested”. If I say that they have arrested someone, I will be able to say that it was for the crime of rape but I can’t say his name. I can either say the crime or the name of the person who is accused of having committed it, so basically I will no longer have the possibility to give to the citizens a full account in real time of what is happening.
So when they arrest one of your neighbours for paedophilia, you will be able to find out that he was arrested for paedophilia only 5 or 6 years later when the trial begins.
You will understand that it changes the life of a family to know or not to know that a neighbour is suspected of paedophilia, because for 5 years you watch out for where the children are going when you look the other way, if you know. If you don’t know, you don’t watch out, but naturally when we then have cases of paedophilia, rape, or other things due to the fact that people have not taken precautions because they were not adequately informed, well then we will know who we have to get angry with.
Let’s remember that and spread the word. Have a good day.”


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Posted by: pezzo di merda | February 28, 2009 01:17 AM

mi chiamo mureddu giuvani, fratello gemello di giani.
devo ammettere che ha ragione mio fratello quando afferma che questo blog CENSURA i commenti scomodi, infatti i suoi sono spariti, cancellati, stracciati.
se questa è l'informazione della rete, come da sempre osannata dal Grillo, credo che siamo messi male.
credo che Grillone sia arrivato alla fine nonostante il seguito degli inutili idioti.

Posted by: mureddu giuvani | February 16, 2009 10:37 PM

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